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The Crow:Salvation
Scarecrow-8824 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A wrongfully executed man named Alex(Eric Mabius), resurrected from the dead by the crow, returns with a vengeance to find the man with a scar on his arm that killed his beloved Lauren(Jodi Lyn O'Keefe). To find that man, Alex will first seek out the four men who falsely accused him on the witness stand which led to his death via electric chair. The crow will guide him on his journey to finding those responsible. Erin(Kirsten Dunst), Lauren's sister, and Peter Walsh(Grant Shaud;was Alex's attorney)are Alex's only allies in the search for retribution. Soon dirty cops are unmasked leading straight to the Captain(Fred Ward)and even Erin and Lauren's own father, Nathan(William Atherton). I like this film and think the reason it turns out better than I expected is due to the heart of the man's will to find the one's responsible for the death of his love. There is some strong talent in the cast for a direct-to-video feature and the young leads of Mabius and Dunst{..not to mention Ward, Atherton, Midkiff, and Shaud}bring much to this film. The film's budget is exceedingly lower, but I felt it makes up for it in keeping the plot simple instead of overloading us with an overkill of sick visuals. Now, that's not to say it doesn't lack punch and edge. There are some very gruesome moments indeed and much flesh is displayed, but the levels are down exceedingly. Plus, this film doesn't make out the perversion as beautiful, but with a disdain towards those young ones exploited{example being when Alex confronts the young girl tied to a pole in the strip club owned by the dirty cops}. The film doesn't speak highly for the cops on the force under the Captain. The world of this film isn't Gothic like the other two but just as corrupt. While the other two felt like they were set in a much darker time and place, this film feels closer to our time in modern society. That might turn some away who like the dark, noirish vision of the first two. But, I do feel the heart of the story is still here and the element of man's link with the crow is quite present here.
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Great plot and nice ideas in an underdeveloped movie
Tin Man-523 May 2001
"The Crow: Salvation," the fourth installment in the popular series of murdered men brought back from the dead to avenge their deaths, is certainly a step in the right direction after the travesty of previous entries. The first Crow, which is best known for being the film in which Brandon Lee was killed (duh), is a cult classic directed by Alex "Dark City" Proyas, and even today, it is regarded as probably the greatest of the gothic/action/modern noir films. It's sequel, "The Crow: City of Angels," starred Vincent Perez, and while it featured some nice ideas and beautiful images, it was nothing more but a poor remake of the first film lacking all the heart of the original. "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" came next, and it was two episodes of the TV show of the same name re-edited into a motion picture and released as a sequel to the first film. Instead of being a remake in disguise as a sequel like "City of Angels," "Stairway" goes ahead and just literally remakes the first film with the same characters, basically the same plotline, and none of the magic (though Mark Ducascos as the title character certainly demonstrates a type of charisma in his martial arts).

Now comes "The Crow: Salvation." Eric Mabius stars as Alex Corvez, who is wrongly executed for the murder of his girlfriend and returns from the dead to take out the real killers, with the help of his dead girlfriend's sister and a lawyer friend. As a sequel, it thankfully works because it has a premise completely different from the first film (something the other sequels failed to pull off) and it stands on its own, introducing its own magic and its own intruiging plot elements. It certainly is a good film and a good sequel, and while some points in the movie seem contrived, what film nowadays doesn't have at least a few obvious plot points?

The bad: Much of the film is underdeveloped, especially many characters. While the plotline is good, it seems rushed much of the time, and the viewer has to draw their own conclusions about many things. Some of the dialogue is also atrocious.

The good: Well well, there's much more of that. Eric Mabius as the central character shines throughtout. For the first time, we have a character in one of these movies *not* ripping off Brandon Lee, but instead, bringing his own qualities and characterizations to the character. The results are an effective performance that makes us forget about Lee least until the film comes to a close. The plot, something of a murder mystery, would have made a good film even if it hadn't been a Crow film, and the images and notions presented only add to the appeal, especially with the character of the Crow itself, which at the beginning, acts as if this is just a routine thing to bring someone back to the dead, and that he's done it before. Later, however, it genuinely gets intruigued by Corvis' vendetta and begins aiding him more.

All in all, this is certainly much more acceptable that previous entries, and it succeeds where the others failed: Introducing new elements into a Crow franchise that, so far, has been nothing more but rip offs of the first film.

*** out of ****
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Not the best, but worth a look.
The Garthster20 January 2001
I love "The Crow," and there's not much in my mind that could be done in a sequel to top it. "Salvation," unlike "City of Angels," doesn't try to top the first one, or rip it off... The characters are solid, the performances are great, and the action is non-stop. But what singles this movie out is the story. It's a good story, not just another "Crow" movie. The direction of the film reminds me of the first, very dark, yet crisp (not gritty like the 2nd), and the trick camera angles mixed with the impressive special effects keep the supernatural elements alive as the very human story rolls along.

I work at a video store, and I see all kinds of movies that bypass theatres and come direct to video, and usually there's something about them that tells you why, even the good ones. This had the look and feel of something that, if released at the appropriate time, would have done well in the theatres. It wouldn't have been a smash hit, and it certainty wouldn't bring in as many people as the original did, but it deserves much better than this.

If you're fans of the franchise, I highly recommend that you see this. If you like the first one, but that's it, then expand your horizons a little and try to see this for what it is, and not what you thought it would be. It's a sequel to a GREAT movie, and it ends up being a pretty good movie on it's own...
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The Best Crow Sequel
docturlough11 April 2010
I don't know why this movie is so hated. I really don't. The acting was good, writing was good, characters were good. I just do not see it. Okay, I still haven't seen Wicked Prayer but I'm not expecting big things, this movie was the best Crow sequel so far, nothing compared to the original, but good. The character of Alex Corvis is really likable, as opposed to ashe, I always get those two mixed up because they have the same first initial and last name, so that bugs me. I can really understand Alex's plight and that he really does love his girlfriend, his journey (unlike Ashe's) emotes feelings in the viewer, and the actor playing him was really good too. (Another contrast to Ashe, the makeup is decent)
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Second sequel from famous comic book with high level of violence
ma-cortes26 November 2007
After murder his girlfriend(Jody Lynn O'Keefe), a young named Alex Corvis(Eric Mabius) is condemned electric chair. The execution is watched by her father(William Atherton) and her sister(Kirsten Dunst). But he returns to life and rises from death in order to seek vengeance on those who murdered his fiancée and wrongly framed him like killer and battling nasties hoodlums and corrupts policemen from inner city.As always, one time resurrected is guided by a spectral crow. Alex with tragic melancholy pulls off bloody revenge,one by one, killing violently enemies.

This is a dark , rainy, colorful film with mostly scenes developing into the night. The movie packs loads of violence, grisly killing, blood and gore. Based on the black and white comic strip by James O'Barr. Spectacular production design with strong style and creepy sepia-toned by magnificent cinematography in charge of Carolyne Chen though quite gloomy. Eerie music score by Marco Beltrani, adding heavy rock soundtrack. The motion picture is professionally directed by Bharat Nalluri, usual television movies director(Tsunami). The original movie ¨The Crow¨(1994,Alex Proyas) with Brandon Lee(died accidentally shortly before was complete) is much better, but this one is better than ¨The Crow 2: City of Angels¨(1996,Tim Pope)with Vincent Perez ,and followed by TV series with Mark Dacascos; and recently, in production, a new sequel by Rod Zombie.
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a truly great film
johnnycage1021 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
No disrespect intended to the majority of Crow fans (I myself am one) who think that the first film and Brandon Lee's performance in it was unbeatable and way better than this film and Eric Mabius' performance. But I must disagree, and I'll also ask if all those Crow 1 / Brandon Lee fans would be so adamant that the first film and that actor were the best thing since sliced bread if Brandon hadn't tragically died at such young age. Truth is that I like The Crow : Salvation more than The Crow, and I find Eric Mabius to be a better actor and his character to be more charming than Brandon's personality. The fact that Brandon's character was half insane while Eric's was totally sane simply wasn't an advantage for Brandon. Not in my eyes, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still like The Crow as a film and Brandon as an actor. They're what convinced me to see the two sequels, after all. But while Brandon Lee was definitely handsome, charming and a good martial artist, he just wasn't all that good an actor. I do believe that he had a very bright future ahead of him in Hollywood if his life hadn't been cut short, but it's the fact that he died at such a young age and before his career could've taken off that has given him such a legendary status among fans. On the other hand, I think that Mabius has all of Brandon's positive qualities (minus the great martial arts abilities, of course), and he's a good actor on top of that. That's what makes Salvation better than the original, even if Michael Wincott's villain in The Crow had a slightly better presence than Fred Ward's villain in Salvation. But everything about Salvation I loved – the acting, the dialogue, the plot, the violence (the execution scene and the break-out from prison were particularly well-done, fun and brutal at the same time), the soundtrack, and most of all, Eric Mabius himself. This guy simply owns the screen when the camera's pointed at him. I don't know why Dunst's name appears first, but that's an annoyance I will happily look past. It's clear that Mabius is the star of this film. The way he talks is delicious, ****SPOILER**** and he has tons of heart and rage when he addresses his friends (Dunst when she claimed she wanted to die) and adversaries (every villain he toyed with before killing them) and strangers (the drug-using stripper at the club whose age he asked before freeing her). Dunst herself isn't bad. Not a bad actress in her own right, though I doubt that's why she's got so many male fans. Her best scene was when she had informed Mabius that it was her information that had led the bad cops to his figurative door before his arrest/execution. And at least her character isn't a total damsel in distress as, while Ward's chief villain snatched her twice, it wasn't really her fault. The first time was because Mabius' friend distracted her before losing his own life, and the second time was because her gun only had one bullet in it. And considering that Ward's character is an experienced cop and she's a young civilian, it makes sense that he'll have sharper reflexes than her. Which isn't to say that this film's perfect. For one thing, it could've easily been twice as long so as to give more of a background to the villains (something that all three Crow films lack), and it was never explained how Fred Ward's character actually knew of the event which allowed Mabius to return from the dead, or why he was so obsessed with mutilating his own arm. The other villains, made up of the five corrupt officers under his command and his blonde secretary/lover, are cookie-cutter antagonists who show up only to harm innocents and then be beaten by the hero. And while I've seen Dale Midkiff and Bruce McCarthy in other films and I know them to be decent actors, they just don't have anything to do here besides being typical 1-dimentional villains (ie, needlessly violent, remorseless, having no positive aspects at all to them and good only when dead). But those small drawbacks aren't enough to take away from the genius that is Salvation. After seeing it, I only wish to smack Paul Anderson over the head for not including a character like Mabius' Alex Corvis in his Resident Evil films. As good an actor as Mabius is, he was totally wasted in RE, and he wasn't present at all in the sequel (which is a good thing for his career). But I can only wonder how the first mediocre film and the crap-filled sequel could've been improved if Alex Corvis had been around to tear off zombie heads in those two RE films. Too bad we'll never find out. Either way. To summarize, I own this film on DVD, and am very glad for it. 9.5/10.
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A fine sequel
Zophael97928 March 2001
The Crow was a great film. COA was a good film. Salvation lies somewhere in between them.

The acting, though crapped on by the majority, was pretty good. Eric Mabius played a good crow, who seemed to enjoy his powers a bit and had some witty superhero-esque lines. Kirsten Dunst was nowhere near as bad as others have said she was. Actually she was damn good. Fred Ward was a GREAT bad guy, rivaling Michael Wincott from the first film. The supporting cast all filled their roles well.

Some people complain about the dialouge being terrble. Not really. Some of it was good, some of it was simply plain. One scene that stood out as absolutely terrible is the scene where Corvus persuades Erin Randell to keep her sister's necklace. I can think of ten different ways that scene could have been written better with dialogue that was not CHEESY.

There is plenty of good stuff in this film. We have a GREAT execution scene in the beginning, plenty of action,a hero you could feel sorry for, some good drama, and, yes, for all you perverts, this does have the T&A that is typical of a crow film.

If you're a fan of the franchise and not looking for anything new to be added, then you'll like this. If you didn't like the first one or are expecting something completely originally, then you should skip. I'd rank this film a 9
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Way better than "City of Angels"
amydumas324 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler I would like to first off say, that the original 'Crow' movie is the best! And nothing will ever match up to it. I have seen all the movies and both the 1 & 3 are the best. 'City of Angles' had some good lines in it, but it sucked overall. The plot was no good and it was hard to follow at times. 'Salvation' on the other hand, was a lot easier to follow and it made more since.

In 'Salvation' Alex and his girlfriend, Lauren, are madly in love and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together. But, sadly, Lauren's life is cut short when she is gang raped and stab to death. Alex is charged for her death and found guilty. He is executed by the electric chair. But it isn't before long before the crow comes by and brings Alex back to life. Alex, sets out to find the killers and bring them to justice. As Alex starts hunts them down one by one he slowly discovers that the local police had everything to do with Lauren's death. And Alex won't stop until he uncovers the truth. But,it only gets more complicated when Lauren's little sister gets caught in the line of fire.

Some of the things I liked about the movie was how Alex played around with his killings. He didn't just simply kill the bad guys but he tortured them a little. I actually laughed a couple of times. My favorite line in the movie is when Alex says "I know why!?" I get chills every time I hear that. 'Salvation' isn't all to bad but it surely beats 'City of Angles'. I like this movie and I recommend it to all Crow fans! ROCK ON!!!

The Crow: Salvation 7/10
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Stands up fine next to the original.
KrowbOy17 March 2001
The Crow: Salvation is a very good movie, not even close to being the masterpiece The Crow is but it's the best sequel you can ask for. There has been a lot of press about Salvation's release and I to am puzzled as to why it's basically direct to video, the producers blame Dimension and politics and yes Salvation is grim but I don't know how true that statement is. The Crow: Salvation is, in my opinion, the most violent of The Crow movies, some is over the top and some is pretty grim stuff but hey it's all good. Eric Mabius seemed a strange choice to some cause he doesn't have the look of what you think of as the typical Crow good guy BUT he is very good at what he does, ranging from fights to anger, sadness...all are touched upon and he delivers in all areas. Kirsten Dunst does good also, I don't think she was bad like some reviews have said, she does seem kinda off in some scenes (the graveyard comes to mind) but she does fine. It's hard to explain Fred Ward's character because it will give away plot details (which honestly isn't hard to figure out anyway) but he does well and has some funny lines also, Fred's been a cool actor for a long time playing in some quirky movies like Remo Williams, Tremors and it's sequel, and Cast A Deadly Spell. Jodie Lynn O'Keefe's role isn't big at all and she doesn't have much to do but she's beautiful and the scenes she has are effective and the scene where she and Mabius are playing around doing fake karate is cute and touching, actually that whole scene is one of my fave's especially when Alex is at her grave talking about wanting to be with her but he can''s really touching and sweet, yes to those confused that and the karate scene are the'll understand when u see the movie. The look of Salvation is closer to part 1 than 2 was and yet it has a look all it's own, Salvation is grounded more in reality than the first 2 were but the city is still dark, gritty, and depressing, and the sets were cool...especially the execution chamber with the words on each wall. The rest of the cast does fine with what they have but it isn't much, they are all paper thin bad guys with few characteristics to distinguish differences between them other than the way they die. Which brings me back to the violence, no I don't have a problem with it and am not talking about it to warn you because violence in movies does NOT make people kill others (what movies did Hitler and Stalin watch). Yes Salvation is the most violent Crow and it's not all fun some scenes are closer to the violence in Taxi Driver than The Matrix. But we do get some cool scenes like when Alex shoots himself in the mouth and the camera goes through the mouth as the wound heals and also the scene where Alex and the Dale Midkiff character are in the car and hit a bus and both fly through the windshield but I kinda think The Crow: Salvation is a little brutal but it's all good. Credit must go to Bharat Nalluri for making a cool looking movie with pretty cool camera work and effects and also credit Marco Beltrami for making a really good score that doesn't ape Graeme Revell's but is something all it's own. The ending is really good also but I pretty much figured out who was the man with the scarred arm (which was cool but also too derivative of The Fugitive) but another cool thing was his room looked like it was out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the stuffing room in The Lost Boys, but anyway the end was cool how the bad guy manipulated Alex into thinking maybe he did kill was weird. And the end credits play over the new Crow symbol like the credits played over the Batman symbol at the end of Batman Forever. Oh and to just throw it in here it was cool that the markings if Alex were scars and not the paint like in 2 (which had really no reason for it other than cause it was part 2). I'm sure some will give Salvation hell because The Crow is so sacred to them but I say let the series live on and not die. Brandon Lee did give a truely great performance in The Crow and it's a tragedy that he died but I will not hold that against Salvation or City of Angels (which was kinda sucky). I do think Salvation could have been better with a little more money invested in it but that would be in the sets and scope department but then again I like Salvation a lot and Eric Mabius is a gifted actor (for further proof see Black Circle Boys). I hope to see more of Bharat Nalluri and hope he doesn't drop of the face of the earth like COA's director (Tim Pope what are u doing these days). The Crow was better yes because ALL of the characters were better drawn and Brandon's death which I'm not saying was good for the movie but did make the movie more of an emotional IS a masterpiece and no Salvation is no masterpiece but it is a great movie experience. You won't come away giddy (it is a Crow movie remember) but like part 1 you will come away thinking of Life, Love, and Death.
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A worthy sequel
INeedANewNickname14 June 2001
The Crow Salvation was a very entertaining movie. It has good action and violence. I think it is visual better than The Crow and it has good effects, and the story is better then The Crow. It got some plot holes and some really bad acting and writing. But if you are The Crow and action fan like me you will love this movie and don't get hooked up in the plot holes, bad acting and hopeless dialogue. And it got an awesome sound track and Kirsten Dunst is great in this movie. But it is Eric Mabius' movie and he is not just an Brendon Lee rip off. A great movie to watch a Friday night with your friends.
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Surprisingly good
tp3203 January 2001
The first Crow-movie with Brandon Lee was great. Directed by Alex Proyas, it was stylish, entertaining and fun. However, although it had a good, sadistic villain (the excellent Richard Brooks who has an even better voice for a villain than Michael Wincott) and some fair action-scenes, the second movie was a disappointment to most people, including me.

It comes as no surprise that this third film wasn't that highly anticipated since the second one was a dud but it actually turned out to be much better than I had hoped for. Now, let me say this: I like the so-called "been there, done that"-films. When I see a good movie and I notice that it gets a sequel, I don't expect or want any new revelations to the theme of the first film. I simply want to see all the elements that made the first film great recycled in a different film. For example, I really liked "The Crow". It was fast-paced, it had a nice, brutal edge to it's violence which is rare these days, had a great hero and a great score. So when the second film came along, I didn't really want to see deep character development or some new original concept. I simply wanted to see another film about a guy who is killed and comes back to avenge his death. Unfortunately the second film was slow and boring and Vincent Perez wasn't a good hero for an action film.

So here we have the third installment to the series. Is it original? No. Does it offer any new insight to the Crow-myth? No. Should you see it if you didn't like the first Crow? No. Should you see it if you're looking for something more than a remake of the first Crow? Not really. However, if you liked the first Crow, are willing to see more or less the same story again and are a fan of violent action-films, this film will deliver.

Of course, Eric Mabius is no Brandon Lee but he is much better than Vincent Perez and he has the right look and voice for the part. He also delivers his dark oneliners effectively and while there aren't any scenes in this film that would make you laugh, there are some quite fun lines here and there.

As I already mentioned, much of the things offered here are the same as in the first Crow. So besides the cast, what has changed? The director, of course. This third film is directed by Bharat Nalluri who's visual style is somewhere between Alex Proyas and Tim Pope. The overall look of the film is still very dark and stylish and there are some scenes with a dark blue tone (which resembles the first Crow) while some other scenes are somewhat yellow (the second Crow comes to mind). There are also some nice camera angles and the action-scenes are directed quite well. The composer is also different. Graeme Revell (who's score for the first Crow is one of the best scores I've ever heard) has been replaced by Marco Beltrami (the Scream-movies). I wish they would have stayed with Revell but Beltrami does a fairly good job with the score and the songs also work well.

So overall this is a worthwhile addition to the series and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good action film. I wasn't expecting anything new or original, I just wanted to see a good action film and that's exactly what I got. Although far from the year's best film (it is slightly too long), this deserves an 8.

One final note, if you have a problem with violence, you probably should avoid this film. While it's nothing like Robocop, it does have a fair amount of strong violence in it and some of it might be seen as somewhat sadistic. I personally liked the brutal edge this film offered and I think it fitted the story and showed the anger and frustration the main character was experiencing. But if you don't like violence, this film probably won't be the best choice for you.
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the_last_shadow_200016 April 2002
Most of the time you'll rent the 2nd sequel and think that it will be stupid and dull like most other... but this movie was really good, not better than the first one, but really good. I give this movie a seven out of ten!!!
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Killed any hope I had for the series...
headfulofghosts1261 July 2002
What a complete travesty this film is. Everyone keeps saying they learned their lesson after City of Angels. Are you blind? This film rips off the original film even more than the first sequel! Would it kill them to give us something new? A female crow? Another time period? Something other than a young male out hunting thugs...

The acting in this film is horrid. The villains are paper thin. The same cliche bad-asses we've seen thousands of times. Remember the first movie where each villain was clearly distinct from the next? T-Bird, Tin-Tin, Skank, and Funboy are still vivid in my memory. I couldn't tell you the name of one of the clowns from this movie. Just more second rate goons working for some puppet master... overkill.

The film definetly looks straight to video quality. The direction is totally uninspired. A total rehash of the first two movies. The original Crow is one of my all time favorite movies and it's almost painful to see how low this series has gone.

For the record, I think this pile of garbage is worse than City of Angels. And for those of you totally hateful towards that film, read the screenplay that comes on the Special Edition DVD for a look at what that film was supposed to be before producer Jeff Most got his hands in it. That man has tainted something that was once great and refuses to let go. They've totally misread what made the first film so incredible. If there is a Crow IV, I'm not expecting a lot...
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Better than the second one, but I'm still not digging it
Kristine1 June 2005
Now, the main problem with this film was the plot. It wasn't the actors, because they actually did a decent job. It wasn't the director, because it seemed like he knew what he was doing. It was the plot, plain and simple, the plot. First off, Corvis turning into the crow? No, didn't work for me. I didn't feel for these characters at all to tell the truth. The script didn't develop them as well as the first "Crow" did. So that was a major problem, I didn't feel that Corvis and Lauren had a strong love because they repeatedly showed the same loving scene between them. "Was that their only romantic moment?" I thought. See, the first "Crow" showed many memories of Shelly and Eric that were loving and touching, it showed how much they loved each other and it would never die.

Another problem I had was the make up was naturally on Corvis and didn't give any depth to his anger on the murder of his girlfriend. Kirsten Dunst seemed really out of place and was just another copy off of Sarah from the first "Crow". The villains, they were not that disturbing.

Everything just didn't go in depth enough for me to care. For the "Crow" fans, I would recommend to complete the trilogy. But to other movie fans looking for a good rent, forget it.

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Horrible Terrible Movie
Randel Winston21 March 2012
I hated this movie, I would give it a zero if I could.

I love the first crow movie. Even the second movie had it's moments (some great scenes). The third movie was really bad. The villains I couldn't remember any of them except the main villain.

The action is boring, I almost fell asleep. A small kid could direct better action then this.

Not even a good revenge story.

In the first two crow movies you could remember key scenes (goth type artistic stuff), here it's non-existent. The crow makeup is very poor too. He didn't look right.

Stay away. I heard crow 4 is worse, I don't know how that is possible.
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I love this movie!
drkflameobsesion8925 October 2005
I love this movie! I would do all caps but the comp wont let me. I love "The Crow" when I watched "The Crow: Salvation" I fell in love with it. You can ask any of my friend, I'm obsessed! The Crow: Salvation blew The Crow: City of Angels out of the water. No matter what any of you say. Alex Corvis (Eric Mabius) is so awesome! I love this movie! It says I have to use 10 lines which wont be hard. i love this movie. I love this movie. I love this movie. I love this movie. ((Girl screams when Alex's head hits widow.)) "You're Up!" Mwahahaha...I love that. I love all of Alex's quotes. I love all of Alex...Haha you can guess who i'm going as for Halloween. I hate it when people try to look like Alex or Ashe or Eric or Jimmy(any of the Crow's) They stink at looking like them. I know just to do...You will think that's Alex walking down the street. He's mine!

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Worst movie I've had the misfortune of seeing all year.
andrew-60320 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly can't believe I just saw what I've seen described by these other comments.. I want some of the crack these reviewers have been smoking as it's got to have been pretty good to make this head-vomit watchable.. For anyone out of their teens or with a modicum of taste, please ignore any praise heaped on it.. I knew what i was getting into when i rented it.. but i needed to do it just to see how bad they'd taken down what started out as a great franchise with this straight to DVD garbage.. I won't go on about crow 1.. weve all seen that.. good movie, good acting, great soundtrack, great director and the only thing watchable with brandon lee in it. Crow 2.. sullied the name of the first, the only possible reason i could think for this moving getting a lower score than the third one however is that after the first movie people went to see this with understandably high expectations and were very let down. Crow 3 though... I watched it with very low expectations and I wasn't disappointed.. Eric is HORRIBLE as the crow... absolutely without and sort of presence gravitas, meaning, or acting ability whatsoever.. which doesn't help when the script is as bad as it is.. it's like a bad highschool English homework assignment with 10 million dollars thrown at it.

*** spoiler alert *** (even though you should just read the spoilers and save yourself an hour and a half you'll never get back)

Eric just doesn't fit as the crow.. he looks more like a 16 year old crow fan at a "magic the gathering" party.. OK heres the first incredibly stupid point - the guy dies and is horribly burnt.. he comes back as the crow looks in the mirror at his burnt face and starts peeling it off.. leaving a crow face underneath... um excuse me????? the first two were painted on with make up, but this guy has it just fully formed? He then goes on through painful flashbacks (for us not for him) and blahdy blahdy blah.. the bad guys are like a 70's kung fu film.. they all could basically be the same "henchman".. there is no sense of revenge because well.. it's just not written or acted well enough. I just started zoning out and waiting for the kill sequences to make it worth while.. the saving grace that made me think this movie might miraculously pull through was Kirsten Dunst.. but alas.. to no avail. The second very pathetic element is the "king" bad boss, has kind of got the same "evil" girl sidekick but it's totally unexplored, thankfully as it would have been done incredibly clumsily.. but it's still pretty half-assed that this staid looking police chief suddenly appears for no plot driven rhyme or reason to be some person taxidermist... you see.. you have to build that sort of thing up... apparently it's evil porn business money making.. so what in the hell as that got to do with self mutilation and killing people? Go and see the movie for the same reason you might watch someone drown a bag of kittens.. for the curiosity of seeing something get destroyed through callousness and an almost sociopathic disregard for commonsense and good storytelling. Frankly I can only assume the reviewers here are teenagers and probably find the movie easier to like with the younger and improbable cast.. please avoid for the sake of all that is good in the world.
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The worst sequel I've ever seen.
silentbob2k58 September 2001
I absolutely hated this movie. I did like The Crow 2 in a strange sort of way. The first was good. This movie makes the second movie look like Schindlers List. The acting was terrible, especially by Eric Mabius, who is an embarrassment to the series. The "action" in this movie is horrible. Theres only 1 real action sequence, and its so stupid. And when you have a good actress like Kirsten Dunst reduced to a whiny female lead, it only makes it worse. I'd rank this in the top 10 worst films ever, only being beaten out by Superstar.
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One of the worst movies i have ever seen
kinekor6 October 2000
This movie was really terrible.I would only give it 2/10 but that's because The Crow 2 was even worse.The Crow's make-up job made him look like an extra in a Marilyn Manson music video.How anybody could find him intimidating is beyond me.

Kirsten Dunst acts well(and is hot)but what why she agreed to do this mess is beyond me.The movie is WAY to long and is edited very badly.The LOUD rock music over every action(if you can call them that)scene becomes annoying really fast.

Please,i beg you don't watch this.Not even on t.v.Ever.Don't encourage them.Don't make the same mistake i did-and i saw it in a theatre for free!
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Never too late
dandydigger-111 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Look, I know this move came out in 2000, but I had never even heard of it until it ran last night on F/X at midnight. I cannot at all understand how anyone thinks this even compares to the first Crow movie, or even City of Angels(which was bad). First, in all honesty, any "Crow" movie that doesn't come out as a straight-up remake of the first one is going to get the same response. "an unoriginal attempt to tell a new story by cloning the original movie"

The Crow franchise seems to be the victim of it's own gigantic launch into the world of movies.

The original Crow had villains that had quirks that made them individuals, you remember them each on their own.

City of really isn't fair for me to make comments about at this stage because, quiet honestly, it was so bad that I took nothing away from the theater. I cannot remember much about it other than "Sarrah is grown up and moved to L.A." I only remember this because I didn't care for "Sarrah" in the first movie.

The Crow : Salvation... or as it should have been called, Desecration. A young couple in love, torn away from each other by death, at the hands of the bad guys. Young man returns from the dead with the help of the Crow to avenge the death of his beloved and his wrongful execution. He discovers who the bad guys are, bonds with a living person and enlists the aid of some he can trust that had been involved with the case before he was executed. He obtains "justice" against the villains, loses his power, and is ready to finally rest in peace only to be forced into a showdown with the true man behind everything, and rescue the girl he bonded with. I think I saw this in another movie...The Crow. The surprise in this movie is that Kirsten Dunst did this film, I am by no means a fan of hers, and "Erin" could have been just as easily "Mary Jane". Her status in the film industry is why I don't understand her choice to do this. Fred Ward I understand, this seems to be his cup of tea. The plot makes minor changes to the original film story, instead of a big shootout with a bunch of thugs and criminals in a warehouse, there is a big shoot out with crooked cops and their back-up. Instead of an intelligent but twisted mastermind pulling the strings, there is a not so intelligent but twisted mastermind(used loosely) pulling the strings. Both top men could have left their "Crow" to go back to the dead after he believes he has avenged his girl and himself, but decide to kidnap the one living person who has a tie to the "Crow". This in turn leads to the bad guy's undoing. The acting was bad, the cinematic bad, the effects very bad, their really want anything good about this film other than the credits rolling. when I saw this film, I really thought this film was made by the Sci-Fi channel. As BAD as this film is, I think anyone who is a fan of "The Crow" should see it. Like it or not, it is part of the "Crow" universe.

There was Highlander, good movie, which spawned 4 more movies, two TV series, and animated trips into the world of the Highlander. None of which came close to the originality or quality of the first film, and each new product punched a new hole into the original film.

The Keaton/Burton "Batman" was a good movie for it's time, but it spawned 3 more movies, each more forgettable than the last.

"Salvation" is to "The Crow" what "Batman Forever" is to "Batman", it's like the ugly step sister, you don't wanna see her, but sooner or later's gonna happen.
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A Different Take
de_cafe69148 September 2005
The Crow: Salvation tries to make a name for itself by trying something new in the series. Not only is it about revenge and love, but the film incorporates a mystery element, bringing much-needed freshness to the franchise. I liked it! Story: Salvation begins at Alex Crovis' execution. Alex had been convicted of murdering his love, Lauren. Obviously, Alex is innocent, and the real killer is at large. After being executed, Alex is brought back to life and guided by a crow to seek vengeance. With the help of Lauren's sister, Erin, Alex tries to figure out why he was set up, and why his love was killed. Alex soon uncovers a conspiracy and a bunch of corrupt cops. Let the vengeance begin! Directing: Personally, I didn't like Bharat Nalluri's directing style. The way he shot things seemed way to T.V. movie-ish. There's a lot of close-ups, and tight spaces in the film. All of the scenes are evenly lit, and don't differ much from each other. There is an occasional nice shot, however, such as a scene with Alex walking down an alley towards the screen, with it snowing. Nalluri was alright, I suppose, but nothing special.

Acting: Eric Mabius(Alex Corvis) brought a totally different feel to the role. He has a definite liveliness about him that I liked. However, I wish he would have drawn me in more during the emotional scenes. I was very disappointed with Kirsten Dunst, who acted very amateurish in this film. It was like she hardly knew what to do with her part. What's the deal? Fred Ward(The Captian) did a fine job as the villain in the picture, and did no wrong that I could see.

Score: Marco Beltrami did an outstanding job scoring the film. The music has never been a problem in the Crow series. Beltrami takes a slightly different tone as far as the music, but still stays true to Revelle's Gothic roots.

Violence: The violence is prevalent, and quite bloody. Shootings, stabbings, impalings, even a severed arm. However, although graphic, the blood is a really bright red, and has a definite fake look to it.

Profanity/Sexual Themes: As with the other two, the f-bomb is used throughout the film. There is also a fair amount of female nudity, as one of the settings is a strip club.

Substance Abuse: No drug use going on, and I don't recall alcohol abuse either.

Overall: The Crow: Salvation is a good attempt to take the series in a slightly different direction. I think given a different director, the film really would have shined. It's still enjoyable, however, the mystery subplot did seem to take away from the love story a bit. A good action flick a fair bit better than City of Angels, and worth a look. 8.5/10
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Justice? Yeah, right.
AwesomeWolf9 June 2005
Up until recently, the only incarnations of Crow I had seen were 'The Crow', and 'The Crow: Stairway to Heaven'. I'm guessing this was partially due to the fact that Brandon Lee and Mark Dacascos are some of my favourite actors. I'd never even heard of Eric Mabius before this, but hey, a Crow movie for $8? WOOOO!!!

On his 21st birthday, Alex Corvis (Eric Mabius) is set to be executed, having been found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Lauren Randall (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) three years earlier. Right before frying on the electric chair, Alex makes one final plea of innocence, repeating his claim that he was framed. His pleas falling on deaf ears, Alex is finally executed, and manages to stay dead for all of a few minutes before being brought back by the Crow to prove his innocence and smite his enemies.

Each 'Crow' incarnation has pretty much the same plot. You really just need to change the names and places. The hero (in this case we have Alex Corvis) is wronged, dies, comes back to life, reaps vengeance, and gets shot a bunch of times to prove his newfound immortality. The hero has a list of people who will die, and they generally all cark it. The hero also has a couple sidekicks who will somehow aid his bloody quest of revenge (this time we have Erin Randal (Kirsten Dunst) and lawyer Peter Walsh (Grant Shaud)).

'The Crow: Salvation' does not stray far from the plot described above. It doesn't really need to, as long it pulls off a good quest of justice (note: NOT revenge). 'The Crow: Salvation' strikes me as being the darkest 'Crow' movie yet (even though I haven't seen all of them, nor read of the comics). Aided by a dark plot and brutal scenes, Alex Corvis seems to on the borderline of sanity as he sadistically tortures his enemies.

This where 'The Crow: Salvation' starts to nosedive. 'The Crow' is all about justice, not bloody revenge. Corvis must have missed that memo, and sets to work on taking out the guilty AND innocent left, right and centre. I could dig it if it was a good action movie like the original 'The Crow', but by the looks of this, Eric Mabius can't do action like Brandon Lee or Mark Dacascos. He has the attitude, but he just doesn't have the moves, and the action-movie aspect of 'Salvation' suffers because of this.

'The Crow: Salvation' is not bad, but it strays to far from the idea behind 'The Crow'. This is not justice, folks, it is pure revenge. 'Salvation' is brutal, and definitely for a niche audience. 'The Crow' fans will have to ignore the awesomeness of the Brandon Lee movie and the ideal of justice to enjoy this - 6/10
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One Of My Favorite Movies
dusk_gurl8810 March 2005
I really liked this movie. Granted, this is the first complete The Crow movie I have seen (saw part of 2nd, I think), I thought this was an excellent movie. I really liked how the female characters were strong. I also loved the make-up effects on Alex/The Crow. A lot of the visuals in the film really appealed to me, as well. Had a good balance of different movie elements; suspense,comedy,action,etc. This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Hmm...what else can I say? I just rented this movie out of curiosity and haven't been able to stop watching it since! I believe that this is a great movie with lots of great scenes in it. The actor who played Alex/The Crow was a good actor(and not to mention really cute!).
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