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Season 1

28 Sep. 1997
Toy Story
Toy Story (1995) edited for television presentation.
5 Oct. 1997
A dentist is cast into limbo after her death in a bike accident and is given the assignment to act as The Tooth Fairy as her action to be admitted into heaven.
12 Oct. 1997
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves! (1997) edited for television presentation.
18 Oct. 1997
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - The Movie
The movie pilot for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) edited for television presentation.
26 Oct. 1997
Tower of Terror
A disgraced reporter investigates an abandoned luxury hotel where five people mysteriously disappeared sixty years earlier.
2 Nov. 1997
Updated version of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of the classic fairy-tale, with an all-star, multi-racial cast.
9 Nov. 1997
Angels in the Endzone
The football team Jesse is on is terrible; after the death of his father Jesse quits the team. Then angels come to help the team get better and nobody can see them but Jesse's little brother.
16 Nov. 1997
Oliver Twist
An orphan named Oliver Twist meets a pickpocket on the streets of London. From there, he joins a household of boys who are trained to steal for their master.
30 Nov. 1997
The Love Bug
Herbie, the magical Volkswagen Beetle, is passed on to a new owner. Together, they must battle a dastardly racer and his devil-car "Horace", an evil Herbie.
21 Dec. 1997
A boy falls in love with a horse named Flash that's for sale. He gets a job to earn the money to buy the horse, but he's forced to sell when the family falls upon hard times. This family-oriented drama proceeds from there.
4 Jan. 1998
Principal Takes a Holiday
A rowdy high school senior risks losing a $10,000 gift his parents promise him for graduation if he can complete the year without getting in trouble by getting caught by the principal in a prank. However, when an accident befalls the current principal, the senior goes and finds a drifter to show up at the school as the new principal to get his records erased.
18 Jan. 1998
Ruby Bridges
The true story of Ruby Bridges, an African-American girl who, in 1960 at age 6, helped to integrate and the segregarding of all-white schools of New Orleans. Although she was the only black girl to come to the school she was sent to, and since all the white mothers pulled their children out of class, she was the only one there, period. and though she faced a crowd of angry white citizens every day, she emerged unscathed, physically or emotionally. Encouraged by her teacher, a white woman from the North named Barbara Henry, and her mother Lucille, and with her own ...
15 Feb. 1998
The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon
A Philadelphia garbageman who develops his leg muscles from kicking the hydraulic lever on his truck is discovered by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed by them to become a kicker.
19 Apr. 1998
My Date with the President's Daughter
A teenager unwittingly falls for the American President's daughter, and the pair soon find themselves off on a wild adventure.
15 Mar. 1998
Mr. Headmistress
Tucker recently got out of prison, but is soon sought after by other bad men. So to escape them, he disguises himself as the new Headmistress of an all-girl school.
29 Mar. 1998
Safety Patrol
All Scout Bozell wants is to be on his school's Safety Patrol. The only problem: his extraordinary and obliviously clumsy nature. When Scout transfers to a new school, his new friends warn him their Safety Patrol, led by the principal's son, are bullies and reign over the place. What Scout and his friends don't know is two staff members are professional thieves and using the 'Safeties' to assist in their crime ring. When the principal learns a member of the Patrol is involved in the thefts plaguing the school, the 'Safeties' name Scout one of them with a devious plan ...
5 Apr. 1998
Tourist Trap
Family comedy about a man who decides to take his family on a trip his famous uncle took years ago.
17 May 1998
Miracle at Midnight
A Danish family tries to help their Jewish neighbours escape from the Nazis.

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