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DVD Review: 'To Walk with Lions' (rerelease)

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★★☆☆☆ Carl Schultz's To Walk with Lions (1999) is one of those films which leaves you feeling bad if you're not enthusiastic about it. Starring Richard Harris, Honor Blackman and Geraldine Chapman, it is - like the story it sets out to tell - an admirable attempt at stirring and heartfelt drama. Also, akin to the story, the film is often grim, leaving the viewer feeling downbeat rather than inspired. We follow George Adamson (Harris), who continued the work of his wife Joy (Blackman) in running a sanctuary for African lions. Here, our man befriends a hotheaded young man called Tony Fitzjohn (John Michie) and takes him on as an aid.

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DVD Review - To Walk with Lions (1999)

To Walk with Lions, 1999.

Directed by Carl Schultz.

Starring John Michie, Richard Harris, Kerry Fox, Ian Bannen, Hugh Quarshie, Honor Blackman and Geraldine Chaplin.


An arrogant young man (Michie) travelling through Africa crosses paths with George Adamson (Harris), a world-famous lion tamer. Adamson employs Tony and teaches him about the lions and land.

Oscar-winning Born Free was a thoroughly charming film. The story of lovable lions raised by George and Joy Adamson was understandably enjoyed by millions. To Walk with Lions still retains some of the affability of the 1966 gem but is nothing outstanding by itself.

Had it not been for Richard Harris (this one of his last roles) I can’t imagine To Walk with Lions having much of a reputation. Fortunately for the film Harris gives a tremendous performance; he is fearless, fragile and formidable – becoming George Adamson in all his glory. Near the end of the
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To Walk with Lions - the acclaimed follow up to Born Free starring Richard Harris as renowned animal conservationist and lion expert George Adamson - is set for its first UK widescreen release on DVD on Monday January 28th, and to celebrate we have two copies of the film to give away to our readers courtesy of the fine folk at Second Sight Films.

Read on for a synopsis and details of how to enter the competition...

"Set in Kenya in the late 1980s, British backpacker Tony Fitzjohn (John Michie) is fired from his safari guide driving stint and lands a job assisting the aging George Adamson at his wildlife reserve. After a shaky start with the lions, Tony soon develops a rapport with the animals and also a strong bond with George who continues to battle the government and poachers to protect the magnificent creatures that mean so much to him.
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