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  • "October Sky" is an anagram of "Rocket Boys", the title of the book on which the movie is based. It is also used in a period radio broadcast describing Sputnik as it crossed the "October sky". Homer Hickam stated that women over 30 would not go to see a movie titled "Rocket Boys",so Universal Pictures changed the title to be more inviting to a wider audience. The book was later re-released with the name October Sky in order to capitalize on interest in the movie. The movie takes place in the late 1950's after Sputnik is launched. [wikipedia]

  • * In the book, Homer gets the autograph picture of Von Braun for Christmas. In the movie, he gets the picture for his birthday along with a chocolate bar.

    * In the book, Homer is 14. In the movie, he is 17.

    * Some of the characters in the book do not appear in the movie. For example, Sherman Siers from the book does not appear in the film.

    * Jimmie O'Dell Caroll and Sherman Siers from the actual story are combined into one character: Sherman O'Dell.

    * In the book, Homer's father's name is Homer Hickam Sr. In the film, it is John Hickam. It is also not mentioned in the film that Homer's name is Homer Hickam Jr. (except for in the credits, when it is stated that the film is based on a book by Homer H. Hickam, Jr.)

    * In the book, Homer's nickname is Sonny. He is not called this in the movie.

    * Daisy Mae, the cat, does not appear in the movie.

    * In the movie, Homer drops out of school to work in the mine. In reality, Homer never dropped out of school.

    * in the book Jim has blond hair; in the movie, he has brownish hair (wikipedia)

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