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During the recruiting scene, the order in which the superheroes are standing in line changes from shot to shot. For example, after The Waffler auditions and walks away, he is seen still waiting in line behind Pencil Head & Ballerina Man. When the two Wonder Women begin fighting, he is no longer present.

Character error 

Pencil Head's costume appears to have the initials "PM" on it. This seems to suggest his original name was "Pencil Man".


When chasing Casanova's Limo in the Shoveller's car, the steering wheel sometimes has a bar in the middle, while in others it doesn't.
Orientation of sandwich in The Shoveller's hand during Egg Salad speech.
Orientation of Waffle Man's griddle (holding it by the handle then the edge).
At the beginning when the amputee's left prosthetic arm is taken off and thrown into the punchbowl, it changes to a right arm by the time it's hanging on the chandelier. Then it falls and reverts back into a right. It also starts off wearing a watch, but ends up wearing jewelry when attached to the chandelier.
In the costume-sewing scene, The Shoveller's measuring tape moves from the inside to the outside of his collar, and switches places throughout that scene.
During the recruiting scene, there is a string of square patio lanterns hanging behind the heroes (seen especially during the part with Buckethead). It disappears when they are interviewing the PMS Avenger, and when the Wonder Women are fighting.
Frankenstein tells Amazing that he'll be killed tomorrow at midnight. Later (presumably the next day), Frankenstein tells Tony P. that he will be having a banquet the following night for his gangs. However, several days pass before the Mystery Men attack the Casa Casanova.
Time of the clock in the background of the room during Casanova's trial.
After Lance Hunt reads Captain Amazing's "letter" during Casanova's trial, he folds it back up. However, in the next shot it is unfolded, then in the following shot when he puts the letter in his coat, it is folded up again.
After the battle at the retirement home, Captain Amazing rips off the Pepsi emblem on his right shoulder, but throughout the rest of the movie the emblem is still there.
The purple stuffed animal The Shoveller runs over in his driveway already has the material cut before he pulls its head off.
In the diner, after The Shoveller, Blue Raja, and Mr. Furious are discussing recruiting, The Shoveller and Mr. Furious extend their pinkies and thumbs, but when shown from above, they are extending their pinkies and index fingers.
In the Chinese bar after the limousine attack, the Bowler's ball keeps changing position in different shots.
When the Sphinx clearly cuts Tony P, Tony C, and the Disco Boy's guns in half, immediately in the next shot we see that the guns have not been cut in half, but have simply had their slides removed.
When the Jitney crashes through Casa Casanova gates, several of the headlights are clearly damaged. Next time you see the Jitney in the grass plaza area heading for the mansion, the headlights are all intact and working. After the Jitney crashes through the wall into the main hall, some of the headlights are damaged again (as they should be).
As Mr. Furious rants at the departing policemen after the initial fight, his arm is alternately holding the bag out/holding it by his side between shots.
When The Bowler first arrives at the tryouts, she removes her ball from her bag and kicks it away. Immediately after it is back at her side.
When leaving the Casa Casanova through a window after trying to rescue Mr. Amazing, the Blue Raja drops a spoon. Yet Casanova picks up a fork from the floor.

Crew or equipment visible 

After the Disco Boys have driven into Casanova's castle, the camera pans to the left to show Roy following them. The shadow of the camera crew is briefly visible in the middle of the road.
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Factual errors 

The Mystery Men leave their van without turning off the electromagnet, yet neither they nor their equipment is affected by it.

Revealing mistakes 

In one extreme close-up of The Spleen's face during the "Blame Thrower" scene, we can see pearly white teeth behind the fake mouthpiece.
When the veteran's prosthetic arm is pulled off in the first scene, you can clearly see his hand underneath it.

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