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Maybe it's no mystery how they did it, considering the aggregate comic talent, but this bunch achieves peaks of sublime nuttiness.
One of those half-straight, half-spoof comic-book extravaganzas that don't ever work, and what's neat is that this one does--beautifully.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This spoof's heart is genuinely warm.
Mystery Men gives proof that satire isn't dead.
Sharply written, with a lavish look and top-drawer effects adding to the appeal of its large and talented cast, pic achieves a nice balance of fondness and satiric snap, character laughs and goofy action.
A lightly entertaining, though not hilarious, film parody of comic book heroes.
Chicago Reader
The characters have been designed to make fun of themselves, disguising the craft of writer Neil Cuthbert and director Kinka Usher in getting us to laugh at them.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Mystery Men must have seemed magically goofy on storyboards, but has somehow turned into unappealing mush by the time it made it to the screen.
The A.V. Club
The characters are funny and the cast's characterizations right on, but the movie repeatedly lets them down.
Christian Science Monitor
The movie will disappoint people expecting a genuine superhero epic or an over-the-top spoof. But those in the mood for an offbeat satire with a gifted cast will have a surprisingly good time.

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