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Fearless Leader (Robert De Niro) says to Boris & Natasha "You talkin' to me?...There's no one else here, so you must be talking to me". This is a reference to his most famous lines in Taxi Driver (1976).
The name of Bullwinkle's alma matter is Wossamotta U.
June Foray, one of the surviving members of the original Rocky and His Friends (1959), who created the voice of Rocket J. Squirrel, does Rocky's voice for this film. She also recreates the voice of Natasha (when Natasha is in cartoon form) and her ubiquitous "old woman" voice from the old series as the voice of the narrator's mother.
Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, a comedy duo of the mid '90s, play Lewis and Martin respectively. A nod to another comedy duo, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.
The businesses lining the highways have some rather unusual names. Among them are "Lotta Room Motel", "Pump Her Up" (gas station), "Beefy Buns" (fast food), and (glimpsed briefly through the driver's window of the truck) "Boob Mart".
This film was originally in pre-production in the early 1990s, with Danny DeVito and Meryl Streep set to play Boris and Natasha. Legal problems with copyrights prevented the film being made until several years later.
The students in the film were actually real students of Chapman University, where part of the film takes place.
Palm trees that were left on the Chapman University campus after the filming of Crimson Tide (1995) were covered and disguised as redwood trees.
For the narration, Keith Scott is doing an imitation of the voice of the late William Conrad, who had been the narrator for the original animated adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Rocky and His Friends (1959).
Jason Alexander admitted to doing the movie strictly for the money.
As Fearless Leader, Robert De Niro, known for being a method actor, is the first actor to interpret a cartoon character as a method performance.
The University infirmary is labeled "J. Ward", a homage to Rocky and Bullwinkle creator, Jay Ward.
Monica Potter was originally cast as Karen Sympathy.
Joe Pesci and Cher turned down the roles of Boris and Natasha.

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Des McAnuff:  The first person to turn off their TV after Bullwinkle's speech.

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