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  • 35 years after The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show's cancellation, our two TV heroes have been living off the finances of their reruns on TV. To make matters worse, Rocky has lost his ability to fly, and the trees in Frostbite Falls have all been cut down. Meanwhile, over in Pottsylvania, home of Rocky and Bullwinkle's arch enemies Fearless Leader, Boris, and Natasha, the Iron Curtain has fallen, leading the villains to leave Pottsylvania, and dig through a tunnel all the way to the TV of a Hollywood Producer, Minnie Mogul. She signs a contract, giving her the rights to produce the Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie, and accidentally pulls the three villains out of the TV, turning them into humans! Now, they have an evil plan to hypnotize America, using RBTV (Really Bad TeleVision), making everyone's mind mush, so he can go on to the TV, and get everyone to vote him President of the USA! However, new FBI Agent Karen Sympathy has an assignment--get the only ones who could ever defeat the villains- Rocky and Bullwinkle. Using a green light lighthouse, Rocky and Bullwinkle (and their Narrator) are sucked out of the TV world, and to real life as 3D computer-generated characters! With all of America being hypnotized, and Fearless Leader's evil speech in 48 hours, and Boris and Natasha giving chase, planning to use a computer laser to send destroy moose and squirrel, it's Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Karen on a hilarious, pun-filled, and cameo-filled adventure to New York by plane, car, truck, hoof, flying squirrel, and yes, e-mail, to stop Fearless Leader and save America!

    - Written by Anthony M
  • In 1964 the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show went off air and life became very depressing for Bullwinkle J. Moose and Rocket J. Squirrel. Their home Frostbite Falls had become crippled by years of re-runs, the forests are in deforestation and the once majestic falls now a sludge waterfall. In Pottsylvania, Fearless Leader, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale are having tough times too when the Iron Curtain collapses on them and the citizens of the country become free. However, Fearless Leader comes up with a daring plan and he and his minions dig all the way to Los Angeles. Then in a film studio, they meet with Minnie Mogul, who is looking for a not-so intelligent film script which she can make as her own. From within a television set, the villains convince her to produce the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie" by signing a contract which will give her all rights to the old show. She signs the contract, and then pulls it out of the television, bringing the villains with it and turning them into live-action stars. The villains claim they came because they were "attached to the project." Now, they have an evil plan to ultimately hypnotize America, using RBTV, which stands for "Really Bad Television" making everyone's mind mush, so he can go on to the TV, and get everyone to vote him as President of the USA! Meanwhile Rocky and Bullwinkle are sucked out of the TV world, and turned into real life as 3D computer-generated characters! It's all up to Rocky, Bullwinkle and FBI Agent Karen Sympathy to put an end of Fearless Leader's plans and save America before they wreak havoc!

    - Written by Anthony Pereyra <hypersonic91@yahoo.com>
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle have been living off the finances made from the reruns of their cartoon show. Boris and Natasha somehow manage to crossover into reality and team up with Fearless Leader, an evil criminal turned media mogul with some evil plans up his sleeve. Rocky and Bullwinkle must stop the three of them before they wreak havoc.

    - Written by mystic80
  • After producer Minnie Mogul signs a contract that brings cartoon villains Fearless Leader, Boris Badenov, and Natasha Fatale start a villainous TV station "RBTV (Really Bad TeleVision)", warm-hearted FBI Agent Karen Sympathy must obtain the help of Rocky and Bullwinkle to help to save the country from being hypnotized by Fearless Leader's plan.

    - Written by Matt Whiteside <RavenWerkheiserHexorcist>
  • When enemies Boris, Natasha and Fearless leader escape into the real world with a nefarious scheme, Rocky & Bullwinkle do the same and team up with a young F.B.I. agent to stop the trio.

    - Written by mystic80


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