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Season 3

14 Mar. 1999
My BunnyGuard/What's Eating You?
Daggett decides to be Big Rabbit's friend since he is feared and attempts to use him as his personal body guard./Norb, Stump, and Daggett get trapped in a cave while spelunking.
21 Mar. 1999
Omega Beaver/Bite This!
Daggett is taken in by a comic book chronicling "The Attack of the Howler Leeches." / Norb wrestles with bed biting - the common beaver childhood problem of chewing while asleep.
28 Mar. 1999
Spooky Spoots/Up All Night II: Up All Day: The Reckoning
The Beavers' dam is haunted, and they like it that way, having fun with their ghostly visitors. Unfortunately, our goofy scientists are now paranormal researchers and act on the assumption that all ghosts are bad.
4 Apr. 1999
Muscular Beaver 3/Sang 'Em High
"Muscular Beaver 3" - written by John Derevlany: Dag's intrepid superhero alter ego returns. This time a snowboarding Treeflower is roped in as his new sidekick, Goody Good Gal, when he once again faces his old nemesis Baron Bad Beaver (a.k.a. Norb). --- "Sang'em High" written by John Derevlany: Dag concedes that he can't win an argument against Norb. Dejected at the pond, he stumbles upon Laverta Lutz, the "magical, mystical, Lady of the Lanes." Laverta grants Daggett a wish. His wish is to leave Norbert speechless in an argument. Laverta tells Daggett that "the ...
18 Apr. 1999
The Legend of Kid Friendly/Silent But Deadly
Dag enlists the help of a big hairy guy he thinks is the creature, Big Byoo-Tox, to teach him how to take a toy away from his brother Norb. / The Scientists "stupidity potion" ends up in the forest pond, causing all the animals to behave like idiots.
20 Jun. 1999
Tough Love/A Little Dad'll Do You
The great El Grapadura is wrestling and Norbert and Daggett can't wait to go.When Dag and Norb receive an unexpected visit from their dad, the Beavers' dam and lives are turned upside down.
24 Jul. 1999
Pass It On!/Stump's Family Reunion
Daggett and Norbert accompany Stump to his family reunion because Stump is a bit leery about meeting his wood-clad kinfolk. Norb warns Dag not to embarrass him as he usually does.
14 Aug. 1999
Muscular Beaver 4/Act Your Age
The entire forest gang gets into the super hero act when Dag's super alter ego, Muscular Beaver, has his greatest super battle yet-- a titanic struggle with Toe-Bot, the little toy thimble robot that fits on his big toe.
21 Aug. 1999
Too Loose Latrine/Pack Your Dags
One of their bathrooms isn't working and Norb's monopolizing the other. What's a Dag in need of using the toidy to do?When the Beaver instinct to move on and build a new dam suddenly strikes Norb, Dag can't bear to leave their dam.
28 Aug. 1999
Daggy Dearest/Dag's List
After a night of bloatedness caused by 400 jalapenos, Dag finds a baby mongoose in his bed and thinks he's given birth.Strange things happen to the beaver brother's forest friends when Norb gives Dag an organizer to list those who have wronged him.
11 Sep. 1999
Mistaken Identity/Easy Peasy Rider
Mistaken Identity: After a Russian spacecraft crashes into the dam and makes a huge hole, Daggett and Norbert argue over who will fix the dam and clean up the mess. Norbert fails in his attempt to trick Daggett, so they assume each other's identity in a contest to see who can stand to be the other for the longest amount of time. --- Easy Peasy Rider: The Beavers are terrorized by a mean biker gang, but Dag thinks that being a biker is really cool.
9 Oct. 1999
Stare and Stare Alike!/I'm Not an Animal, I'm Scientist #1
Daggett and Norbert become entangled in an all out "stare down" contest.The practical joking Beavers get a taste of their own medicine, when the tribe of girl raccoons from "Mighty Knothead" haze the boys as a right of passage.
16 Oct. 1999
Noberto y Daggetto en 'El grapadura y el castor malo'/The Loogie Hawk
The Beavers become characters in a Mexican wrestling film, starring their wrestling hero, El Grapadura.The boys battle with a congested bird of prey who moves into the forest and bombards them with loogies.
23 Oct. 1999
Kreature Komforts/Oh, Brother?
A visit from their country cousin, who looks and acts like a real beaver, annoys Dag but prompts Norb to go back to nature.A home movie seems to confirm Norb's lifelong suspicion that Dag can't possibly be his real brother.
6 Nov. 1999
Das Spoot/Sqotters
The boys take a voyage to the bottom of the pond in their own Beaver-rigged submarine, the Norbalus.A family of freeloading otters moves in on the boys, turns their lives upside down and threatens to take over their dam.
13 Nov. 1999
Long Tall Daggy/Practical Jerks
Norb, who's four minutes older, has always been just a wee bit taller than Dag (something he relishes). His world is turned upside down when Dag shows up for their weekly measuring and has grown to be a wee bit taller than him.
20 Nov. 1999
Dagski and Norb/Shell or High Water
The Beavers are two tough, street-smart detectives in a broad send-up of 70's cop shows.The boys' typical squabbling falls by the wayside for a day of brotherly togetherness.
11 Dec. 1999
Nice & Lonely/Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him!
The Beavers' needy tree lizard buddy Bing turns his geekiness into celebrity when he writes a book about the joys of loneliness.Much to Norb's annoyance, Dag takes his fascination with soccer too far becoming a full-blown British soccer hooligan.
4 Mar. 2000
Slap Happy/Home Loners
"Slap Happy" (teleplay by Barry Stringfellow, written by Keith Kaczorek): Beaver fact: Beavers use tail slaps on water to warn others when danger threatens. Dag abuses this natural alarm, causing Norb to call in their dad to set things right. --- "Home Loners" - Daggett and Norbert are both unaware that the other is at home and go through a series of near-misses and close calls until they both think someone else is in the house.
11 Mar. 2000
Ugly Roomers/Finger Lickin' Goofs
One of their bathrooms isn't working and Norb's monopolizing the other.Paranoia rears its ugly head when a bogus nature show has the boy believing their buddy Barry Bear has the Beaverlust and won't be satisfied until he devours them.
18 Mar. 2000
Strange Allure/Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Daggett falls in love with a fishing lure that gets stuck in his tail. Daggett invites their friends over for a party without telling Norb until about an hour before they arrive at which point they realize their house is a mess and they have no snacks so the brothers have to scramble to get their home ready in time.

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