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5 Jan. 1991
Slash: The Evil Turtle from Dimension X
Bebop and Rocksteady use Krang's new Mutagen on Bebop's pet turtle Slash so he can do their housework for them. Slash runs away and is conned by an irritated entrepreneur into framing the TMNT.
12 Jan. 1991
Leonardo Lightens Up
A ray-gun makes Leonardo carefree and ignore his responsibilities. This leaves the Turtles defenseless and the city at the mercy of Maestro G Clef, a villain who destroys the city with music.
19 Jan. 1991
Were-Rats from Channel 6
After many failed attempts from his rodent subjects to find food, the Rat King learns of an abandoned canister of mutagen lost in the sewers and claims it for himself. Then, he kidnaps Irma and Vernon and uses the mutagen to transform them into his mutant slaves, for the sole purpose of raiding food warehouses. It is later discovered that the mutations are unstable and can only be active if the Rat King plays his hypnotic flute.
26 Jan. 1991
Funny, They Shrunk Michelangelo
When Michelangelo decides to put one of Donatello's inventions on max power for his own entertainment, he ends in a--quite literally--little problem. April and Vernon get caught in the shrinking ray while getting footage of a military ship and join Michelangelo on his wild adventure.
2 Feb. 1991
The Big Zipp Attack
An alien called a "Zipp" is sent to Earth, but this little alien soon becomes a big problem.
9 Feb. 1991
Donatello Makes Time
Donatello invents a machine that can freeze time, which a deranged professor steals as part of a plan to conquer the world.
16 Feb. 1991
Farewell Lotus Blossom
Ninja Lotus Blossom's nightmares draw her to a strange artifact in the Turtles' possession. The artifact contains an angry spirit, whose wife's soul is within Lotus.
23 Feb. 1991
Rebel Without a Fin
Dr. Polidorius, a mad scientist plotting to mutate all humanity into aquatic-beings, creates Ray (not the similarly-named Mighty Mutanimals character), who possesses several abilities of different marine species. Ray kidnaps April O'Neil, and Polidorius mutates her into a fish-woman to be Ray's mate.
16 Mar. 1991
Poor Little Rich Turtle
Michelangelo must babysit and protect a young rich girl named Buffy, who knows the formula for a super fuel that Krang needs for the Technodrome.
30 Mar. 1991
The Dimension X Story
Shredder has a plan to destroy the Turtles, but with the Technodrome's portal out of commission, he is unable to challenge them on Earth, so he uses the Dimensional Teleporter to bring his enemies to Dimension X.
6 Apr. 1991
Donatello's Degree
Donatello earns his degree from Sopho University, but discovers that he has been mistaken for a girl, so he asks Irma to masquerade as him. Meanwhile, the real Donatello discovers a plot by Professor Philo Sopho to destroy the Earth.
27 Apr. 1991
Splinter Vanishes
Splinter has suddenly disappeared, and a note left behind from him forces the Turtles to go their separate ways, but one by one, they are captured by Leatherhead and the Rat King.
4 May 1991
Raphael Drives 'em Wild
Raphael Drives 'em Wild
11 May 1991
Beyond the Donatello Nebula
While trying to contact the Turtle Nebula, Donatello meets an intelligent lizard alien named Algernon ("Algae" for short), who must help him and the other Turtles rescue April from a greedy man named Hostile Hiram Grelch.
18 May 1991
Big Bug Blunder
A failed mutagen experiment results in an invasion of giant insects and arachnids in New York City.
25 May 1991
The Foot Soldiers Are Revolting
A Foot Soldier named Alpha-1 has his intelligence increased, but it results in a Foot Soldier rebellion against Shredder and Krang and the duo's exile from the Technodrome.
1 Jun. 1991
Unidentified Flying Leonardo
While helping April investigate a report of giant monsters attacking a superstitious farming village, Leonardo is mistaken for an alien from another planet. The lone Turtle must avoid being hunted down into extinction while also trying to rescue April from a mad scientist
16 Sep. 1991
The Turtles and the Hare
The Turtles travel to a FairyTale Dimension in an attempt to save the city from Shredder's Docilizer, while also making friends with a local citizen of that dimension, Hokum Hare (based on the Hare character from "The Tortoise and the Hare").
17 Sep. 1991
Once Upon a Time Machine
Set up as a follow-up episode, Hokum Hare and the Turtles hitch a ride on a time-traveling train to 2036, where they discover that Shredder has plans for the future New York City. Ultimately, the Turtles of both the past and the future must team up to thwart Shredder before his actions cause all of time to be destroyed.
14 Sep. 1991
My Brother, the Bad Guy
A family secret is revealed when Lieutenant Kazou Saki arrives from Japan to arrest his brother Oroku Saki, who turns out to be the Turtles' greatest enemy. Shredder and Krang send the Technodrome from Dimension X to Earth, but Donatello re-programs it to crash in the Arctic.
19 Sep. 1991
Michaelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko
Michelangelo's strange dreams lead him to seek out Mondo Gecko, a lizard who was caught in the same ooze as the Turtles. Gecko eventually rebels against his boss, Mr. X, and his bombing campaign.
21 Sep. 1991
Enter Mutagen Man
A delivery boy accidentally falls into Krang's new unstable Mutagen and becomes able to transform into anyone he chooses. Shredder tricks him into helping him launch the Mutagen into space and mutate the world, but this "Mutagen Man" has other ideas.
21 Sep. 1991
Donatello's Bad Time
Donatello has tricked out the Turtle Van, but while taking it for a test drive, it's stolen from him by a family of robbing hillbillies. Can Donatello get the Van back in time before his brothers find out?
24 Sep. 1991
Michaelangelo Meets Bugman Again
When the city is hit with a sudden termite infestation, the only superhero who can help--Bugman--is too at peace with himself to aid the Turtles in defeating it
25 Sep. 1991
Muckman Messes Up
An accident causes two garbagemen to mutate into Muckman and Joe Eyeball. Muckman's slime is found to weaken the Turtles, and Shredder tricks him into working with him.
26 Sep. 1991
Napoleon Bonafrog: Colossus of the Swamps
While testing an experimental Muta-Shooter invented by Krang, Shredder unexpectedly turns Napoleon Bonafrog into a muscular, monstrous version of himself.
27 Sep. 1991
Raphael Versus the Volcano
A malfunction of Donatello's latest invention ultimately results in Raphael believing he is about to die, and ultimately trying to save the world by himself.
30 Sep. 1991
Landlord of the Flies
Baxter Stockman leads a swarm of flies in an attempt to conquer New York and prove his worth to Shredder and Krang so he can become human again.
19 Oct. 1991
Donatello's Duplicate
Tired of fixing everything in the lair, Donatello decides to clone himself so he can work on his other inventions. However, Donatello's clone turns against him and joins the Rat King in an attempt to conquer the city with a rat infestation.
2 Oct. 1991
The Ice Creature Cometh
Bebop and Rocksteady botch another mutagen experiment, resulting in a giant ice creature who Bebop dubs "Frosty", and Shredder uses this monster to freeze New York solid, preoccupying the Turtles long enough for him to steal thermal explosives needed to melt the Technodrome free from the ice.
3 Oct. 1991
Leonardo Cuts Loose
A nerd-turned-muscleman captures three of the Turtles, and a reluctant Leonardo must ask Casey Jones for help in rescuing them.
4 Oct. 1991
Pirate Radio
Using a hypnotic microphone and speaker, Shredder takes over a radio station and broadcasts a signal that sends the population of New York City sailing into a dimensional limbo dubbed "Krang's Chasm".
8 Oct. 1991
Raphael, Turtle of a Thousand Faces
Raphael's latest study of disguises leads the Turtles to attempt a rescue when he is mistaken for a mobster named "Mad Dog McMutt".
9 Oct. 1991
Leonardo, the Renaissance Turtle
A mad professor named Mindbender creates a law-enforcement robot named "LEX" to clean up crime in New York, but LEX ultimately starts arresting numerous innocent people for the smallest infraction. With the other Turtles unreachable, Leonardo must discover his own innate skills to stop this rogue robot before he and Mindbender declare themselves dictators of the city.
10 Oct. 1991
Zach and the Alien Invaders
Zach, the Turtles' young friend, is put into military camp by his parents after making numerous false reports of aliens, only to find two real aliens--Wingnut and Screwloose--brainwashing the cadets to be their army and must call in the Turtles to defeat them.
14 Oct. 1991
Welcome Back, Polarisoids
Frip the Polarisoid arrives back on Earth with his family for a visit, and must ultimately ask the Turtles for help in reclaiming his camera while helping them stop Krang's latest plan to conquer the city
15 Oct. 1991
Michelangelo, the Sacred Turtle
While on a visit to an Egyptian Exhibit, Michelangelo is mistaken for a Pharaoh named "Amun Turt-El", also known as "The Sacred Turtle".

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