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1 Oct. 1988
Return of the Shredder
Shredder returns from Dimension X and sets out to frame the turtles with a group of thugs dressed as them while Dr. Baxter Stockman uses the Ultimate Rat Catcher on Master Splinter.
8 Oct. 1988
The Incredible Shrinking Turtles
The turtles seek out the fragments of the eye of Sarnoth, a crystal with unimaginable power. After finding the first fragment, Shredder steals it and uses it to shrink the turtles. Now Splinter and April must intervene. April is able to enlarge the Turtles, but our heroes lose in the end as Shredder escapes with the first fragment.
15 Oct. 1988
It Came from Beneath the Sewers
After discovering that a mutant plant has had its growth accelerated by the first fragment of the Eye of Sarnoth, Shredder unleashes it on the city to attack the Turtles.
22 Oct. 1988
The Mean Machines
Upon finding the second fragment of the Eye of Sarnoth, Shredder uses it as a power source for a supercomputer named Omnis, in the hopes of opening a portal to Dimension X. Meanwhile, the Turtles must deal with machines that suddenly go haywire all over the city.
29 Oct. 1988
Curse of the Evil Eye
Shredder completes the eye of Sarnoth, attaches it to his helmet, and plans to unleash its power on the world. However, when the Turtles intervene, the helmet falls into other hands.
5 Nov. 1988
Case of the Killer Pizzas
Shredder & Baxter Stockman switch meatballs on some pizzas, used as prizes in a contest, with some weird alien eggs from Dimension X. The Turtles must battle the Xenomorph-like creatures that hatch from the eggs in order to save the city.
12 Nov. 1988
Enter: The Fly
Shredder gets Bebop and Rocksteady back as his henchmen in exchange for Baxter. When Krang tries to exterminate him, a freak accident occurs turning him into a mutant fly.
10 Nov. 1988
Invasion of the Punk Frogs
The turtles deal with four mutant frogs who are now under Shredder's command and also deal with a group of anti-mutant enforcers.
19 Nov. 1988
Splinter No More
Donatello devises a cure to make Master Splinter human again. Meanwhile, Shredder plans to open a gate to Dimension X.
3 Dec. 1988
New York's Shiniest
A robot cop, Rex-1, helps April and the Turtles defeat an evil army of robot cops under the control of Shredder.
10 Dec. 1988
Teenagers from Dimension X
The Neutrinos return to Earth after hearing in on the plan of Krang and Shredder to get rid of the turtles via brain-drain. Shredder finds interest in their Starmobile's ability to open dimension portals and tries to get his hands on it, and meanwhile the turtles try to get the Starmobile's main energy source running again.
17 Dec. 1988
The Catwoman from Channel Six
A freak accident from a transporter turns April into a cat-woman. Irma meets TMNT in order to rescue her.
24 Dec. 1988
Return of the Technodrome
While Splinter goes out on a retreat, the turtles must try to stop the Technodrome from returning to Earth.

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