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Season 6

14 Sep. 1992
Rock Around the Block
As part of his latest plan, Krang brings General Traag to Earth from Dimension X as a distraction for the Turtles, while Krang tries to turn a laser at the ice and free the Technodrome from its prison at the North Pole. Meanwhile, Donatello learns a new fighting move, Wu Wei, where one ninja turns his opponent's attack against him without action
21 Sep. 1992
Krangenstein Lives!
Krang's robot body goes out of control because Bebop & Rocksteady lose the right machine Chip. Michelangelo won't stop playing a video game, much to the other Turtles' annoyance.
28 Sep. 1992
Super Irma
Irma gets super magnetic powers and starts to fight crime. She decides to stop Krang's plan. When her powers wear off, the Turtles foil Krang and rescue Irma.
5 Oct. 1992
Adventures in Turtle-Sitting
Michelangelo accidentally turns his brothers into five-year-olds with Donatello's "Food Rebibifier"(a machine that turns old and rotten food fresh again), while Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop steal weather balloons and helium tanks.
12 Oct. 1992
Sword of Yurikawa
A mystery ninja steals a powerful sword that belonged to his old ninja master in order to test the Turtles' ninja spirits.�
19 Oct. 1992
Return of the Turtleoid
A friend of the Turtles, Kerma, is hunted down by a destroyer because of a glitch in its sensors. The destroyer was supposed to hunt down a space pirate named Nerma, but the glitch made it come out "Kerma".
26 Oct. 1992
Shreeka's Revenge
A vain, galactic outlaw named Shreeka is after her power ring that Krang took from her. The problem is that April now has the ring.
2 Nov. 1992
Too Hot to Handle
A machine is causing the Earth to move closer to the sun. Vernon's incredibly smart nephew, Foster, helps the Turtles on their adventure.
9 Nov. 1992
Nightmare in the Lair
Donatello's newest invention, the "Dream-o-Vision" helmet, causes Michelangelo and Leonardo to be stuck in a nightmare world & the lair is being terrorized by a Freddy Krueger-like person.
16 Nov. 1992
Phantom of the Sewers
The Turtles help a man with a disfigured face (that was actually dried paint) stop a bank robbery.
23 Nov. 1992
Donatello Trashes Slash
Slash, the evil mutant turtle, returns to Earth from outer space with a greatly increased IQ and a raygun that turns humans into turtles. He plans to reign as Turtle Supreme, but he will have to get past the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to do it.
30 Nov. 1992
Leonardo Is Missing
Leonardo gets lost following a distress signal while Krang invents a "Hyper-Thruster". Krang tries to blow the Earth off its axis and melt the ice. The Technodrome is not at the bottom of the sea, but is at the North Pole
7 Dec. 1992
Snakes Alive!
The Turtles try to solve a missing snake mystery, but Leonardo is afraid of snakes. A scientist who had a snake venom lab accident and turned into a snake tries to turn the city into a swamp
14 Dec. 1992
Polly Wanna Pizza
Michelangelo buys a parrot and names him Ditto, although the bird really belongs to a criminal who is after a rare key around Dido's neck because the Gulubi Ruby, the gem the thief stole, is in a vault that only the key can open.
21 Dec. 1992
Mr. Nice Guy
Donatello's "Personality Alterator" turns Raphael too nice to fight. A mad scientist uses it to turn every policeman to nice so his robots can steal money and jewels.
28 Dec. 1992
Sleuth on the Loose
April's aunt helps the Turtles stop a mad scientist from building a doomsday device.

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