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16 Sep. 1979
Joust in Time
When a football Colosseum in Madrid is erased from existence, Sport Billy discovers that Vanda has traveled back in time and imprisoned Merlin the Magician in a crystal.
23 Sep. 1979
Trouble in Tokyo
After being attacked by street thugs led by Sipe in Tokyo, Billy, Lilly and Willy take lessons in Karate.
30 Sep. 1979
Mexican Holiday
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7 Oct. 1979
Return to Olympus
Lilly enters the annual Ollympian Games officiated by Sport Billy on his home planet of Olympus. Kids from all over the universe take part, and Vanda has provided another Earth girl, Beth, with a Nega-Sack full of dirty tricks.
14 Oct. 1979
Chinese Puzzle
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21 Oct. 1979
Black Sport is collecting the world's greatest hero's (including Sport Billy and Lilly) for Vanda, by catching them with a miniaturizing ray and holding them for ransom.
28 Oct. 1979
Bad Weather Blues
France is under attack of Vanda's Weather Star. Meteorologist Doctor DuCloud learns how to keep an open mind while helping Billy, Lilly and Willy put the Weather Star out of commission.
4 Oct. 1979
A Voice in the Wilderness
Sipe has taught Polly the parrot how to speak. The Tasaday tribe chief has been persuaded by Vandal agents to use his powers to control the animals and turn them against the city folk.
11 Nov. 1979
Wheel of Fortune
At the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, Lilly meets her friend Betty. Vanda grabs Betty's racing car and it's driver, George so Sipe can win the race. But Billy, Lilly and Willy recover the car and Betty takes the wheel.
18 Nov. 1979
Hyde and Seek
Vanda forces Dr. Jeckyll to unleash his drug/serum in1886, causing the entire present day English population to turn into monsters.
25 Nov. 1979
Power of the Omnisac
During the St. Moritz winter games, Lilly's cousin Mark Shaw is persuaded by Vanda to replace Billy's Omni-Sack with a fake and use it's contents to win all three events he's competing in.
2 Dec. 1979
A Race in Space
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9 Dec. 1979
Trial by Fire
A girl named Leilani is tricked by Vanda to place a box at Pele's Altar that will light the extinct volcanoes of Hawaii and ruin all of the island's spa's.
16 Dec. 1979
The Great Texas Hole in One
Oil erupts from the ground during a Texas golf tournament. Billy, Lilly and Willy team up with a hot headed golfer to get to the bottom of it.
23 Dec. 1979
Arabian Knights and Days
Doctor Twister targets the famous Arabian horse races with his Cyclon machine. Billy teams up with Prince Rami and Ahmed to investigate but gets caught in the cyclone.
30 Dec. 1979
Mixed Doubles
Professor Plant has invented a growth serum for that turns plants into monsters and uses it to disturb a tennis match in Rio de Janeiro.

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