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hanoma_756 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I forget myself when I watch Detective Conan. It is full of emotions, romance, crime, thrill, action and cleverness. I think it is for all people over 15 years old. It is a good Ideal for all American movies. I think this series of movies and episodes have to be published around the world. Although there are sometimes where the crime and story is unbelievable to be happened, but the thread of the stories will still to be more that attractive and motivating for more watching to the next work of this small detective. strange thing that I didn't find more than one of this beautiful work movies. wishing to see more in this outstanding database. All the best: Hanoma
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Hi, Conan
Eric Stevenson15 May 2017
Well here I am started with another widely popular anime series, this time "Detective Conan". This is the first of many movies made based on the popular anime. What I love about this movie is how they tell you his backstory nice and clear cut at the beginning of the movie. Okay, I already knew it, but this is still nice. What I still find odd is that it's about a guy who takes a sort of magic potion that turns him into a kid. A lot of his later adventures feature him debunking supernatural claims! What?! I thought this would be like James Bond what with him showing off his high tech gadgets in the beginning.

Instead, it really was more what I expected with a standard murder mystery genre. Well, it was still detective work like "Castle". Dang, I've been bringing that up too much. Despite the title, a lot of the movie is spent with Conan trying to save trains from being blown up. As you would expect, there are mysteries that the audience has to follow. Through all this, we do get some ordinary scenes of the characters hanging out. I was a bit disappointed the actual skyscraper didn't appear until much later. The finale is still very well done and the tension is built wonderfully at the end too. ***
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Conan's first movie.
emasterslake21 September 2007
It was Spring, and Ran is hoping to go out on a date with Shinichi on his birthday after having a conversation with him on the phone. Which was actually Conan, who in reality is Shinichi in the body of a kid caused by an unknown capsule used by 2 suspicious men in black. Conan couldn't find any other excuse to get himself out of this mess as Ran insisted that he'd be there in person.

On the day of his birthday, Conan receives a phone call at his place. The caller wants to speak to Shinichi so Conan used his voice changing tie to communicate. The caller told him he's planted bombs in several locations. And is giving him clues on where each of them are located. Prof. Asawa believed it's only a prank phone call. But Conan knows it was for real. Because prank callers don't use voice manipulators.

For 24 hours Conan must search and find all the bombs before there'll be any casualties. Will he be able to find out who's the mysterious caller? And will he save Ran before she gets into any danger? For only being the first movie, this one is pretty good. I expected it to have more to it. The puzzle on who did was a no brainier, but the story made the movie entertaining to watch. It's worth the time if you're familiar with the Detective Conan series. Those who aren't are able to understand what's going on, because of the beginning having a recap on what the plot is.
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My best Conan's movie
hubrokt116 August 2017
This is one of the famous animation movie and the first work of Detective Conan. There are 21 works. I like this the best. I go to see the movie of this every year. Every Conan's movie is very exciting. I think we can enjoy not only action scene but also mystery. In this movie, the criminal uses bombs and explodes buildings which he designs. He and his friends are involved in the crime. In climax scene, his girlfriend is also involved in. Then, she is shut into a room and she gets to have to dismantle the bomb. There is little time and she is driven into a corner. I am impressed in last scene. Their bond is very strong. Detective Conan is very long series. The ending is near, so I am looking forward to see next movie.
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