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Plot Summary

  • Detective Shinichi Kudo was once a brilliant teenage detective until he was given a poison that reverted him to a 4 year old. He's taken the name Conan Edogawa so no one (except an eccentric inventor) will know the truth. Now he's got to solve a series of bombings before his loved ones become victims. Who is this madman and why is he doing this. Only the young genius can save the day but will even he be up to the task?

    - Written by Kai-18
  • One day in Tropical Land , when Kudo Shinichi (17) solved the murder in Mystery Coaster (see movie 4 captured in her eyes) Kudo was caught and forced to take poison Apoptoxin-4869 (invented by Miyano Shiho, Sherry, Haibara Ai) and become Edogawa Conan (7). Conan is 10 yr younger than Shinichi and Ran. so 4 yr old is surely wrong.

    - Written by Hecate
  • Kudo Shinichi solved the ex-mayor, Okamoto, when his son claim driver BUT stretch his left hand to take car lighter when police record was lighter got right fingerprints. Nishi-Tama city Development scheme was being rejected after mayor Okamoto resigned. The Architect inside, Teiji Moriya (47), began to challenge Kudo by setting bombs, Could Conan solve them before they explode ? Finally the Beika City battle, could Ran solve the "red or Blue" line? Why she did not cut the other line?

    - Written by Kaz
  • There was a drunk drive accident from Mayor Okamoto(52) son, Kohei (21). Kudo Shinichi (17) Teitan High Student, doubt that case and decided to re-check the whole matter. Finally Kudo Shinichi(17) solved when Kohei (21) stretched his left hand and took the car lighter. Okamoto (52) have to resign and the Nishi-Tama City Development Scheme was being rejected. Teiji Moriya (47) was very angry of Kudo Shinichi and began to set bombs to challenge Shinichi. Conan have to solve the bombs before they explode. Could Conan do them?

    - Written by Maljuk
  • The detective genius Conan must solve a series of bombings or his true love will die!

    - Written by Kai-18


Starting - Kurokawa residence. a Kurokawa hospital head was found dead near keyboard with bloodstains. Monitor Showed JUN Mori kogoro persist that his wife did that because she born in June. June is water(Rain)less month. Conan found that...

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