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Plot Summary

  • Frank Rowlett is a down on his luck loser who can't win at anything. When he can't come up with money for a poker game, he sneaks into the back of a tattoo parlor, kills the owner and takes his money. Frank wins very big that night, but a small little dot appears on his chest. Day by day, it gets bigger and bigger and forms into a tattoo. The tattoo then starts to spread all over his body and he has to go into seclusion. Can Frank get the help he needs before time runs out?

    - Written by Pat McCurry <ccgrad97@aol.com>
  • A desperate gambler in debt with a gangster robs a Chinese tattoo artist, getting stabbed and killing the man in the process. A black spot appears on his chest and begins to spread and turn into a condemning tattoo.


There is a witch coven in the warehouse of a tattooist called Hai Lee (Burt Kwouk). One of the witches nicknamed Momma Rose (Alibe Parsons) thinks that she has seen something else this time. Frank Rowlett (Dirk Benedict) is a selfish man...

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