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Like a breath of fresh air
Stephen J Cobert20 June 2004
I had read about "Detective Conan" about a year prior to the show being released in the United States, and so when "Case Closed" began airing in May of 2004 I jumped at the opportunity to see this show. I was not disappointed.

This show is a welcome relief from the Scooby-Doo inspired cartoons (not to mention Scooby-Doo itself) that presented a "mystery" that a tree slug could solve in two minutes. The stories are well thought out, the solutions are NOT obvious but can be put together by an observant (and thinking) viewer, just as Conan does, and best of all the series does not insult the intelligence of its viewers: the show is entertaining without padding 3/4 or the episode with slapstick routines and mindless running from a person in a Halloween costume.

The show's premise is that little six-year-old Conan Edogawa is actually a 16-year-old detective prodigy. He was reduced to a grade school child when a mysterious would-be assassin gave him an experimental poison that (unknown to the poisoner) regressed the detective rather than killing him. In a bit of angst reminiscent of the early adventures of "Spider-Man", Conan makes a hard discovery: You can have the most brilliant detective mind in the world, but if you're six years old, all the police are going to tell you is, "BEAT IT, KID!" In spite of this hardship, little Conan finds ways of bringing the guilty parties to justice -- although all too often, someone else takes the credit for his deductions.

HIGHLY recommended.
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One of the greatest anime shows ever
Xenomaster11 October 2005
If you are a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work, this show is a MUST-SEE for you. The show revolves around a young boy by the name of Conan Edogawa. However, this is just the alias of 17-year-old Jimmy Kudo, Japan's most famous young detective prodigy. While witnessing a mob hit, he is knocked unconscious and given an experimental poison that, unbeknownst to his assailants, reverts him to the physical size and age of a second-grader. However, he retained his brilliant mind and vicariously solves some of the most perplexing mysteries imaginable.

This is a very intelligent and well-written show and is recommended to anyone who loves a good murder mystery.
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Longest and best anime in existence.
emasterslake31 August 2007
Shinichi Kudo(Jimmy Kudo) is highly famous for being the best teen detective of East Japan. His knowledge on mystery novels & soccer skills has made him a modern Sherlock Holmes. And has helped out the police on the toughest cases. Life was going smooth with Shinichi. On one night however, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Where 2 men in black clothes were about to get their cover blown by Shinichi. One of them knocked him out cold and forced a poison pill that was meant to end his life. However instead of killing him. It made him shrink from a teen to a kid.

Still have the brains of a sleuth, but no longer in the full grown body of Japan's favorite teen detective. Shinichi had to go under the alias of Conan Edogawa. A combination of 2 of his favorite mystery novelists. And can't reveal his real identity, as it'll endanger the people he knows and will get chased by the 2 men in black who'll come to finish the job. Shinichi now lives with his friend Ran(Rachel) who is the daughter of third rate detective Kogoru Mohri(Richard Moore). Pretending to be a smart ordinary kid, Conan uses the gadgets provided by his Mad next door scientist, Dr. Asawa. To help him solve the crimes and help Kogoru out without being noticed. Conan hopes to make Kogoru famous so that way he can get some leads and info on the 2 men responsible for his condition.

As the series progresses, Conan does what he can to become Shinichi Kudo again. And will encounter many cases on Homocide, Suicide, Robbery, Child abduction, salvage, & terrorism. Once he does find the 2 men in black, Conan will try to obtain the pill that changed him and get Dr. Asawa to make an antidote to make him Shinichi again.

For more than a decade this anime has been widely successful in Japan. And an international hit in many countries. I never heard of it till 2005. And very surprised to learn how long this series is. With almost 500 episodes, several movies, and a handful of OVAs. Detective Conan(Case Closed) should deserve to be a highly acclaim cartoon in any category for Anime.

Problem is very few American Anime fans, don't know how great it is or don't know it's existence. If you like Anime with action, comedy, mystery, or just something that'll keep you busy. I guaranteed Detective Conan is unlike the other mystery anime out there.
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Worldwide very popular; and here is why
stephane_decker17 August 2008
This is probably THE most popular Manga-Anime on earth, not only Anime-Fans like it, but others as well. Why? Because even though it is not always a very credible or spectacular series, the detective series and the overall realism of the series make this Anime so comfy to watch, everybody just has to love it!!! For instance, there is no character with blue or green hear and unlike other series, the characters to not yell all the time in an annoying, exaggerated manner.

The big pro of the series are the usually very cool and clever plots, sometimes an episode gives you all the hints you need yourself to figure out who the culprit is. Mostly though, an episode does not, or sometimes it's luck which leads Conan to solving a case. Nevertheless, the series is gripping, gives you false leads, is funny and the English subtitles with references and explanations to Japanese culture are excellent.

The series earns at least a 9/10. Personally, I gave it a 10, but what I don't like is that throughout the 506 episodes, the real core story about Shinichi and the Black Gang is rarely progressed.
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Makes the Scooby Doo Gang look like the meddling kids they are.
rdatsun12 June 2004
Broadcasting in he U.S. as Case Closed, Detective Conan is an interesting mystery/comedy/thriller that looks like a kiddie show but definitely ia much more to the series. Plot: a teenage detective protoge is turned into a kid by a weird poison and must help solve cases for his girlfriend's bumbling father under a alias until he can find the people who did this to him and recover an antidote. The premise, like I said, sounds kiddie but as the series rolls on things start to get messy and at times, a bit disturbing, but the cases are so ingenously planned out and executed you can't help but watch just to see how Jimmy/Conan will get the jobs done with such a small guise working against him. The animation is pretty good, bright and colorful though dated (eight years old now) but has its own style of anime. The dub isn't bad either, once again Funimation ,the folks doing the recording down here, have hired some excellent voice talent that matches each characters personalty very well though some tend to overact (the junior agency for example). Overall a great series that blends comedy and mystery very well. The only gripe being its very long (over 100 episodes) but still fun to watch. Give it a watch if you need a break from all the action animes or just a fan of Japanese cartoons in general. As Jimmy/Conan always say: "With a keen eye for detail, one truth prevails."
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Very good show.
JG200120 November 1999
Detective Conan is a fun show. I've seen subtitled versions of it and it's very good. The series revolves around a teenage detective whiz who is shrunken down to the size of a child by an experimental poison. He must then masquerade as an eight year old (going to school, etc.) while keeping his identity a secret and a look out for the villains that gave him the poison. Helping him is a funny inventor who gives "Conan" (an alias the character uses as a child) cool James Bond like gadgets, like a bow tie with a voice distorter and shoes that magnify kicking strength.

The mysteries Conan solves each episode are very brain teasing, but nothing impossible if you put your brain cells together and follow the clues. Though many of the cases involve murder (and some pretty elaborate ones at that) each episode is presented in a way for people of all ages, much like how I used to watch Murder, She Wrote as a kid. If the show is ever aired or released commercially in the States, you should try to find it.
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au_law20017 January 2005
And when I mean that, I mean Mr. Kudo has been brought back to those days, but still solving crime. Yes, that's how it is, some mysterious formula has turned him into a kid. And as he tries to find a way to get back, he still continue to solve murders with the help of Edogawa, and his friend Ran and her lousy detective father. The kid still has got all the knowledge and skill he's got from his older self, but he can manage. And his gadgets are cool, he can alter his voice, mostly making it that detective Mouri guy, with whom he makes the hero of every story and episode, for shame! But still you know it's him and he doesn't seem to complain that Detective Mouri gets all the credit, or that he's still a kid. This is one of the best anime shows I've seen, and I still love it. Recommended for all anime fans and to non-anime fans who dig murder or mystery or crime stories, this for you.
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Great Series, Good Dub, So-so translation job.
ran-san18 August 2004
This is a great series. Anyone who loves mysteries should see this series, subbed or dubbed. As a mystery fan, Detective Conan is truly great. As an anime fan, however, the dub leaves a bit to be desired. The voices are strong and they play their parts well (this does put it above other dub jobs I've seen), but my key gripe is the pointless Americanization of every name and location ever mentioned in the series. And I'm talking POINTLESS. I could see them renaming SOME people to keep younger American audiences from getting lost in them, but places? They call it Tokyo in the commercials, then rename Mt. Fuji to Mt. FREDERICK?!? IS this really necessary, FUNimation?

If you don't mind the pointless Americanization, the CN dub is fine. As for me, I can't wait for the Japanese language version to hit DVD.
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This is great stuff!
slg345 June 2004
I had heard about this anime, but I only started watching it a couple weeks ago when they started showing it on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

After only the first show, I was hooked on it, and I think it's for much the same reason as why Clue is my favorite movie. It's funny, and suspenseful (well, at least the superb episodes are), and thought-provoking all at the same time, and it gives the viewer ample time to think through the case right along with Shinichi.

At first, I couldn't understand why they put it on Adult Swim instead of Toonami, but after watching some of the episodes, I saw the reason... even though it feels like a kids' show, a lot of the cases are murders, and they sometimes deal with heavy topics (like losing a child)

If you enjoy mysteries (and even if you don't, this might get you into them :P ), I highly recommend watching this show. You won't be disappointed!
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The case is closed
halfbreed_angel19 July 2005
I love watching Case Closed every night so I can figure out some murders. Case Closed is a story of a teenage detective boy who turned into a kid by some poison from two bad mysterious guys who were meant to kill him. The teenager was named Jimmy Kudo. Jimmy also has a girlfriend who doesn't know that Jimmy is a kid. Jimmy has named himself as a kid Conan. This show is a great mysterious show. This show mostly has murder cases. It's always exciting to figure out a case of what happened. Suspects are the ones that make me confused. There was too many suspects that I couldn't solve the case myself. This show is enjoyable to my brother and I.
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Funny, exciting, and just plain fun to watch.
zactac30 January 2010
Here in America this show is called Case Closed which has become my favorite anime/mystery show of all time.

For a long time I haven't been an anime fan since I out-grew Pokemon. After I was over Pokemon I thought all other anime shows were just childish and silly, well now I'm happy to have been proved wrong.

While some anime shows are just plain wrong for some of them being sexually inappropriate thats something you don't have to worry about with Case Closed. Sure it might have some curse words every now and then but thats one of the reasons I love this show (I don't like cursing but you'll see why I said that in a second). It's full of comedy and surprises without having the kiddie aw's and oh's of such simple little problems. And just adult enough to enjoy and stimulate your mind without worrying about there being some kind of sexual scene coming from around the corner (I know it shocked me to when I first heard of it). This is a purely fun show to watch.

It's about a high-school kid named Jimmy Kudo who is a mystery solving prodigy. He lives alone while his parents are away because his mom is an actress while his dad is a famous book writer. He solves cases every now and then for the chief of police Inspector Maguire. One night when he was out with his best friend Rachael Moore there was a murder. Solving it easily he noticed that two of the suspects were in a hurry to get out of there. So then he followed them, then one of the agents knocked him out and gave him an experimental poison but, instead of killing him something really unexpected happens. He is turned back into a seven-year old little boy. By getting help from his next door neighbor Doctor Agasa (who is also a crazy scientist) he learns that to keep him and everyone else he cares about safe he must keep his identity secret even from his own friends and family or else if the agents find he's still alive then they'll come back to finish the job. So he goes to live with his friend Rachael under the name Conan Edogawa. It also turns out that her father is a detective but not a good one. So with the inventions that Doctor Agasa creates for him he helps Richard Moore (Rachael's dad) solve cases and becomes famous while he's back in elementary school. So now he's waiting for the organization to re-appear so he can get the poison they used on him and create an antidote and turn himself back to normal (thats why he's staying with Rachael and her dad in the first place, Richards a detective so he's hoping that somewhere along the line he'll run into them again).

I know that some of this stuff sounds a little kiddie but it is a great balance between both. It is funny, full of mystery, while some episodes has action and adventure. A must-see series for any anime and/or mystery fan. And even the comedy makes it worth while for those of you that don't care much about both categories.
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Great but too long
Shuu726 August 2015
I still remember when I was a little boy and they started broadcasting this anime on the Spanish TV. I tried not to miss one single episode. Later on, they kept broadcasting old episodes and I stopped watching. It was just a couple of years ago that I decided to watch it again and I have been following the new episodes since then.

The series has a great plot, very good characters and even some of the episodes not related to the Black Organisation are great fun to watch. However, I think it has been going on for too much time now. The new episodes are just rubbish, most of them based on absurd homicide cases. After almost 800 episodes I think it's just fair to put an end to it. We get hints on the storyline from time to time but there is absolutely no progress in the Black Organization plot. It's been ages since we got a pair of episodes related to the main story. Let's just hope that the series gets an ending before it reaches the 1000 episodes.
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One of the greatest animes of all time
Yugi Muto24 August 2013
A breath of fresh air! Detective Conan, or Case Closed as it is known in some countries, is a wonderful anime with dynamic characters and an interesting plot, with additional just as fun sub-plots.

The story is about an intelligent high school detective who one day has the misfortune of being caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bearing witness to an illegal deal, Shinichi Kudo is knocked out by two members of a mysterious organisation which leaves no evidence behind of crimes. Gin, a ruthless, cold-blooded killer, pops a drug into our hero's mouth that under normal circumstances would kill him and leave no evidence behind in autopsy reports. However, luckily for Shinichi, a rare side-effect of the drug causes him to revert back into a child of about seven years while still maintaining his intelligence. Assuming a false identity as Conan Edogawa, Shinichi is determined to find the ones responsible, destroy them and reclaim his normal body.

Detective Conan is filled with enigmatic crimes for the viewer to solve before the main character can. The characters are lovable as well, the series manages to remain light-hearted and enjoyable for all ages while still retaining that crucial element needed to take it seriously as well and emotionally connect with the characters. Detective Conan is now more than 700 episodes in, with plenty of movies and OVAs and is still able to keep the viewer excited about the next episode, ready and kicking for more.

A definitive 10/10 that I would recommend to anyone in general to try out. I thoroughly enjoy this series and hope it continues for a long time. I also hope that I'll be able to live long enough to see how the series ends as well. (If you didn't enjoy this anime then there's something wrong with you. -_-)

If you loved this show as much as I did then I'd definitely recommend Magic Kaito, a spin-off special based on one of the most popular characters in the series (perhaps even more popular than Shinichi) and my favourite character in the series, the phantom thief: Kaitou Kid!
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great anime show-Case Closed or Detective Conan
vaibhavkumar56728 January 2013
The story follows the adventures of Jimmy Kudo, a prodigious young detective who was inadvertently transformed into a child after being poisoned. I've been watching this series from the beginning and it is one of the best anime series ever.The directing and writing work is very good.The content is exceptional.

The oddly initiated cartoony visuals combined with the dark murder theme goes in contrast with each other.Though the original storyline exaggerates a bit,the individual plots and cases are brilliant. Its amazing to watch how Shinichi or Conan applys Sherlockian logic to solve cases. Anyone who is looking for adventure,good storyline, mind boggling cases and a bit of love story should just go for it. Hats off to this great series and its manga author,Gosho Aoyoma!!
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If you can overlook the silly & useless premise, this is one of the best!
agentmaxsmart9 December 2009
Every review here will tell you the back story of "Case Closed". They'll tell you how the teenage Shinichi Kudo (a genius detective) is given an experimental pill by some thugs and is transformed into a child again. He calls himself Conan Edogawa & wherever he goes, a crime happens & he solves the crime. He keeps his predicament to himself & an inventor friend of his. The inventor gives him Bond type gadgets that help him get by, since he's a child again. One of these gadgets, a bow-tie, changes his voice, so he can sound exactly like anyone. When he solves the crime, he knocks out an adult with a dart hidden in his watch, hides behind the sleeping adult, talks through his bow-tie to sound like the adult & tells everyone within earshot who the criminal is.

Now, I love anime & I love this show. But, this is maybe the silliest premise ever in an anime. And it's an utterly useless premise. Having Conan as a child serves no purpose in the show at all. He still acts like an adult & most of the time, he's just hanging out with his girlfriend (who doesn't know Conan is her boyfriend) & her father (who is a detective & a very bad one at that). This little "kid" is allowed to walk around the crime scene (usually a dead body) like it's perfectly normal. He sometimes gives the clues he finds out loud. Most of the time, the adults take his advice, other times, they yell at him to shut up, even though he has given clues that have solved the crimes before hand. It just doesn't make any sense. If he's going to act like an adult, just make his character an adult. The side-story of the thugs who changed him is hardly (if ever) brought up again. It's pointless.

Luckily, most of the detective stories themselves are great enough to overlook the premise. Well, almost overlook them. Whenever I see Conan crouching behind a chair, speaking into his tie, I cringe at how silly it is.) The characters are realistic & the stories are very dark sometimes. Definitely not for kids (another reason the premise is stupid). The animation itself is top notch & each character stands out, so you can tell them apart when trying to figure out "who did it". I do recommend this show to anime fans & people who like detective shows. I would have given it a 10, but the premise is just too ridiculous. Still, knocking it 2 points is not bad.
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There's only one truth!
ian_enrique4 January 2017
There is been a long time that I don't make a review on IMDb last time I saw that Detective Conan is top rated TV but now is not. You know that Detective Conan is one of my favorite Series of all time the story is excellent and the plot is amazing this story is about a teen detective named Shinichi Kudo who drugged and incidentally becoming a kid. I don't want to spoil anything you have to watch this anime this is the best crime solving anime of all time you can't predict what will happen and you will be surprise.This anime is a masterpiece Gyoso in his best he can make Detective Conan become something that phenomenal just talk about it make me chills with awesomeness.I very very in love with this anime.Detective Conan is standing tall like the likes of Sherlock Holmes we can say that Sherlock Holmes is Detective Conan and Detective Conan is Sherlock Holmes.I very recommended you guys to watch this anime and rate it. Detective Conan is still had it this is an A star Anime proud of it! 10/10.
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wsmkhan10526 February 2014
Cased Closed is probably one of my top five favorite comic series right now. I would say if anybody likes comic and mystery, then this series is right for them.


Case Closed is the American version of the highly acclaimed "Detective Conan" from Japan. Jimmy Kudo, a suave and brilliant teenager, is crime's worst enemy. But when he falls victim to an experimental drug, he is transformed into a small kid. Bye, bye detective business, right? Wrong. Kudo takes on the persona of Conan Edogawa, named after Sir Conan Doyle, the creator of his favorite crime fighter of all-time: Sherlock Holmes. Using his ingenuity and some pretty nifty James Bond type tools, he manages to figure out what the grown detectives can't.
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CaseClosed or (DetectiveConan)
detectiveconanmike1 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This T.V. series Called CaseClosed was made in Japan but this story is about a high school detective named Jimmy Kudo He goes to and amusement park with his childhood friend Rachel Moore they both secretly like each other. While at the amusement park Jimmy encounters some men in black that are doing an illegal Business transaction....While his accomplice hits Jimmy on the back knocking him out with he was unconscious they fed him a drug called the APTX-4869 used by the organization. It cant be traced in the human body but instead of him being poisoned it shrunk him instead!? After he awoke he went to his house and talk to Dr.Agasa who is one of the only people who knows his identity cause if the men in black find out hes alive they might try to harm him and his loved ones so he moves in with Rachel!!! And then the story begins....
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Katy-2710 March 2004
Being a fan of the comic book series from way back before the anime version came out, I was really excited to see it on DVD. For one thing, it features intelligent plots, decent characters, and no ridiculous sci-fi/fantasy themes -- aside from the premise and the cool gadgets, anyway. The mysteries are well-formed, and that is an important thing in mystery genre. <p>And, thank goodness, the women dress and behave like real people instead of like the teen-boy-fantasy bimbos in the crummy anime that usually shows up in the English-speaking world. <p>Excuse me. Back to the review. <p>The story is as follows: 16 year-old high school student Shinichi Kudou is a world-class detective. He models his deductive technique on that of his idol, Sherlock Holmes, frequently assisting the police with baffling murder cases. One day while on a date, he spots and follows two suspicious-looking men. They capture him, and, wary of shooting him in public, force-feed him an experimental poison before departing. Instead of killing him, the poison shrinks Shinichi to the size of a child. <p>Panicked, he runs to Agasa, an old and trusted friend of the family, who is also an inventor. With this friend's aid, he works his way into his girlfriend Ran's house under the alias of Conan Edogawa (Conan from Arthur Conan Doyle, Edogawa from a Japanese suspense writer). Ran's father is also a detective, and Shinichi hopes that by tagging along on his cases, he might eventually pick up clues to the bad guys' whereabouts. Agasa warns Conan not to tell anyone else who he really is. The bad guys are also looking for him (since there were no reports of Shinichi's body being found, and they're not the kind to let a thing like that go), and anyone who knows anything at all about his real identity will be in serious danger. <p>In the meantime, the detective father is a bumbling, girl-hungry idiot, and Conan soon gets into a routine of solving the father's cases for him without looking like he's doing it. To allay suspicion, he also enrolls in first grade at a local elementary school. He reluctantly makes friends with his classmates and he and they also have their own share of adventures.

<p>Because I've read the series, I was mostly curious to know how the voices would come out, how the producers would set up each plot, and if they would be able to transfer the suspense, drama, and comedy of book form to the TV screen. All in all, the production and the voice acting is excellent. The producers stick closely to major storylines, and character interaction and development is key to most of them. The TV version loses some of the intensity of the original series. It makes sense, however, as the books are geared more toward teens and adults, and the anime more toward children. <p>I have only two objections to the series. One regards the extra episodes which were obviously written to fill out each season. They don't occur in the books, and for good reason. One, in which Conan and his classmates have to outwit a bunch of robbers after getting stuck in a department store after closing hours, is pretty good. But most are terribly farfetched. The series does much better when sticking with the original story arc. <p>(On a more practical note, marketing for the Meitantei Conan anime in Japan is directed mostly at children. Perhaps the producers felt more episodes with Conan's grade-school friends would appeal to the target audience. They could still have come up with better ideas, though.)</p> <p>Another objection is the subtitles. They are TERRIBLE. Not only is dialogue badly translated, but it is also badly spelled. Whole lines are left out altogether -- and a lot of them are important to making the story make sense! It's frustrating to see an otherwise perfectly good, well-written series get such sloppy translation. <p>All in all, this is a good series. Extra snaps to the series for making Ran a karate champion (if you see the show, you'll see what I mean). If you have a fairly good understanding of Japanese, I recommend watching without the subtitles. It's much much better that way.
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Sherlock Holmes turned Anime
kekeca95 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Detective Conan is a long series based on a manga called, "Case Closed." The plot is about a teen that was shrunk again by a substance given to him by two mysterious crooks that caught him sneaking on the scene. This series is one amazing ride and if you love crime mysteries like BBC's Sherlock Holmes or CSI MAIMI you'll find this a riveting watch as you try to solve the mysteries before the main character does. It surprises you with its twists and turns and it makes you chuckle with its sarcastic humor. I highly recommend this to any of my friends and those who love a crime mystery
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Best Detective series ever !!
Rupesh Pandey7 January 2016
There's Only One Truth! that this series is amazing.U just love the characters.Well not only that this series is for everyone for kids as well as adults.It has Comedy,Feels,Drama,Tragedy,Action and Yeah some romance too!.This is basically a story of a high School Kid who is a high-school detective is shrunken(reverts in young age) by a drug.He hides his identity and start looking for the people who did this to him and in the way he solves impossible cases.Well this series will not disappoint u,if u not want to see 800+ episodes just skip the fillers.One more thing this series is not for extreme binge watching just watch it at a regular pace otherwise u can get bored with too much mystery!
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One of the best anime's Ever
hackerxxx3 April 2015
This anime is one of best anime's ever it has a great story line and a lot of cool characters I know a people hate this anime because it has a lot of episodes and it has been going since 1996 but this anime has over +770 and a lot of movies and specials, what's special about this anime its re-watchable and it has great story this series is awesome, I can't define it in words you just to have to see it if you love Sherlock Holmes or CSI you will love this show and you may be wondering =770 episodes is a lot, but actually its not an all filters of the series are awesome, I will watch detective this series even if it never ends or has +1000 Episodes I have been watching this TV show since I was a kid, I am happy it grew up with me and I hope it stays longer.

10/10 story 10/10 Characters 9/10 Opening songs 10/10 Theme song

Overall:10 "Awesome"

This series is awesome u have to watch it before u die.
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Best Anime, One of the Greatest Shows To Watch, Never to make you boring
ceejayconansan1 April 2015
One of the best selling manga and longest running anime of all time,Detective Conan, which is created by Aoyama Gosho talks about Kudo Shinichi, a 17 year old high school detective that already solved cases that the police can't resolve, One day while going to a theme park with her childhood friend, Ran Mori, he followed a man in black who is doing suspicious transactions and later was poisoned by his accomplice , Later he adopted a new name Conan Edogawa after turning into a 6 year-old kid and later lived with Ran whose father is a detective.

The series already made 700 episodes, 19 movies (most of it becoming one of the highest grossing movies in Japan in their respective years), 12 OVA's, Magic Files , and Specials, at first glance you might think it would be tiring,bad or boring, Give it a try and episode by episode it will change your first view

There are several types of episodes here

1. Not Plot Related Cases (1-2 Episode Cases)

2. Long , Not Plot Related Cases (Hour specials and 3-4 Episode Cases)

3. Cases with Hattori Heiji ( still some don't affect the plot)

4. Cases with Kaitou Kid which is Another creation by Aoyama Gosho ( still don't affect the plot)

5. Conan being Shinichi (some gives an effect in future Black Organization Cases)

6. And of course, the Main Arc, Cases with the Black Organization involved

Episode Glance

Before Episode 129, Most of the characters will appear but little to few Black Organization Episodes, but these Episodes are MASTERPIECE and SHOULD BE WATCHED, after Episode 129, Characters shrouded in mysteries will appear which might be connected into the Black Organization, some of them still being shrouded in mysteries, Long Black Organization related arcs will appear, which will always excite you

This show is FANTASTIC and SOMETHING YOU SHALL WATCH, It's fantastic writing, Great arcs and mysteries, and of course the mystery that still baffles Conan, the mystery that shrouds the Black Organization is what makes it the Best Anime Ever

"Perceiving the one and only truth with the appearance of a child but with an intellect of an adult his name is Detective Conan" And that describes Conan Edogawa, the pioneer character of this Great Anime - - Detective Conan
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Best show ever made, it brings back so many memories, & is an extreme thriller
hamzehtk8 July 2014
How can anyne not get addicted to this show? I've been watching it since I was a little kid, it grew on me. Surprisingly, the older i get, the more i fall in love with this show. I don't want it to ever end, simultaneously, I can't wait for the last episode to know how this show will end. It's been airing for more than a decade, and they're still making new episodes in japan, making it more poplar. That is a proof this show is a legend, not to mention the music and the awesome melody if ur looking for a perfect show that will make u thrilled like never before, get excited, & make u laugh at the same time, then that's it! There are few scenes that are intended to be funny, some other scenes are romantic, many are scary, mostly are mysterious, and how can it be any better? Oh yes, it's also inspirational. I recommend this show to EVERYONE.
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Go watch it now please!
alyaboulenein958 September 2013
I used to watch is as a child and I thought it was brilliant, now I'm 18 (started watching again and think it's even more brilliant!)I've watched EVERY EPISODE except 2 (706 out 708) and all movies and OVAs. I'm definitely addicted. I assure you it's not childish and cases can be very difficult to solve. There are episodes with insults and very serious topics. Having said that don't watch it all at once, cause there are two kinds of episodes, episodes that come from the Managa (roughly half) and the other half are anime are originals. Anime originals are just random cases and have absolutely nothing to do with the plot, don't get me wrong some are fantastic but after a while you'll get bored. But the Managa ones will always keep you on the edge of your seats! Especially ones were the Black organization appear (if u have any background knowledge about the show, Conan is high-school detective who is shrunk by a "black organisation") Cases are very realistic and can be very challenging to solve. The show can be funny a lot of the time as well, but a few episodes especially the anime original ones can be a bit childish but i personally don't mind. The music is absolutely fantastic and generally I think it's brilliant and worth a watch without a doubt!
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