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18 Feb. 2008
Clash of Red and Black: Invasion
Conan helps the FBI expose a member of the Black Organization who was gone undercover as a patient at the hospital where Rena Mizunashi is being kept.
14 Apr. 2008
Clash of Red and Black: Suspicion
With Kir back in the organization, Gin becomes suspicious of her and sends her on a difficult assignment to prove her loyalty. Meanwhile, Conan investigates the murder of the president of a talent agency when Agent Camel becomes a suspect.
16 Jun. 2008
Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony: Part 1
A martial artist is killed and thrown into a dumpster and the prime suspect is his hairdresser, whose alibi is supported by Eri.
23 Jun. 2008
The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box: Part 1
Eisuke Hondo is among the suspects when a man is bludgeoned to death in a karaoke booth and the murder weapon seems to have vanished into thin air.
14 Jul. 2008
Red, White, Yellow and the Detective Boys
A house where a classmate of the Detective Boys' lives is burned down and the arsonist, one of the three tenants, is identified in a diary only as "Yellow Man".
28 Jul. 2008
Double Code Mystery
With the Yellow Man mystery solved, Subaru Okiya, the new resident of Shinichi's old house, meets Ran and Sonoko. Meanwhile, Conan takes an interest in a case involving paper airplanes with strange markings on them.
4 Aug. 2008
Deduction Showdown! Shinichi vs. Subaru Okiya
When both Subaru and Conan figure out that the paper airplanes are an SOS from someone who is being held captive, Ran and Sonoko hold a little competition between them to see which of them finds the prisoner first.
11 Aug. 2008
The Broken Horoscope
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1 Sep. 2008
The Coffee Scent's Murderous Intent: Part 1
A TV manager making a show about Kogoro is found poisoned in his locked apartment and Conan realizes that their companion, a TV producer, is hiding something very dark.
20 Oct. 2008
Kaitou Kid's Teleportation Magic
Conan once again enters a battle of wits against Kaito Kid, who is challenged by Sonoko's grandfather, Jirokichi Suzuki, and somehow manages to disappear from the ground and then reappear on the top of a building within seconds.
3 Nov. 2008
Furinkazan Armor Clad Warrior of the Maze
Conan and the Moris partner up with Heiji to solve a strange series of murders in which a dead centipede was left near each victim.
15 Dec. 2008
Indictment by Red Wine
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