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15 Jan. 1996
Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case
Adjusting to living under his new identity as Conan Edogawa, Shinichi aids Rachel's inept detective father, Richard Moore, in solving the kidnapping of the daughter of a company president.
26 May 2004
An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case
Pop diva Yoko Okino is being stalked and she's come to star-struck Richard Moore's doorstep for help! Luckily for all involved, Conan is on the job, too.
27 May 2004
The Coded Map of the City Case
The Junior Detective League come across a strange map which they believe leads to a treasure and try to decipher it.
31 May 2004
The Shinkansen's Bomb Case
While traveling with Ricahrd and Rachel on a train, Conan learns that there is a time bomb hidden on board and has to find it before it detonates.
1 Jun. 2004
Valentine Murder Case
A young man is poisoned during a Valentine's Day gathering and Conan has to figure out exactly how he was poisoned in order to find the killer.
2 Jun. 2004
Once-a-Month Present Threat Case
A surgeon comes to Richard's office to ask him to investigate some gifts he has been receiving once a month for years. Conan soon discovers that they may have a deadly purpose.
3 Jun. 2004
Art Gallery Owner Murder Case
A greedy art gallery owner about to tear the museum down is killed with a sword on camera by someone dressed in a knight's armor.
7 Jun. 2004
Tenkaichi Night Festival Murder Case
When a writer kills his associate during a festival, Conan has to uncover the hole in his alibi and prove him guilty.
8 Jun. 2004
Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case
Richard is approached by a girl who asks him to track down Jimmy, claiming he used to be her girlfriend. When Conan and Rachel go with her to her house, they help investigate the disappearance of a pro soccer player's little brother.
5 Jan. 2004
Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night
Haibara and Jodie Starling come face to face with Vermouth, the Black Organization's enigmatic agent. Meanwhile, Kogoro and Sonoko attend a floating Halloween costume party where the host is shot with an arrow.
12 Jan. 2004
Find the Buttocks' Mark! Part 1
The Detective Boys help the police catch a notorious knife man when Ayumi becomes a witness to an attack and the key to the mystery lies in a strange S-like mark the perpetrator leaves behind.
9 Feb. 2004
The Forgotten Cell Phone: Part 1
Conan and Kogoro retrace the steps of a man who left a cell phone at Café Poirot, leading them onto something bigger.
8 Mar. 2004
A Small Client: Part 1
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15 Mar. 2004
A Small Client: Part 2
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12 Apr. 2004
Kaitou Kid's Miracle Midair Walk
Sonoko's uncle, Jirokichi Suzuki, publicly challenges the elusive master thief Kaito Kid to steal a priceless gem in an attempt to catch him. Kid appears and somehow manages to walk in midair several hundred feet in the air.
3 May 2004
Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5: Part 1
While Takagi and Sato are on a date at a theme park with a whole unit of jealous police officers watching them from the shadows, they and the Detective Boys discover that a drug trade is about to happen in the park.
24 May 2004
Teitan High School's Ghost Story: Part 1
Conan returns to his old high school with Ran and Sonoko to investigate some minor "haunting" incidents, but is baffled when something truly mysterious happens.
7 Jun. 2004
The City's Crows
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2 Aug. 2004
The Lucky Man's Suspense
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9 Aug. 2004
Running Away in a Game
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6 Sep. 2004
Poisonous Spider Trap
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20 Dec. 2004
Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon
Conan and Heiji get into a dangerous game with a man who threatens to blow up the Koshien Ball Park during a game and leaves behind cell phones and cryptic text messages.

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