Ms. Scrooge (TV Movie 1997) Poster

(1997 TV Movie)


Maude Marley: [Appearing in a flash of Light] Ta Da! I always did like a big entrance, didn't I?

[light fades]

Maude Marley: How's tricks, Ebenita?

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: Maude?

Maude Marley: You haven't said a word about my outfit.

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: [laughing to herself] Oh, it can't be Maude. She's dead. I buried her.

Maude Marley: And rather hastily, I might add. Afraid I might come back to life? Reclaim my possessions?

[Ebenita slowly reaches for the phone]

Maude Marley: Now I can't.

[as Ebenita's hand gets to the phone]

Maude Marley: NO!

[voice becoming distorted]

Maude Marley: That line is dead, darling. Save us both time, Ebenita. I'm dead, I'm here, and I'm talking to you.

[Coming up to her, talking in normal voice]

Maude Marley: Now I'll cut to the chase, I actually need your help. To rest in peace. That's all anybody ever talks about in the afterlife. How they do things differently. The grass is forever greener, but when I was alive, I lived by one question only: What's in it for me? I'll admit I was a little self centered then, cared not a whit for the little people. That's why every year on the anniversary of my death, I have to roam the world and see the happiness I can never share unless...

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: Yes?

Maude Marley: Unless you listen to me and turn your little life around.

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: What's so little about my life? Business has never been better. I own three buildings, and a house with ten rooms...

Maude Marley: [Yells, and then talks in the distorted voice] And how many rooms in your heart and how long will your chain of grief be when you join our miserable band?

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: I don't have to do anything.

Maude Marley: [in normal voice] No, you don't. Not if you change. My fellow ghosts will show you how.

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: More ghosts?

Maude Marley: Yes, but tightly organized on the other side. Actually, you'd probably love it for a while. Tight schedules, time clocks, the works. However, the only problem is it never ends.

[circles her chair]

Maude Marley: It goes around, and around and around!

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: [Screams] Get away!

Maude Marley: Anyway, expect your first visitor when the clock strikes midnight. your second visitor at one and your third at the stroke of two. Regular as clockwork.

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: What is the point of all of this?

Maude Marley: Change, Ebenita, for your sake as well as mine.

[fading into her light state]

Maude Marley: Either get me out of this or join the crowd FOREVER!

[disappearing in a flash of light]

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: [looking around for a bit, then getting up out of her chair and gathering her shawl] Ghosts, you can have this place.

[running out of the room]

Ms. Ebenita Scrooge: I'm going to be someplace else!

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