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Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)AladarDinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Baylene, Eema, Url & AladarDinosaur (2000)Aladar helps EemaAladar, Kron & BrutonAladar & NeeraAladar, Neera and their friends confront a CarnotaurAladar, Neera & their lemur friendsCarnotaursCron & BrutonDinosaur (2000)Co-producer Baker BloodworthComposer James Newton HowardPress release photo of Patricia Arquette at the premiereDirectors Ralph Zondag (R) & Eric Leighton (L)Producer Pam MarsdenAdvance, 1 sheet movie posterQuad Movie Poster, 40Quad Movie Poster, 40Promo One SheetDinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur (2000)
1-48 of 141 photos


An orphaned dinosaur raised by lemurs joins an arduous trek to a sancturary after a meteorite shower destroys his family home.

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