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Episode #3.1
Features the sketches "Beardan High", "Boy in a Barn", "The Jew, The Italian and The Red Head Gay", "Blueberry Johnson", "Let's Move Out", "For Chelsea", "Just the 160,000 of Us", "In The Bathroom", and "Monkeys Do It".
Episode #3.2
Features the sketches "Tanner's Guide to Jane", "Prom Photos", "Sea Monkeys", "Hits from the 70's I", "Hits from the 70's II", "Kabuki Doug", "Toothbrush", "Lincoln Logs", "Staring Contest", and "The Popes-a Visit".
Episode #3.3
Features the sketches "Not a Talk Show", "Where's the Mousey?", "Tammy Wilkins: Notebook Artist", "The Restaurant Sketch", "Deathfight 5000", "Fan Names", "The Bearded Men of Space Station 11", "Origami", and "Louie & The Last Supper".
Episode #3.4
Features the sketches "David Wain Open", "Freaks", "Kill Tim", "The Andersons", "Festis, the Birthday Hobo", "The Animal Song", "Booger, Booger & Fartybutt", "The Funeral", "Asides", and "Panama".
Episode #3.5
Sketches include "Precinct Open", "Dan, the Very Popular Openly Gay High School Student", "Kerri's Day", "Dreamboy", "Precinct Link", "Polar Bears", "Betty's No Good Clothes Shop and Pancake House", "Ray Gun", "Doug IV", and "Froggy Jamboree".
Episode #3.6
Sketches include "Shower", "Planet Groovy", "Roughing It", "Barney McMacken", "Old Lighthouse Jeffers", "The Personal State", "Drugs", "Rug Brothers", and "Porcupine Racetrack".
Episode #4.1
Sketches include "Narcolepsy Today", "Race", "Howard Report", "H's & M's", "Slinky's", "Hot Dogs", "Tenement", "Cleaners", "Hallmark", and "Monkey's Do It II".
Episode #4.2
Sketches include "Hokey Pokey", "Bikini Thong", "Buddy's Home From Finals", "Normal Pervert", "Taco Man", "Jew II, pt. 1", "Senator Cavanaugh", "Jew II, pt. 2", "Sports Beat", "Alcoholism", and "Dead Montage".
Episode #4.3
Sketches include "Ghost Story", "Sal & Frankie", "SAT's, pt. 1", "Dysfunctional Family", "Prince's Reception", "Pottery Barn", "Tuxedo", "Li'l Brown Dog Food", "Die For Love", "SAT's, pt. 2", and "Laupin Variety Programme".
Episode #4.4
Sketches include "Hitchiker", "Terrorist Situation", "Leonard Harris Show", "Permanent School Record", "Free Market Economy", "Beach", "Fragments", "Billy's Play", "Coffee Family", and "Cannonball Run".
Episode #4.5
Sketches include "Great Moments", "Prison Break", "Sideways House Family", "Super Robby", "Mr. Flemming's Arrival", "Prom", "Inbred Brothers in the Army", "Borscht Boy", and "Walton's Theme".
Episode #4.6
Sketches include "Blinking Contest", "Dentist", "Sci-Fi Laboratory", "High Plains Magic Fairy", "Jerry's Audition", "Bacon", "Kiss My Grits", "Last Will & Testament", and "One Camper".
Episode #4.7
Sketches include "L.A. Open", "Dixon: Jedi Talent Agency", "Tough Choices", "Gas Station", "Gunter Brothers", "Desert Extras", "Real Estate Broker", "Adventures Of Young God", "Farewell", and "Hi-lite Reel".

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