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  • Jane is a drug addict who has just been diagnosed HIV-positive. Teenage boy Tony gets close to her and accepts her as a surrogate mother, but he's also terminally ill with AIDS.

  • After another OD, the junkie Jane finds that she is HIV-positive. When she leaves the hospital trying to raise money for a dose of heroin, she is followed by the fifteen year-old Tony, who protects her in difficult situations. The boy helps her to get free of her addiction, and she finds that he is alone without a family and terminal with AIDS. They get close to each other and form a firm bond.

  • Jane, an HIV-positive heroin addict, meets Tony, a young AIDS victim with no family, and the two form a bond.


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  • "Sweet Jane" opens when Jane, a drug-addicted stripper, is revived after a drug overdose. Indifferent after being told in the hospital that she is HIV-positive, Jane leaves to score another fix, but is followed out of the hospital by a troubled young boy, 15-year-old Tony, who believes she is an angel. Over the next few days, Jane can not seem to shake Tony as he follows her through her troubled life, and as the innocent and loving boy witnesses the depths to which Jane goes to earn money for drugs, Jane becomes ashamed and resolves to change her life. Tony helps care for Jane through withdrawal as she quits heroin, but the joy is short-lived as Jane discovers Tony has advanced-stage AIDS and no family except for a father in prison. Jane attempts to bring him back to the hospital, but Tony has spent years living there and desperately pleads that he would rather die with her. Jane uses money she has stolen from a store to make Tony comfortable in his last days, buying him clothes and putting him in a fancy hotel, and in a touching scene she takes his virginity so that he can experience making love to a woman before he dies. Tony's condition drastically worsens the next day, and Jane brings him on a rowboat to the middle of a beautiful lake and, to alleviate his pain in his final moments, gives him a fatal dose of heroin, euthanizing Tony but allowing him to die in his new "mother's" arms.

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