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Run-Of-The-Mill Slasher Sequel, But Pretty Entertaining.
Mr_Ectoplasma4 June 2007
"I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" follows Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who is still suffering from the memories of her friends' murders by a vengeful fisherman who she and her friends had accidentally hit with their car and disposed of his body, thinking him to be dead. Her college friend, Karla (Brandy Norwood) wins tickets to the Bahamas via a radio station contest, so she, Karla, Karla's boyfriend, Tyrell (Mekhi Phifer), and a friend Will, head off on vacation. Meanwhile, Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Julie's ex-boyfriend, has an encounter with the fisherman again, and heads to the island to save Julie. But soon enough, bodies begin to pile up on the mostly-deserted island (which is currently in it's storm season) all around Julie and her friends, and it seems the fisherman has returned.

I considered the original "I Know What You Did Last Summer" to be a fairly good slasher movie that evolved during the late '90s. It had a nice revenge-laced premise about teenagers who had to pay the consequences for their mistakes at the hands of a psychotic fisherman, and it was very well done in comparison with most slasher movies of that era. This sequel popped up only a year later, and while it may be very unoriginal, it's still entertaining. In terms of story, the idea was well put together, and the tropical, stormy Bahaman island was the perfect setting for this film to take place, and a nice change from the gloomy coastal town the previous film was set in. I knew a sequel was coming, after the first film succeeded well with audiences, it was nearly inevitable. The violence factor is much more gratuitous in this sequel, it's gore galore for this movie, which wasn't surprising. It seems that way for a lot of horror movie sequels.

Also, being no surprise, this film is almost beyond cliché-ridden. Typical horror set-ups, scares, and character stupidity is present throughout the course of the movie. It's unrealistic a lot of the time, and there are plot holes everywhere, so in that sense, it's a bit of a mess. But on the other hand, despite all of the unrealistic events, I have to admit that this is an extremely entertaining movie. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. reprise their role, and Brandy Norwood and Mekhi Phifer play her lively friends. Jennifer Esposito (whose career hadn't quite taken off yet) also plays a worker on the island who the gang teams up with when the fisherman begins to off the island's population. The acting was nothing more than average at best, but it was tolerable (nothing too bad, I have seen much worse). But besides, what can you expect from this type of flick? The film ends with one of those "gotcha!" jump scares quite similar to the ending of the original, and puts a close on this series (unless you count the 2006 direct-to-video sequel that follow this) on a rather silly but fitting note. The entire movie is a little far-fetched, but so what?

Overall, I'd advise anyone who is tired of your run-of-the-mill slasher movies to avoid "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" like the plague, because I can guarantee that they will be sorely disappointed. But for those who enjoy some cheap horror entertainment every once and awhile, this clichéd little slasher sequel is an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours, but don't expect to take any of it seriously. 6/10.
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Pretty much a run of the mill slasher stalks teen flick.
33Ford15 November 1998
The first "I Know What You Did..." film had a plot to go with the stalking and the suspense. The follow-up film has no story, just your standard slasher stalks and kills teens....as well as anybody else in the film.

However, that said, it still was fun to watch, although maybe a little too graphic for my taste in a couple of spots. Unlike many of the other posted comments, I found Brandy's performance to be very natural and entertaining and of course Love Hewitt is nice too look at too.

The Mekhi Phifer character was too much of a boor and I kept hoping he would get the "hook" sooner than later. The surprise twist at the end did catch me off guard although others have commented that they figured it out in advance.

The movie supposedly takes place on a Bahamian island. Having visited the Bahamas many, many times, the first view of the so-called Bahamas in the movie was a little bit of a shock since these previously perfectly flat islands had now grown mountains and hills along with rock formations jutting out of the ocean. And then when I saw the "Bahamian" resort I was further shocked to see that Mexican architecture had been exported to the Bahamas.

It seems the film makers should either have gone to the Bahamas or made the location in the film be Mexico, where it was actually filmed. Of course Mexico has no remote, lightly populated islands like the Bahamas does so I guess that wouldn't have suited the story. And the Bahamian government probably wouldn't let them film there due to the potential bad impact on tourism.

Despite these quibbles, the movie held my interest and had enough eye candy to keep me watching the screen. I would rate this movie about a 7.5 on a scale of 10.
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depressing what passes for a horror movie these days
Rusty-613 July 1999
Don't bother.Unless you are very easily entertained and have not seen any decent horror movies to compare this to. I would say the first one was OK, having seen it in the theater with a screaming audience made it more fun, but not in my list of top 20 horror movies. This sequel makes the first one look like a masterpiece. I figured out who the killer was about 15 minutes into the movie. The only slightly amusing part was Jeffrey Combs, who starred in the classic Re-Animator and many Stuart Gordon films. He is amusing but too good for crap like this! I Hope they at least paid him good money, the poor guy. Also, why did she flip out when she was locked in the tanning bed? The killer turns the heat up all the way...first of all, it isn't possible to turn it up enough to "cook" someone, especially in about 5 seconds. Oooooo, a tanning bed. I'm shaking in my shoes! No suspense, no nothing, and the ending was OK but made no logical sense. Of course there will be a third movie that will start out with her waking up from a bad dream that is the end of this one. Yeah, and I had a bad dream that I wasted 3 bucks an 90 minutes of my life watching this crud. No wait, that was real! Aaaaaaiiie!
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horribly bad
KoRnY24 November 1998
This movie was so bad, that it left you with this feeling that if there was another sequel, that you would prefer to pay them not to make one. Every death was predictable and the people you really want to die, live. The 1st movie was good because it had a plot. This one is just a follow up. And for those who think the Capitol of Brazil is Rio, this is your movie. It was rated R for (among other things) intense violence by the creators. Intense only if you're a snail. The movie was horrible to say the least and I'd give it zero if I could but I'll give it 1 to be fair, tho' I still want my money back.
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messy and contrived
Special-K8814 February 2002
Hewitt is in college and struggling to maintain her grades after the traumatic events that occurred the previous summer. She and her friends win an all-expenses-paid vacation to the Bahamas, but it quickly turns into a nightmare when the menacing fisherman returns with vengeance on his mind. The first film may not have been a classic, but surely it could have inspired a much better sequel; this poorly-conceived slasher film has a ridiculous setup, nonexistent plot, little suspense, and an abundance of false scares. Even worse is a multitude of one-note supporting characters, senseless violence, plus manipulative and obvious plot twists that build up to a predictable finale. With the exception of a talented cast, there isn't a single redeeming factor here. *½
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The_Dead_See29 May 1999
Ermmm, exsqueeze me? Baking powder? I would like to know exactly when and where the usually rock solid formula for producing a simple but entertaining slasher flick got lost? Or is it just that Danny Cannon can't seem to suss it out? "I know I know!... How about we have another scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt hears a spooky noise, wanders around the house in the dark, then opens a door to discover that there is no one there!... yeah, that's it! Then we can have a scene where Jennifer Love Hewitt hears a noise, wanders..."

If you are a fan of the old school slasher flicks such as Bodycount, Halloween, or the Friday the 13th's then you will be dissapointed with this films lack of entertaining grisly setpieces or inovation. If you are a fan of the hip new school of Kevin Williamson then again you will be dissapointed by the yawnsome pace of this.

Dire! 1 out of 10, try harder!
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So bad I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a rusty radiator
Yoth1 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I must say teen slashers used to have some appeal, but this film probably hit the lowest of the Hollywood lows. The only redeeming factor of the entire film was the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it, giving it some aesthetic appeal at least. But then the story gets under way and it's the most predictable thing EVER. The acting was horrendous, the plot pointless and the gore non-existent. In every one of these dumb slasher flicks there's a scene where the murderer is down for the count and can easily be taken advantage of, but for some reason unknown to man, the "good guys" don't seem to realise this. But "I Still Know what you did last summer" has possibly the worst one I have ever seen. What it lacks in gore it definitely makes up for in logic...oh wait no, they have NONE! Here's the situation, the murderer has fallen through a ceiling or something and he's unconscious. One of the girls has a great big fire axe in her hand. What would most sensible humans do? That's right, swing that axe lots and lots of times, making sure his head and body are separate entities, and why not his limbs as well. BUT NO! She doesn't do anything of the sort, instead she uses the axe to break into a greenhouse and then...THROWS IT AWAY. Clever girl! She may be dead but at least she got the moral high-ground.

N.B. If you're ever stuck in a slasher situation, KILL the murderer when you get chance, and use a bit of logic. Then again if that happened the film would last about 15 minutes, which would definitely have been a good thing.
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Very different, but very entertaining
Josh-1618 August 2001
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer surprised me. I could see from the trailer that this second movie would have a different feel to the original (the first being more of a psychological thriller), but still it caught me totally off-guard. I Still Know... took a brave step away from the feel of its predecessor, and dared to be different - which is most probably why so many people disliked it. The opening scene displays a similar amount of emotion and tension that was visible ten minutes into the first movie, but then, in Love Hewitt's own words, the movie "goes crazy". In a good way...

British-born Danny Cannon's directing is top-notch, and his build up of atmosphere and suspense throughout the movie is well-paced. His style and obvious knowledge of Horror movies (as with the original) is a great benefit, and there are quite a few 'jumps' that work well.

With Williamson unwilling to return to script a sequel, my main fear was that the script would be appalling if written by a newcomer. Thankfully, Trey Callaway's script is both inventive and witty, and matches Williamson's style almost seamlessly. Although the characters are not quite as well developed, we are given enough interesting and chilling set pieces to keep things at an entertaining level.

The setting of the deserted tropical island is an inspired idea, and the isolation of the central characters adds much-needed suspense. This smart move helps to bring a new sense of unease and isolation to the film. By now, the overall feeling of unease apparent in the first has dissipated, but the atmosphere of the island is overpowering and the suspense almost unbearable as Ben creeps ever closer to conquering Julie.

Another good point - as with the first I Know... - is that all the characters are genuine and likeable. While they are a little under-developed, what we do see of them helps the viewer to understand and like them. Between Karla's happy-go-lucky attitude, and bar-maid Nancy's dark sense of humor there is something quite special here. The acting is again of a high standard, and I was surprised at how well Brandy made the jump from TV comedy to full-fledged movie horror! Even supporting actors such as Matthew Settle (who played Will Benson) and Jennifer Esposito were extremely enjoyable, giving this movie a sense of realism that isn't all too apparent in many movies these days. The presence of Ben Willis is one that still sends chills down the spine, and Muse Watson's portrayal of a cold-blooded killer is unlike any other on-screen slasher in this day and age. Another welcome face (and one that spiced up the movie a little with his pompous hotel manager) is Jeffrey Combs, who is brilliant as the tight-lipped manager, and his death is a truly memorable and shocking moment (his subdued "Duh!" still cracks me up).

The only disappointing thing about I Still Know... is the final epilogue scene. While the final shock worked effectively in the first movie and gave a great final scare, here it is rather predictable. Although it is handled well, and Love's final scream is one that is chilling to the extreme, it simply leaves the movie feeling unfinished.

MY VERDICT: A worthy sequel that is given way too little credit for trying to be different. While it may not suit everybody's taste, the great performances from all the principle cast (in particular Love Hewitt, who it was great to see back!), an original setting and artistic directing set this one above most teen slashers, and is one that should not be viewed alone on a dark night.
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it was good, until the last five minutes
haywardd23 November 1998
Well the movie was good and it was all that i expected. The 2 things that i did not like. Brandy did not die and that there is going to be a part three. What are they going to call this one. i know what you did 3 summers ago. anyways i think that you should only go see this movie before 6 because i would not pay the full price. well that is just my thought.
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no more sequels, please
Lee Eisenberg1 December 2006
Every time that there's a cool new movie, they just have to make a sequel. "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" pretty much repeats everything from the original, minus and plus some cast members. I just hope that they don't make another "know what you did" movie. Not only is there nothing that they can add to the concept, the title is inaccurate: it should be "two summers ago".

So, stick with the original and you won't be disappointed. At least "Scary Movie" spoofed these sorts of movies. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy Norwood, Freddy Prinze Jr., Muse Watson, Mekhi Phifer and Jeffrey Combs.
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Completely destroys the original...
RicCarr17 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Not very often are horror films so successful as to spawn a direct sequel starring the same high-profile cast as in it's predecessor (with the notable exception of Sarah Michelle Gellar), but "I Know What You Did Last Summer" was on it's time very popular as to become a franchise spanning two sequels, this being the most direct one.

The film takes place one year after the events in the original, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt)is now in college and has completely restored her life after the living hell she went through the last year being stalked and almost killed by a vengeful, murderous fisherman named Ben Willis (Muse Watson), whom was run over and left for dead by Julie and her friends.

Julie and her best friend Karla (Brandy) decide it's time for Julie to start dating and erase her painful memories, to do so, they enter a radio contest and turn out winners of a trip to the Bahamas.

Julie's former boyfriend Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is attacked by the murderous fisherman and acknowledges Julie's danger, in order to protect her he escapes the hospital and embarks himself to the Bahamas.

When at it's best, "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" manages to pull off some scary scenes, but the problem lies in the clichés and the predictability of such scenes, and besides Julie and Ray's character, the other ones are forgettable at best (including Jack Black who appears as the "funny" dread-locked pothead and whom inevitably gets killed in a horrendous way) you can't help but to think the numerous other ways you would have acted if you were in the same situation (for example, an incident involving Julie being trapped inside a tanning bed and not one of the four people in the room thought of unplugging or turning off the machine, instead they break the expensive machine).

The movie relies more in the gore than in the creativity of the scares, expect a lot of "mirror scenes" and the typical "the killer walks but manages to catch the teenagers who are running", besides a plot twist gets discovered in the end which not only isn't helpful, but manages to destroy the already damaged storyline.

In the end "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" is nothing more than your typical teenage slasher film, which despite stellar performances by Love Hewitt and Prinze Jr. and somewhat noticeable production values, never manages to impress or scare the audience.

4 out of 10.
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Good Looking Guff
TJiggy7 July 2010
Like its predecessor, 'I Still Know...' falls flat when the funny, obnoxious character (played by Mekhi Phifer in this case) isn't on screen. Between the young actors and the tropical setting, it's a good looking picture, but there ain't too much more to rave about. I do like watching the film though, for the nostalgia if nothing else.

I was going to close with a question about the silliness and plot-holes of Julie James' (Jennifer Love Hewitt) visions/disillusions, but then I realised that it didn't matter (at the end of the day, it's a trashy slasher that you either go along with or you don't). Instead, I will query the only thing more troubling in the film: what is up with Jack Black's dreadlocks?
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7-round revolver?
tbyte15 November 1998
Is it me or did Jennifer Love Hewitt fire 7 or 8 rounds out of a 6-round revolver?

As for the rest of the movie, it was a pathetic, cheesy attempt at providing an already poor film with a sequel!

Comedy? Horror? Suspense? Plot!?!!?!!? are you nuts!?!?

They spent more money on fake blood than they spent on the script!

and Jennifer, please... GET NAKED! Now... it has to happen b4 I see some pic on the net...
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Did I just watch Jaws The Revenge? but with a serial killer instead of a shark?
movieman89-213 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the first movie, I wasn't a fan. Years later I brought the DVD out of my attic because I was thinking I might give it another watch because my opinion would change. After watching it again, it did. I really appreciated it more and really enjoyed it.

I looked at comments of this up on here and they didn't look convincing. One of my friends bought me the Blu ray of this for Christmas and I thought 'see what I think, this could be good' Just watched it last night, oh dear, is all I can say.

To be honest, it was nice to see Jennifer Love Hewitt again. But I thought she died in the first film? Oh no wait, it was a dream. So I thought 'OK fair enough' The character connections were OK but I felt more for Jennifer Love Hewitt. The acting was OK I suppose but nothing Oscar worthy.

The story was very weak and very predictable. The main character's friend wins a competition to the Bahamas so she invites Jennifer Hewitt along with two other friends. So now you immediately know, the killer is at large and is going to follow them there. Now this familiar. Where did I see this before? Oh yeah, Jaws The Revenge. You clearly know the writers have watched that before hand and thought it would work for this. Well trust me, it doesn't. When they enter the island, it happens to be stormy season and they are the only ones left on the entire island. Are you joking? was this idea stolen from The Shining? (which is my all time favorite film in the world).

The filming was fine and the cinematography was fine, I'll be honest.

Now the twist is the main downfall of this film. You find that the killer has an accomplice. Who is it? its one of the main character's friend's, who just happens to be his son. Wow that also sounds like Scream. The killer then takes off his hat ans speaks for the first time. To be honest, he should of stayed muted because his acting was laughable. This was the time I put my hand on face in disbelief.

The end, its all happily ever after, or is it? Yes folks an opening for another sequel.

Please do not bother with this movie, its atrocious. But if your looking for a good time with friends and feel like taking the mick out of a film, watch this. I Know What You Did Last Summer fans, if you watched the first one and not this one, please stick to the first one. Don't bother wasting your money, time and effort.
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Things I was thinking when I saw this film ...
Keyser-1511 November 1998
1) For all the pop culture references these characters make, haven't they seen Scream?

2) At this rate Jennifer Love Hewitt will go through the entirety of the next sequel topless.

3) Not that I'm complaining ...

4) Yes, you heard me right, the NEXT sequel.

5) Tip to all the horror moviegoers: pick out the non-stereotypical characters. THESE are the ones that will live throughout the movie.

6) Why in the world did Long John Silver kill ... oh, I don't know ... the first ten or so people he offed?

7) The supposed huge plot twist was about as obvious as the fact that this movie is a poor, poor attempt to duplicate Scream.

8) How the HELL did Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brandy get into the supposed great college they are enrolled in? That is, when they're not skipping out to go to exotic tropical island locales.

9) Does everyone ever believe a character in a horror movie who warns them of danger?

10) How many times did Hewitt walk alone through an apartment/hotel room looking for someone she couldn't possibly have stopped if she had found them?

11) Did Mekhi Peiffer have one line where he didn't sound like he was thinking with his groin?

12) This movie will go toe to toe with Meet Joe Black for the top spot at the box office this weekend.

13) People who like this kind of movie make me seriously reconsider universal suffrage.

14) As many times as I correctly predicted what would happen half an hour before it did, I was looking for myself to be listed as director.

15) Then I remembered a three year old could have predicted the plot.

16) I'm damn glad I didn't pay to see this load of crap...

17) ... cause it is officially the single worst movie I've ever seen.

18) I spent more time writing this review than the screenwriter did writing the story.

19) I'll give it a 2 out of 10 ...

20) ... I'm being generous (if only Hewitt would shut the hell up and just get naked).
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I Still Don't Know Why They Wrote A Sequel
Sycada8 December 1998
I went to this film not expecting much.. and that's what I got.. this "cash-in" of a sequel doesn't do the first one justice.. the plot is so bad, and the ending is worse... The film wouldn't have been SO bad if they cut the ending off, I mean, it would have been bad.. but not THAT bad. Trust me.. (the entire cinema groaned when they saw it!!) if you've seen the first film you've seen the end of this one. It's more of an inferior remake than a sequel, it copies from scream 1 & 2 a lot, and the first film. I really enjoyed the first film, I HATED this one... Only see it for a joke.. don't expect a good sequel..
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No good
Bishop6929 November 1998
This movie is just an example of how desperate movie makers are getting. The first was decent but this second one just makes you want to laugh. It just shows how dumb people in horror movies are and it mocks Jennifer Love Hewitt's acting ability because she can do much better than a no brian body that runs around and gets very lucky in the end. The biggest reason people would see this is for Jennifer Love Hewitt's body. I'm not saying that that is bad but it should at least have a plot. I suggest not to see this movie unless you are bored and even then, wait for it to come out on video.
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Brainless, hapless, hopeless...
Levster23 November 1998
I think this movie is really fake. Blood does not spurt, people! And every slash of the hook does not connect with a major artery, for the love of god! Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot though, so it makes up for any other inadequacies. I give her, I mean, I give the movie a 4. However, she gets a 10 hands down :)
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lame, predictable, and worst than the first!
mst3k22 November 1998
I Still Know was the worst movie I've seen in a long time. It was filled with bad one liners and people going where they should't. It was so predictable the sceaming from the people who thought it was scary was the only thing that kept me awake. The charactors were laughably predictable and the script sounds like Scream, Friday the 13th, and all those others jumbled together and tossed in the recycleables. And anyone knows the capital of Brazil is NOT Rio! Worst then the predictable murder scenes was a sub-plot about a guy using voodoo to protect them ? It's the kind of movie that will either shock or bore you to death!(most likely bore). I guess you could say it's the kind of movie that would work well as a date movie (ya know, to have your date jump into your arms as the killer pops out.) The only good thing about I Still Know... was the free smoothie I got afterwords.
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Well... that was crap
NoCode6 July 1999
I recently saw this on VHS (I am quite thankful I didn't spend the cash to go and see it at the theater) and frankly, I was wholely unimpressed.

I was a fan of the first film, and I enjoyed both Scream and Scream 2, but this film... oh dear. Crap, predictable storyline that made almost entirely no sense, filled with ridiculously dull cliches. For some reason, the writer saw it fit to replace the usual suspense of a good slasher film with gore instead. Don't get me wrong, gore does have its place, and that is basically where it is incorporated into suspenseful moments. Those moments in this film were few.

The only point of interest was Jennifer Love Hewitt, who once again looked good. Her performance was... well, passable I suppose, I didn't object too much. However, replacing Sarah Michelle Gellar with Brandy was a big step backwards.

Oh, and as for the end scene... a little suspense, but hard to credit. By this stage I was rolling my eyes and waiting for it to end.

So, if you like films with very little suspense, a bit of gore, one twist that you could guess from the outset anyway, ridiculous nonsense storyline and fairly lame acting, watch this, you will love it. Of course, if you prefer good films, watch something else instead. A Scream, this is not.
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Life is too short for movies like this
Jintro-37 May 1999
I've been robbed of 100 mins of my life, and I want them back.

I no longer care what happened the other summer, I really didn't care much when I saw the first installment, but this made sure I will never subject my self to this kind of hell again.
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Worst ever movie
Tonkov25 February 1999
Yes, I have seen this movie. Unfortunately. It's probably the worst ever movie and the most predictable directing from Danny Cannon. It's a bit funny how visible Jeniffer Love Hewitt's bosom becomes during the movie and how wet and open her shirt is at the end. It must be hard to find a movie that's more loaded with clichés and the ending is as predictable as the rest. Don't ever pay for watching such crap.
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Works fine
Petri Pelkonen28 September 1999
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is good and very entertaining horror movie, but maybe not quite as good as part one.It works just fine as a sequel.In part one these four teens hit a fisherman with a car but the fisherman doesn't die and starts having his revenge for them.In part two the fisherman is back.In part two these four teens win a trip to Bahamas.And the fisherman, of course, is there too with his hook hand.And he kills everybody that is on his way.Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Julie James as she did also in the first part.Freddie Prinze Jr. is playing Ray Bronson like he did also in part one.But in this

one are two characters that weren't in the first part.Brandy Norwood is playing Julie's friend Karla Wilson and Mekhi Phifer plays Karla's boyfriend Tyrell Martin.So you can't see Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Philippe in this, because they got killed in part one.And Muse Watson is playing the hook hand fisherman Ben Willis.This film is fun to watch.I've heard there's going to be part 3.Can't wait to see that.
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Surprise! It's the customary sequel
mjw230514 January 2007
After her friends were murdered last summer, Julie James (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) has never been the same, still haunted by the guilt over her part in the killing of the fisherman her grades are dropping and her relationship is seriously strained. When she and her best friend win a trip to the Bahamas, she believes that finally things may be picking up; but the trip doesn't quite work out how they expected.

Its pretty much more of the same, but it's cheesier, weaker and more clichéd than the first. Don't get me wrong i still found some enjoyment in watching it, but classic material it is not! Anyone who loved the first film, will at least enjoy this one, but it is definitely inferior in every respect.

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This was an absolutely awful,terrible,stupid,idiotic film!!
Fred-1462 March 1999
I'm looking at all of the positive comments made for "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" and I have one question: Where are your brains? This movie was absolutely horrendous, an insult to the intelligence, without any wit, logic, or reason for being.

Let's start with all the holes in the plot: How did Ben Willis know where Julie's boyfriend (Freddie Prinze Jr.) was going to be driving? Why did Ben Willis pay so much money to drag Julie and company all the way to the Bahamas only to kill everyone else there, and especially if he had access to kill Julie the whole time she was at school? Are there really exact days that resorts in the Bahamas have a hurricane season? How could the filmmakers believe that audiences are so witless as to not know that the capital of Brazil is NOT Rio de Janeiro? If Ben had access to Julie's room the WHOLE time, why didn't he just kill her? Why did that voodoo guy return to the hotel after we saw him start to escape off the island? Why didn't Julie ax Ben Willis when he was trying to break through the door? And what is with that pathetic ending?

Oh, there are so many questions I had about this movie and to no avail. After awhile, I realized that I was putting more thought to the film than the makers did! The filmmakers were so bankrupt of imagination that I guess they had to settle for just killing everyone off that wasn't essential to the story (a la Friday the 13th). This movie has no reason for being, only to pocket the money of those unfortunate enough to sit through this mess. If the movie was a bore to sit through, the ending was infuriating. It totally demonstated that the filmmakers have absolutely no regard for the audience and Jennifer Love's character all along. Nothing is worse than the old is a dream sequence or not? routine. The "surprise" in the film was only a surprise for people who lack the intelligence of putting a 10 piece jigsaw puzzle together.
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