I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) Poster

Plot Keywords

fisherman bahamas
roommate hook
vacation revenge
storm murder
resort error in title
punched in the stomach punched in the face
kicked in the stomach man punching a woman
axe falling through a rooftop window
stabbed in the throat knife
arm sling writing in blood
stabbed in the head hotel manager
gym reference to freddy krueger
reference to jason voorhees pistol
pawnshop stabbed in the hand
stabbed in the chest corpse
hanged man jacuzzi
stabbed in the back maid
jumping on a bed marijuana joint
title appears in writing bartender
hospital reference to richard nixon
stabbed to death seasickness
drug dealer falling down a hill
lens flare mannequin
stabbed through the chin singing in a car
engagement ring strobe light
boyfriend girlfriend relationship nightclub
character repeating someone else's dialogue nightmare
dream sequence confessional
church vomit
critically bashed hiding under a bed
villain not really dead cliche shot to death
shot in the chest filicide
year 1988 sleeping in class
characters killed one by one lifting someone into the air
blood on face man in swimsuit
bare chested male second part
second in trilogy season in title
part of trilogy stupid victim
sequel to cult favorite no ending
marijuana hook for hand
serial killer swimming pool
blood spatter sequel
cemetery post traumatic stress
helicopter paranoia
slasher dark and stormy night
father son relationship stranded on an island
voodoo tanning bed
college student double impalement
karaoke reference to bob marley
white male pretending to be black hotel
goof in title fourth of july
hook through hand surprise ending

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