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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Just as Karla and Julie enter the room where the tanning bed is, Karla says, "Come on Julie it's better than a day at the beach girl," yet her mouth does not move until the next shot.
After Julia explains about what happened two summers ago and that she didn't want to drag anybody else into it. Karla mouths, "It's too late for that now," but all we actually hear is, "It's too late for that..."
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Character error 

Will and Tyrell resort to smashing the tanning bed open to let Julie escape, but surely they would simply have to unplug the machine instead.
Rio de Janeiro is not the capital of Brazil, as they say in the movie. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia.


A Colt revolver like the one Julie uses to shoot Ben Willis only holds six shots. Julie fires eight times and it misfires once, when Ray tries to shoot Ben Willis, making it hold nine bullets.
After Ray's "accident" he walks down the street with his left arm in a sling. In the next scene and from then on it's his right arm that is in a sling.
When at the club Julie is shown holding a stick with two cherries on it. Then when they return back to her to ask her to dance there are three.

Errors in geography 

Hills and rock formations reveal true filming location (Mexico), not the Bahamas.
There are significant amounts of Spanish architecture, which is not indigenous to the Bahamas.

Factual errors 

The title itself is a goof. We are a year later, so it should be: I Still Know What You Did the Summer Before Last.
A revolver used at the end of the movie holds 6 shots. If 1 was a dud, there should have been only 5 shots left available at most.
When Willis pulls out his hook to kill someone, it makes the stereotypical sound of metal against metal. However, the hook would need to be sheathed to make such a sound; furthermore, a curved hook is unable to be sheathed to make such a sound.
When Karla falls through the glass roof, her back should be all lacerated.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the film, Karla Wilson wins a radio contest after answering "Rio de Janeiro" to the question "What is the capital of Brazil?" The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, not Rio de Janeiro. But this is explained later in the film.

Plot holes 

When the gang is on the dock, Tyrell says there's only one person unaccounted for - Estes. However, by this point, there are two people unaccounted for - Estes and Nancy.
As Julie and her group arrive, the hotel grounds are brimming with other guests. However, when they check in and encounter the hotel manager seconds later, the hotel is totally deserted. Apart from the fact that all other hotel guests seem to have vanished in an instance, it also is highly implausible that even during 'off season' there wouldn't be at least a few guests left.

Revealing mistakes 

When Titus appears from underwater and scares Karla and Tyrell he lights up a joint which should be wet and then puts it in the water again when he swims away.
Julie keeps her eyes open for at least three minutes in the tanning bed, which can cause severe sight problems almost immediately.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Ben accidentally stabs Will, blood is all over his mouth. But in the very next shot showing Will, his mouth is clean and blood is just starting to come out.

Factual errors 

When Ray is in hospital and his ECG flat-lines everyone panics thinking that he's dying when in fact he's unhooked himself and jumped out the window. ECG monitors have a warning message on the screen similar to "Leads Off" to indicate that the leads are not longer on the patient avoiding panic like it caused in the film.

Revealing mistakes 

After Ben Willis is shot and lands dead in the grave, his eyelids flicker as the raindrops hit his face.

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