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Hokey plot, but a few twists and turns...

Author: Gislef from Iowa City, IA
27 July 1999

Actually, by soft-porn standards, this ain't a bad movie. It has a vaguely supernatural element, although it's all implied rather than shown. The twist of the detective being the person being sought in the ritual is nicely done. Basically, though, it's an excuse to have the star get into bed with lots of women. He has a girlfriend (as is graphically demonstrated, natch), but that doesn't stop him from hopping into bed with two other women, not to mention being drugged and used as a stud by a cult of women-witch types. The acting is amateurish, making it kind of enjoyable in a cheesey sort of way.

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Can be watched with sound up!

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
25 November 2004

This is one of those ridiculous softcore sex movies they always show late at night on Cinemax (aka Skinemax), but it's one you can actually watch with the sound up. It seems to have an actual plot, albeit one that develops at the speed of molasses since they have to throw in a ten minute, slow-mo, softcore sex scene every five minutes or so. A detective is looking for a runaway girl, only to discover she is going to be the virgin sacrifice of a coven of witches. (Kind of reminds you of a REAL horror movie, huh?) The cast includes Jacqueline Lovell, who is unique among softcore sex performers in that she can actually act a little, and Kira Reed who is also unique in that she seems to relatively silicone free (there's still PLENTY of bad acting and silicone here though). The male lead is OK too, unconvincing as a detective perhaps, but at least he's not one of the grimacing idiots who are usually in these kind of things.

This movie was made at an interesting time. Softcore filmmakers seemed to realize that the dateless wonders that were, uh, entertaining themselves with this garbage didn't need a 90-minute movie for that purpose. They seemed to briefly toy with the old-fashioned idea of having a movie that actually had some appeal beyond the sex before going the other way and creating the 30-minute segment "erotic" series that they're probably still churning out for Cinemax today. That doesn't mean I would recommend this to anyone who is not primarily interested in seeing Lovell, Reed, et. al. naked and pretending to have incredibly wild sex, but this one of the less painful ways to do it.

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Sexy dark entertainment.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
22 December 2006

Believe it or not, "Damien's Seed" has a decent plot and very good production values. The cinematography and art direction surely has it's B-movie feeling but looks somehow better than most of soft core sex flicks.

Seriously, the plot is somehow dark and sexy. The ritual scenes are very well done and could be major turn ons. The sex scenes are excellent and feature mostly lesbian sex.

You can't go wrong when you have in a sex movie the amazing, beautiful, sexy Jacqueline Lovell, the GREAT, queen Shauna O'Brien, and the always ho Kira Reed.

I highly recommend this movie for those who are looking for sexy entertainment and a dark plot. This is the perfect mix of sex with erotic horror story.

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This movie made me a fan of Jaqueline Lovell

Author: zambonilord
9 July 2013

Damien's Seed. I saw this movie before I knew what the title was. This is Soft-core at it's finest. The plot is a basic woman disappears in a sleepy town and a Private Eye is hired by another woman to find her.

Thankfully the movie doesn't pretend to be anything more than soft-core porn. So the plot is light and fluffy and the sex scenes and nudity are diverse and plentiful. Yet at the same time, the sex scenes all feel like they fit.

There's a hint of pseudo-occult but I won't ruin it for you. If you are looking for a little more story with your porn then I would recommend you look no further than this one. As Shauna O'Brian and Jaqueline Lovell have plenty of steamy scenes to keep most thrill seekers happy

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I was expecting more, maybe I shouldn't have.....C

Author: Smooth B from Somewhere In Illinois
12 May 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Damien's Seed" was anything but top-notch softcore. It had its moments, but overall it was not a great movie.

It starts off with a private investigator being sent out on a wild goose chase (well, he doesn't know that at first) to find a woman's missing sister. The trail leads him to a small town. On the way there, he meets a hitchhiker and they end up having sex, of course. The hitchhiker ends up being his assistant as they put together clues to try and solve the "crime."

In comes the femme fatale of the movie--Shauna O'Brien. It's not the first time she's played this sort of character in a film before ("Innocence Betrayed" being one of them) She's a mysterious woman with an overbearing brother.

---Spoilers coming!---

Later on in the movie, it's revealed that Shauna's character is part of a cult of women who worship the deity named Damien. It's obvious Damien is an evil person by the way they talk about him. Anyway, the P.I. finds out that he is the true son of Damien, after his mother took off with him FROM THE SAME TOWN when he was a baby. Imagine that! See the gaping holes in logic here?

---Done with spoilers.--

In short, this flick started out good but fizzled at the end with the revelation of the P.I.'s true identity.

Sex: B+ Women: B- Story: C- Overall: C

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Author: bazdol from THE MIDWEST
12 May 2002

A soft core epic is not and, in fact, is not too bad. It does have a silly plot involving the Daughters of Darkness which does gives us a chance to see semi nude girls dancing around a fire. Jacqueline Lovell is always a delight and I'm sorry she has retired.

However, Shauna O'Brien's malformed breasts are a turn off for me

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A precursor to softcore's addiction to the occult.

Author: BlackJack_B
6 April 2003

Any movie that promises to have Kira Reed in the cast is enough for a watch; even though I have to sit through "unpretty" individuals cast in this film. She has a small part in this film about a P.I. who's searching for a woman that was kidnapped by alleged devil worshippers. Of course, like all softies, we can expect the same stuff that we've seen in others, but this one of the first to go to the darkside. Later in the 90's and 00's they'd mix this stuff up constantly.

The P.I. (Matthew Sullivan) is handsome enough, but I couldn't stop staring at that ugly mole and his dimples. Shauna O'Brien shows off one of the reasons I abhor breast implants. Still, Kira Reed and the others are enough of a reason to watch this film if it's ever on one of those Sex T.V. channels.

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Damien's Seed

Author: Tim Cox from Marietta, OH
10 August 1999

If you were expecting another "Omen," picture, you'll be I was. Mostly cheeseball plot surrounding a detective who, while looking for a missing girl, discovers and investigates devil worshippers. Soft core porn stuff with not even a hint of mystery or suspense.

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