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Reasonably entertaining B-movie.

Author: Noel (Teknofobe70) from Bromsgrove, England
1 May 2005

A monster movie, but with little people. The front cover pretty much sums it up ... dwarf versions of the classic Universal horror monsters groping a half-naked busty young woman (who, incidentally, doesn't appear in the movie). Tasteless? Well, that goes without saying ...

Considering it's short overall length and it's fun tongue-in-cheek approach, this movie does take quite a while to get going. In the story, a nervous mad scientist is stealing first editions of various great horror books, in order to bring the archetypes to life with an ingenious machine. He wants to bring back Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Werewolf and the Mummy, and so needs to get first editions of the definitive books on these monsters. He succeeds, but something goes wrong during the creation and they end up around four feet tall. Ha! Anyway, a librarian and a wannabe detective become mixed up in this plot, and decide they must foil his plans.

For a low-budget B-movie, the acting isn't that bad here. Most of the cast appear to be very competent comedic actors, and that of course helps to make the whole thing more enjoyable. As for the monsters, a couple of them appear to have been cast right off the street which works okay because there's only one speaking role -- Dracula. Dracula is played by Phil Fondacaro, who like Warwick Davis got his start playing one of the ewoks in "Return of the Jedi", and since then you might have recognised him in films like "Willow" and "Meridian". He plays the part very well, acting it completely straight and letting the other comedians play off against him.

"The Creeps" was put out by Full Moon Pictures, a horror studio that makes puts out these great little trashy low-budget B-movies (check out their website). It was originally released in 3D, which explains some of the rather odd camera angles. The production values are actually very good -- the monster makeup for the most part looks really great, and in fact for genre fans that alone almost makes this movie worth watching. And in keeping with the Laws Of The B Movie, there is of course one brief scene of nudity.

It's silly and campy and a bit lame, but if you enjoy a good bit of light-hearted B-movie trash then this really isn't that bad at all. And yes, it is a bit creepy.

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Bizarre, low budget fun

Author: kulaboy ( from United States
23 August 1999

The Creeps is a perfect low budget film. The whole picture looks like it was made for less than $200. But lacking in set and money, the crew seems to have a fun time. A lot of fun is poked at the library system, notably in a feminist having sex with a first edition book of "Jane Eyre." The midgets are the stars of this. When an experiment bringing literary characters to life goes wrong, the real fun kicks in. The lead star as Dracula gives a great performance. The acting seems a bit off once in a while, but if you like a B-movie that doesn't take itself seriously and could make you laugh, tune in to "The Creeps" at your nearest specialist video shop!

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Politically incorrect gem

Author: J-Russell from Midwest, USA
3 September 2001

One of the best of the low budget Horror genre, this film proves that making good movies has to do with good acting and direction, NOT money. It's actually a spoof of horror movies, combining Dracula, Frankenstein, and other classic monster characters into one story, and portraying them all (rather unfashionably) with midgets.

The story centers around an ancient mystical book, the librarian who is in charge of protecting it, and the goofy scientist who wants to steal it in order to bring evil into the world. There are lots of fun scenes and lines in the movie, a testimony to the good writing.

In one of the more amusing sequences, the librarian's pushy, blonde, amazonian boss gets her just desserts and is mistakenly kidnapped by the midgets. It's a delicious blend of comedy and horror as the big, mean woman is tied to an altar, stripped naked and, finally, offered up as a human sacrifice by the little fiends.

Will the librarian and her boyfriend meet a similar death at the hands of the tiny monsters? You should really rent the movie and find out! I recommend it.

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textbook b-grade

Author: jaywolfenstien from USA
4 July 2003

If while flipping through the channels and you spend more than 15 seconds identifying the quality of this film, you have a serious problem. A mad scientist summons four midget monsters and must sacrifice a young, naked, virgin, female librarian to take over the - oh, you get the idea.

As textbook b-comedy (with a hint of horror) as you get. This is one of those films with such a low budget that the viewer has no sense of geometry in any scene; you know, where everything takes place in the same room but you really have no idea where camera angle A is in the room in relationship to angle B. Neither the script nor the actors nor the director nor the composer take what they're doing seriously. It's *very* obvious, trust me.

I could go through a list what's bad about the film (both unintentional and intentional), but I don't see any point. Fans of crappy films will have fun with this, but anyone taking anything seriously won't. As for me, it was late, I was tired, and I watched Feardotcom . . . then it was *really* late, I was *really* tired, and I fell asleep during The Creeps.

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A Howler

Author: Carl Dante from Los Angeles
2 April 2001

Perfect camp. Phil Fondacaro is the best little Dracula I've ever seen; the script never takes itself seriously and even the musical score is perfect cheese. If you live outside the United States, you won't "get" this film at all- if you're American, you'll chuckle with understanding from front to back. The writer, director and composer knew exactly what they were doing here. It's too bad they only had a couple of bucks to do it with, but if you put that aside, this flick is a howler.

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It works better in the original widescreen 3-D!

Author: Stereo3dguy from Las Vegas
9 January 2004

THE CREEPS was shot in widescreen and 3-D but released most widely on video, where it is presented flat and panned and scanned. It has been shown in 3-D in a few theatres, mostly during 3-D festivals.

Director Charles Band also directed two earlier 3-D films, PARASITE (1982) and METALSTORM (1983).

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THE CREEPS...a small accomplishment!

Author: goryverbinski from United States
6 September 2013

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Dracula, Frankenstien, Mummy, and the Wolfman were reduced to half? That is to say, little people. Well, neither did I until I came across the Creeps online. Anyway, the answer is "not much." Seriously, nothing relevant happens in this movie. the miniature horror icons just sort of wander around for 70 minutes as the script (that was probably written on a cocktail napkin) just seems to rely on the same one note joke that is "they're small". Never the less, This movie is a riot, and while it doesn't offer much by way of gore, it is still one hell of a little (no pun intended, cough cough)B movie. The whole thing plays out like the ugly cousin to a bad seasonal, made-for-TV, Disney movie. That being said, there is some nudity, but thats about it. Also, Phil Fondacaro (Ghoulies 2, Bordello of Blood) is Excellent as Dracula. I say check it out.

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Clummsy but good

Author: lordzedd-3 from United States
19 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The idea of bringing to life creatures of literature into a world where they are mere stories works, also making them a mere fraction of the original height also works. I wish we saw more of them in the movie, that it wasn't close to forty five minutes into the story before they make an appearance. The acting was quite good, but it felt like it was rushed. You know what I mean, thrown together quickly. The cast does a great job and Ronda Griffin, do more movies, we miss you. But still another classic from FULL MOON. God rest the company's soul. I recommend this movie for any fans of the characters in this movie, Dracula, THE WEREWOLF, THE MUMMY and of course FRANKENSTEIN. I give it 8 STARS.

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Definitely Not Full Moon's Worst

Author: gavin6942 from United States
11 August 2016

A mad scientist brings Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein's Monster to life... but there is a problem and they end up only three feet tall.

Steve Miller heavily criticized the film in his book 150 Movies You Should Die Before You See, as he felt that the film was homophobic and made fun of people with dwarfism. I could maybe allow the homophobic bit, but I am less inclined to agree about the dwarfism. One, the film is no more degrading to dwarfs than any other film that uses such actors. And two, Full Moon has long been (and continues to be) an employer of Phil Fondacaro. I don't typically defend Full Moon, but at least they're treating him right.

As for the merits of the film itself... well, it is sort of a funny idea, and i love that Guy Endore gets some love. But, yeah, not great. Better than most Full Moon, but that's not saying much.

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The poor little devotees of goreporn get their noses tweaked again!

Author: Matt matt from United States
21 March 2013

If you've watched a few Full Moon videos, you've seen much of the mad scientist set used elsewhere, and that Corman philosophy of film making pretty much defines, yet doesn't limit, this comedic gem. You've read the plot, so I won't repeat it. Watch this shiny little trinket for the over-the-top dialog, inventive character acting, and the topsy-turvy nonsense of tiny Universal monsters. Rhonda Griffin portrays an earnest goof and a bit of a ditz with great comic timing, Kristin Norton shines as a socially incompetent amazon lesbian, and Bill Moynihan creates a wonderfully nerdy and inept mad scientist. Watching his character stutter his way through over-intellectualized justifications of his misspent education is a joy to behold. The 'monsters' are silly in the extreme, except for Phil Fondacaro's Dracula, which is played mercifully straight. Crank up the popcorn maker, light a medical fire, and have a laugh. It's good for you!

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