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Season 4

29 Oct. 2006
The Queen of Sheba
Frail and poorly Nanna is now permanently in bed in the Royles' sitting room,causing Jim to sulk when she swaps the battery from the remote for her fan. Antony has split from Emma but brings their little boy Lewis to visit whilst little David tries out his judo moves. Cheryl brings a succession of boyfriends to visit,the nervous Derek,whose ginger hair reminds Nanna of 'Annie',paint-balling Slash and a rabbi called Solomon. Denise gives birth to a daughter,named Norma after Nanna,which delights the old lady but,just as Barbara is looking forward to having her floors ...
25 Dec. 2008
The New Sofa
It's Christmas time again for Jim & Barbara and there's baiting aplenty in their over-decorated living room. Daughter Denise and husband Dave arrive on Christmas Eve with aspirations for Christmas morning whilst Twiggy marches in full of festive spirit.
25 Dec. 2009
The Golden Egg Cup
Jim and Barbara have received the gift of money from their children - but what to do with it? Barbara wants to finally go abroad, while Jim favours buying an HD satellite box.
25 Dec. 2010
Joe's Crackers
Another Christmas at the Royles sees Jim incapacitated after an accident at the supermarket and needing to be carried to his chair. Mary has died so Joe and Cheryl bring her ashes in to the house in an urn which is placed next to Nanna's (but unfortunately end up in Barbara's Hoover.) After singing'#Bat Out of Hell' Joe recalls a bizarre naked wrestling match with Bobby Carter whilst Cheryl tells of a romantic encounter in the supermarket car park. Antony is now a successful businessman,whose presents put the Bests' gift to the Royles,a fridge magnet,to shame. He has ...
25 Dec. 2012
Barbara's Old Ring
Christmas is coming but Barbara is not happy. Not only has she lost her wedding ring but Jim has won on a scratch card she found down the back of the sofa whilst looking for the ring and has kept quiet about his hundred pounds winnings. Nor is he especially sympathetic about Dave's impotency problem, though the entire Royle family unite to help recently widowed Joe from next door enjoy a restaurant-style evening in their house with the equally scatty Philomena, whom he has met through a want ad. On Christmas Day Barbara lashes out at Jim for his laziness and juvenile ...

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