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Rolling Stone
Sensational, sicko fun -- you won't believe your eyes -- and just the thing to shake up the creeping conservatism that is draining the vulgar life out of pop culture.
In the person of Cameron Diaz, Mary is an island of sanity, good-natured humanity and genuine sweetness in an ocean of anarchy. Without her presence, There's Something About Mary would be merely sophomoric and tasteless.
USA Today
A gut-busting blast of tasteless tomfoolery.
New York Daily News
A shocking and hilarious triumph.
Chicago Tribune
The day after seeing it, you're less likely to fixate on the flaws than to find yourself experiencing chuckle aftershocks as you recall the most outrageous gags. In these days of mostly forgettable comedies, that sensation has become all too rare. [15 July 1998]
Chicago Sun-Times
After months and months of comedies that did not make me laugh, here at last is one that did.
[The film] occasionally had me convulsed with laughter.
A supremely silly movie, which means that it has moments of boring idiocy mixed with moments of inspired hilarity.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
There are several scenes in There's Something About Mary that are so absurdly original and outrageous they will leave audiences talking about them for weeks.
Entertainment Weekly
The Farrellys may well be the new kingpins of adolescent slob comedy, but There's Something About Mary doesn't approach the witty anarchy of movies like "Animal House," "The Naked Gun," or "Hairspray."
Christian Science Monitor
This comedy is as down-and-dirty as you'd expect from the Farrelly team...but more than one sequence manages to be hilarious on its own outrageously crass terms.

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