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Let's see how do I start by describing the awesome production; well alright first of all I know some peoples said that that this movie is in some way sending the wrong message about Christmas; but people let's be honest here; no matter what we think or want to believe in life there is all sort of peoples and wheather they are bad or good in maybe not as important as when thoses bad peoples get better and I think that this film is probably what the the message that they wanted to pass along. A cop's son who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps didn't passed his physical because of a problem in one of his eyes couldn't become a cop so got a job for a company as a security guard. On the other hand, this girl who promessed a dying person that she would take good care of her little girl and didn't had the money or the job or provide for her so she started to seal. Sealing is worng but the reason she was doing it was right, remember the love in her heart for that little girl mattered more here. One day she got caught by this bad man; well if you watch the movie I'm sure you will agree that that security guard's boss was defenetively even badder than the girl who stole. He made this security guard do things that no one agreeed but in the end love wins. I could say that this production is one of the most heart warming I ever seen and strongely encourage you to watch it. It might birng back the Christmas spirit that you may of lost along the way. I give a two tumbs up on this one.


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