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Chicago Sun-Times
Clever in the way it avoids most of the cliches of the vampire movie by using cannibalism, and most of the cliches of the cannibal movie by using vampirism. It serves both dishes with new sauces.
L.A. Weekly
Although the hinges connecting the film's elements -- slapstick, political satire, thriller, gross-out shots -- sometimes squeak loudly, they hold the movie together nicely.
An eccentric historical horror tale whose blackly comic tone wavers distracting.
A potentially strong cast makes its way in deadly earnest through material that's often better suited to a Monty Python skit.
Chicago Tribune
For about half its length, Ravenous is a fairly effective scare picture, with a laugh or two. Then it just goes sour and pretentious. [19 March 1999, Friday, p.D]
Essentially approaches its subject seriously, but does take stabs both at horror and grotesque comedy, neither with much success.
In concept alone, Ravenous is anything but appetizing, but in execution it's worse than you'd imagine.
Rolling Stone
You don't want to see this bilge. Director Milcho Manchevski, who was fired in midproduction, is the only one with cause to celebrate.
Washington Post
Do not be concerned if laughter trickles out of the scary parts or boredom creeps into the funny parts; this is to be expected.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Don't go to this movie on a full stomach. Better yet, don't go.

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