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Season 1

15 Sep. 1997
Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 1
The tough and fearless Marine Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kelly who has made his career as a top gun fighter pilot and war hero unwillingly faces a new mission: to take a band of talented, determined young Marines, and turn them into an elite multi-skill crisis task force.
22 Sep. 1997
Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 2
The Sea Dragons' mission to rescue DEA agents taken by a Central American drug cartel becomes extremely dangerous, when they're forced to also free a family held hostage at the same time as they are searching for the government witness who betrayed them and escaped.
29 Sep. 1997
When an unstable Marine steals a four million dollar piece of top secret equipment, the Sea Dragons are called in to get it back at any cost. Meanwhile, Kelly has no choice but to dig deeper in order to connect with his estranged daughter, Janine.
6 Oct. 1997
It's the Real Thing, Baby
A routine exercise gets real and dangerous when the Sea Dragons find themselves racing against time and a bomb in order to capture killers stealing government secrets while rescuing their hostages.
13 Oct. 1997
Kelly puts the Sea Dragons' teamwork abilities to the ultimate test when they face an insane African Ambassador with enough stolen plutonium to create a nuclear weapon.
20 Oct. 1997
Birds of Prey
A routine helicopter run turns into a death trip for Annalisa and A.J. when a botched hijacking makes one of them crash land into the ocean and the other crash land onto a deserted island.
27 Oct. 1997
Road Warriors
After a failed assassination attempt, the Sea Dragons are assigned to protect two rival dignitaries on their way to a very important peace talk summit.
3 Nov. 1997
Grey Ghost
The Sea Dragons are assigned to shut down a high-tech drug lab that is producing a deadly virus that can be used as a chemical weapon. The stakes get even higher when one of their own is infected by the virus which has no antidote.
10 Nov. 1997
Past Sins
Someone is killing men Kelly served with in Vietnam with napalm. He later learns that it might have something to do with a mission that he didn't take part in because he got ill. And when attempts are made on him he asks Griffin to keep an eye on Janine. Later he learns some Vietnamese are in town so he has them checked out. But he learns they're not the ones. He thinks it's someone else closer.
17 Nov. 1997
Bogey Man
The Sea Dragons are given a deadly peace-keeping mission in North Korea and Lt. Col. Kelly helps a distressed American father look for his rebellious daughter who has vanished into the shady night life of South Korea.
24 Nov. 1997
Acceptable Casualties
A Sheriff goes to talk to Kelly about a former member of the team, cause it seems that he's behaving erratically. But he doesn't know anything because he took over the team after the man left. The team decides to go and see what's up with him. Kelly offers to go but Griffin tells him that something might be up with Janine so he stays.
5 Jan. 1998
Company Town
When a new drone is being tested, they suddenly lose control of it. So the team is sent to a town where the man who designed the computer system lives and works. It seems who took control of the drone lives there.
12 Jan. 1998
Trials and Tribulations
When one of the Sea Dragons goes to trial for allegedly killing an American P.O.W. by accident during a rescue mission, the team unites to solve the long-buried crime and find the real culprit.
19 Jan. 1998
Soldiers of Misfortune
When there's a coup in a country who is a friend of the U.S. and the President and some people are being held captive. Kelly and his team are sent to see what they can do. And they attempt a rescue operation but a group of mercenaries who were hired by a wealthy man to rescue his daughter who is among the ones being held. And when they fail, Kelly has to come up with another plan.
26 Jan. 1998
Power Play
The Sea Dragons are tasked to uncover whether an unknown issue with a state-of-the-art missile launch system has already cost one life and might cause another: that of Bobby Griffin, its chosen test pilot.
2 Feb. 1998
Game, Set and Match
One of the Sea Dragons has fallen in love but he has also fallen into a mysterious series of events that inexplicably point to him as a spy.
20 Apr. 1998
Lost Shipment
A mission to stop an illegal arms deal hits home when an important participant has unexpected family ties to one of the Sea Dragons.
27 Apr. 1998
We Are Not Alone
When the military loses a top-secret weapon, the Sea Dragons are assigned to get it back before it drops into unfriendly hands.
4 Apr. 1998
Stranger, Lover, Friend
After a fatal training accident, Bobby Griffin copes with the brutal reality that he may never fly again.
11 May 1998
Great Expectations
The Sea Dragons must stop a madman fixated on revenge before he can unleash total chaos with a stolen laser at a military convention in San Diego.
18 May 1998
Broken Wings
After ejecting out of their F-18 over Iraq, Bobby Griffin and Bill Kelly have no choice but to confront the enemy and the elements while they wait for a rescue that might never come.
25 May 1998
Not in My Backyard
While the Sea Dragons look for a missing vial of deadly nerve gas and its mysterious keeper, they have to face an equally-threatening mission..saving their team from military cutbacks.

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