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5 Jan. 1998
Bad Moon Rising
The hunt is on to stop a criminal gang from smuggling a shipment of tainted heroin into the city. Guest starring Ian Patrick Williams ("Dolls," "Re- Animator").
12 Jan. 1998
Constant Craving
Night Man's dad is being pursued by not one, but two vampires. Guest starring Lysette Anthony ("Krull," "Dracula: Dead and Loving It").
19 Jan. 1998
You Are Too Beautiful
Night Man poses as a masked wrestler when another wrestler is framed for murder. Guest starring Meredith Monroe ("Dawson's Creek").
26 Jan. 1998
Do You Believe in Magic?
Night Man battles a sorceress who knows the secrets of Johnny and his loved ones. Guest starring Jacinda Barett ("Poseidon," "Urban Legends: Final Cut").
2 Feb. 1998
House of Soul
The House of Soul is haunted by ghosts. No surprise, given its name. Jerry Springer guest stars.
9 Feb. 1998
Lorrie Swift, a cop who's close to Charlie and whom he sent undercover to get evidence against a criminal. But the man for some reason pushes her out a balcony. And she ends up paralyzed. Her father a scientist develops an exo suit that not only allows her to walk but also allows to do extraordinary abilities. Years later, she's trying to get the man. She breaks into a bank to steal his money but Johnny's there and he senses her actions. He tracks her down. She zaps him with something that reconsiders him unconscious. Frank, Ralleigh, and Charlie try to find her. She ...
16 Feb. 1998
Chrome II
Johnny goes to a Jazz Festival at a mountain ski resort and Raleigh, Charlie and his father accompany him. While there he runs into reporters Jennifer Parkes and Elaine Barnes. A woman approaches Johnny and Johnny finds himself attracted to her. What he doesn't know is that she was also struck by the cosmic lightning and acquired the ability to make anyone do what she wants them to and has been using it for her personal gain. And she's teamed up with Joran who's going after Johnny.
23 Feb. 1998
Bad to the Bone
E. Haskell Bridges is back and he's going after Johnny. He starts by framing him for a crime. Johnny's uncertain if he's innocent so he turns to Doctor Walton for help.
20 Apr. 1998
Night Man finds the wreckage of a UFO - and a path of dead military men, left by the UFO's pilot.
27 Apr. 1998
Devil in Disguise
Chang the foreign operative who tried to obtain the weapons that Johnny uses, returns to retrieve the neutron gun Johnny threw into the water.
4 May 1998
Double Vision
A star athlete is hit by a car - but he makes a miraculous recovery. Night Man suspects cloning might be behind his recovery. Guest starring Jaime Pressly ("My Name is Earl").
11 May 1998
Amazing Grace
When Johnny's friend is killed, he worries that he isn't doing enough to protect the city. Johnny is killed in a car accident and goes to heaven to discover his true purpose.
5 Oct. 1998
The Ultraweb
When Johnny's father gets caught up in the evil plan of a genius computer tycoon, only Night Man can save him. Guest starring Kim Coates ("Sons of Anarchy").
12 Oct. 1998
The Black Knight
While Night Man is searching for his stolen car, he meets a new crimefighter: The Black Knight. Can the two work together? Guest starring Lyn "Red" Williams ("Mortal Combat: Annihilation").
25 Oct. 1998
It Came from Out of the Sky
An alien leads a cult on Earth, who are trying to control the youth of the city. Guest starring Tyler Labine ("Reaper") and Brendan Fehr ("Final Destination").
1 Nov. 1998
Book of the Dead
When he brings a famous magician back from the dead, a sorcerer sets about to bring back an army of the dead to rule the world. Guest starring Mark Lindsay Chapman ("Swamp Thing").
2 Nov. 1998
Fear City
A new video game, Fear City, has gamers eagerly awaiting its release... until it is linked to a number of disappearances. The game's boss, the Bogey Man, is behind the madness.
9 Nov. 1998
A special crystal allows Jack the Ripper to travel through time and continue his killing spree. A crossover episode with another Glen Larson property, "Manimal." Guest starring Carly Pope ("Arrow").
16 Nov. 1998
Knight Life
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23 Nov. 1998
The People's Choice
Night Man must prevent Keyes from winning a run for Mayor. You know things are not kosher when Keyes has a con artist named Tricky Dick working for him.

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