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Sexy, Violent, Crazed, A Real Find!!!

Author: gavcrimson from United Kingdom
17 August 2000

Scummy, twisted, degenerate and all the better for it, this long lost X rated wonder from the good ol' year of 1970 was the brainchild of one Walt Davis. At the close of the Sixties Davis had directed several minor softcore movies, however in the early Seventies Davis developed a kink for mixing sordid sexploitation with Herschell Gordon Lewis brand of gore slaughter which manifested itself in two supremely shocking features. The other is the outlandish Evil Come, Evil Go (1972) a gruesome tale of Sister Sarah Jane Butler, who butchers `love generation men' in LA to the theme song of `Sarah Jane, Sarah Jane you're insane'. Whereas Evil Come, Evil Go cleaned up, the earlier Sex Psycho fared less well- it was simply deemed unreleasable, never showing up anywhere either on video or the cinemas. Even the efforts of the producer (Cuban born sex film pioneer Manuel S Conde) and a change of title to the more X friendly Widow Blue, all proved in vain. The Sex Psycho of the title and our hero of the piece, if he could be called that is Nick (Mike Haven- the cat burglar from Al Adamson's Brain of Blood) a pudgy faced average Joe who taunts and ridicules his sloppy wife (Sandy Demsey) over her coke-bottle glasses and natty blonde wig. A marriage made in hell, he's a sexist pig who complains about her burnt cooking, while she threatens to run back to her mothers whenever he says boo. Despite his low opinion of his wife's sex appeal, Nick is convinced that someone out there finds her attractive, especially when he overhears her talking to her lover on the phone. Enraged, Nick promptly goes out and buys a large meat cleaver, then takes to fondling it in his car with a look in his eyes that suggests he has more on his mind than cutting cake with it. Oddly his other half isn't the intended victim, instead Nick speeds over to his mistress Eva Blue, only to find Eva's bi-sexual husband Jerry Blue (played by none other than the director himself) getting under the sheets with Eva's brother Marshall. Egged on by Eva and helped by Marshall, Nick sinks the cleaver deep into Jerry's neck. Things become even more vomitious when the whacked out Eva Blue drags Nick onto the bed for some post-homicide heavy petting despite Jerry's dead body providing interruption `Don't worry about him, he's dead, dead, dead'. Dim Marshall is suitably horrified but agrees to hide the body in a big, black coffin, yet again though libidos provide a distraction. When the three Sex Psychos finally remember they have a corpse to dispose of a pair of Jerry's swinger pals Ron and Sarah show up and (only slightly fazed by the big black coffin in the middle of the room) quickly turn the place into a suburban swingers party!! Well remember this is the Seventies and only then could a scriptwriter get away with the line that comes from the ubiquitous John Holmes `we're all 21 and responsible citizens, so let's just take off our clothes and get it on right here'. Despite Holmes alarming presence, Davis reserves the freakiest moment for the completely basketcase climax that leaves Eva screaming her guts out, Nick bleeding to death holding on to a bloody stump and his wife choking to death. Not without credence is the legend that a single showing in the dawn of the Seventies had potential buyers running from the theatre as if the Blob had invaded. What distinguishes Sex Psycho from typical XXX movie house fare, sealed its commercial fate. If the extreme gore didn't get to them, the scenes with Davis and friend would have had dirty mack dwellers deeply suspicious that they had gone to the wrong theatre. Davis evidently saw allot wrong with the world, Evil Come, Evil Go takes several pot-shots at religious fanaticism while Sex Psycho sees the world behind every picket fence as a cocktail of violence, insanity and false morality. Even so for their grim storylines and messages Davis's features remain cartoonishly over the top and always on the very dark side of black humour. His Sex Psycho script is so mockingly vulgar as to bring laughs to the most morbid melodrama, also hilariously jarring is his taste in music with demented organ music and liberal uses of the theme from The French Connection and Night on Bald Mountain. A personification of the skinny, ear muff sideburned, long haired LA freak that every conservative feared, little is known about writer/ director/ erst-while Mr Jerry Blue and all round enfant terrible Walt Davis- other than the movies. Soon after getting Sex Psycho and Evil Come, Evil Go out of his system Davis wrote his way into obscurity, his last known credit was a script for Deep Jaws a film made in 76 by Manuel Conde. Today Sex Psycho is best viewed as the black sheep never invitied even to the table of the most extreme films from America's most extreme era and most extreme medium. Too much for audiences of the day, its still not for everyone but if you're looking for something unique, especially outrageous and with the explicit sex and death that comes with Seventies excess then Walt Davis is your man.

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Grindhouse XXX baby! Yeah!

Author: Scott-from-Modesto ( from United States
5 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sex Psycho takes the "I'll kill your spouse, you kill mine" staple plot device and turns it on its ear. Eva's husband and brother are doing the nasty and her side dish Nick buries a meat cleaver in hubby's neck while he's having gay sex with broham. The remaining three live ones have a mini-orgy and then Nick and Eva do it on the bed with the cadaver, giving Eva an opportunity to lean over and give the stiff a knob-slobber for old times sake.

Then John Jolmes and his old lady stop by the apartment for a quick suck & f'k-a-thon, natch. Then they leave. Then it's time for Eva to kill Nick's wife. While his wife is giving him a hummer, Eva creeps into the bedroom wielding the meat cleaver just as wifey looks up from her duties. A swing and a miss! Nick's dong gets severed and wifey chokes on it. The end.

Kinda thing makes ya proud to live in the good ol' U. S. of A., right? 9/10.

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Ultra-Bizarro Horror/Comedy/Exploit/Porno...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
11 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SEX PSYCHO has it all, my friends - gore, sex (both gay and straight), necrophilia, incest - everything that a true sleaze fan wants from a classic trash film.

Nick is cheating on his wife with Eva, a woman who's married to a bi-sexual guy named Jerry(!?). Nick and his mistress murder Jerry with the help of her simple-minded brother, Marshall, who seduces Eva's husband with some good ol' gay sex(!?!?). Nick and Eva walk in on the sword-fight session and Nick buries a meat cleaver in Eva's husband's neck(!?!?!?). Nick and Eva then get down to business on the bed right next to Jerry's corpse, and Eva even leans over to give a little post-mortem head to her newly deceased spouse(!?!?!?!?). Marshall goes out and gets a big black coffin and brings it back to their place, and Nick orders Eva and her brother to bone on it(?!?!?!?!?!). As the trio is disposing of the body, John Holmes and a broad come over and talk the killers into an orgy(?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). Once Johnny Horse-Cock and his gal-pal roll out, Nick's wife is then invited over so they can get rid of her too. Eva comes in the room as Nick is banging his wife, she goes to hack the wife with the cleaver, but it's a no-go as Nick's wife who is startled at seeing Eva standing over her chomps down on Nick's ding-ding, choking herself and killing him (?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?)...

SEX PSYCHO is a completely bizarre horror/porn entry that is equal parts cheezy H.G. Lewis-style blood-bath, and hardcore porn feature. Everything in the film is completely laughable so it's hard to take any of the sleazy going's-on too seriously, but I still credit the director for trying. Apparently, this film is quite rare as it never became popular (wonder why...) and was never given any wide-spread distribution. I have to say - if you're a fan of ultra-sleazy sex films, go ahead and hunt this one down. One of the better horror/gore porn films of the era - if you dig stuff like HARDGORE and HOUSE OF DE SADE, or bizarre porn hybrids like THUNDERCRACK!, you'll probably be feelin' this one too...8.5/10

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I got the restored Version

Author: cynthiahost from United States
5 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Originally I had got it from Something Weird Video, It was called Sex Psycho.It was advertised as being made in 1971.Then I got the DVD upgrade .It was retitled ,The Demon in Miss Jones.It was an awful print some of the scenes were shifting to the pink side .The color of the back ground looked mono tone.The print was not sharp .It was fuzzy.Well now I got the restored one ,from Amazon, Vinegar Syndrome label. It was great!Now for the first time you could see the details of the color of the back ground.The Bringing in the coffin and the friends come visit unexpectedly sequence,the whole of the wall was pure white ,No dirty color tint over it,like the bad print.The restored version came with credit titles .Surprisingly the gay sex scene ,between Charles and Walt, was a bit longer then the non restored version .You could clearly tell that Walt Davis was either gay or bi . He had no problem getting an erection,but, Charles clearly was all an act and as a heterosexual was not enjoying it.He was not getting no erection.You did not see the penetration that scene cause it was all fake.The cum was fake.This restored version you see poor Charles struggling to Jack off on another man .You saw no ejaculation ,cause he never got off.It was advertise originally as being made in 1971,but, I would find out later it was made in 1970 ,probably right at the same time Mona came out. You had some early porn a stars in it .John Holmes, in the beginning of his hard core sex career.Susan Westcott ,Charles Lish and porn stalwart of the early seventies ,Nick Elliot ,whom appeared in another John Holmes classic ,flesh of the Lotus ,1971.The restored version revealed the blood being so fake ,look more like acrylic paint.It also revealed in one scene where Susan smudged some of the paint on her face to give an impression it got on her hands.There was one thing that the non restored version did not have ,the ending was vague.In the restored version ,it revealed that she was just having a bad dream.If your a fan of sex and violence and horror ,this would be god for you.This is the type of movie that if a pseudo liberal conservative politicos ,especially if they were gay. if they got this movie in their hands ,they would scream Snuff film and homophobia ,before they ever finish seeing it.They would try to have it banned on the allegation that a film like this can cause homophobia and influence them to murder gays with meat cleavers .Conservative and Pseudo liberal conservatives don't even know this film exist .Fair early porn, 11/5/14

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Seriously deviant and demented porno splatter shocker

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
11 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Two extramarital affairs lead to alarming outbursts of savage violence and wanton sex in this truly unhinged "only in the 70's" hardcore outing that combines graphic gore and raunchy copulation into one singularly off-kilter mix. Writer/director Walt Davis happily plumbs super sick depths in jaw-dropping tastelessness: Amorous couples not only do the deed on a bed alongside a freshly slain corpse and on top of a coffin, but also one hapless lass bites off a man's penis (ouch!) while performing fellatio on the guy and chokes on the dude's dismembered member. Yep, this beautifully bent'n'berserk baby takes a convoluted soap opera-style plot to its most deliriously trashy and delightfully outrageous extreme, with shoddy sub-Herschell Gordon Lewis splatter, seamy gay and straight sex scenes, hammy acting, and a blithely twisted'n' scuzzy tone. Fortunately, the hilariously gross sense of pitch-black humor and jolly feeling of absolute depravity ensure that this sordid outing is more amusing than offensive, although it certainly helps if one has a penchant for uncompromisingly warped 70's alternative cinema. It also helps that sexy and attractive hardcore regulars Andy Bellamy and Sandy Dempsey are along for the crazy ride, plus John Holmes and his famously enormous phallus pop up (and out) for a group orgy set piece. Maney White's stark no-frills cinematography provides a suitably grimy look. A real sleazy pip.

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Sex, violence and bad taste!

Author: The_Void from Beverley Hills, England
3 October 2006

While 'Sex Psycho' has little to no credibility as a serious piece of film-making; when it comes to exploitation cinema, this is exactly what the sort of film that we degenerates look for! Sex Psycho starts off shockingly, and then constantly builds on itself, and it's clear that director Walt Davis made this film with the intention of going a little further every time he decides to break a taboo. The plot centres on theme of an adulterous relationship between two unscrupulous individuals. Jerry and Eva are having an affair, and decide that Eva's husband has to go. Naturally, they decide to take on the services of Eva's brother; and while he and the husband are having sex (...), the boyfriend comes in and graphically inserts a butcher's knife into the husband's throat. From there, we watch as things go from sick to sicker, with the opening homosexual sex scene being topped by a sequence that sees the wife have sex with her lover on the bed that her husband's corpse still lies on, before an incestuous sex scene is followed by a five person orgy.

The entire movie is shot in just one apartment, and I doubt the film cost more than a few bucks to make. It's not surprising, then, that the film received just the one release...which didn't take long to go out of print, and now finds itself the target of just about every hardcore porn/exploitation fan around. Naturally, the acting is rubbish and the direction leaves a lot to be desired; but the shameless nudity is a treat, and since it often leads into another graphic sex scene, it's not surprising that this film is widely liked by anyone sick enough to track it down. Naturally, Sex Psycho isn't for everyone; and I'd only really recommend this film to people familiar with hardcore pornography. There's no depth at all to the plot, but unlike a lot of films of this type; this one doesn't become boring because the sick sex scenes are interesting enough, and the way the plot is laid out always manages to provide some surprises. The ending features what is one of the most shocking, yet hilarious, castration sequences ever to be committed to film, and overall; if you like your movies dirty and sleazy, you can't go wrong with Sex Psycho!

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A plot that makes "Murder on the Orient Express" seem straightforward.

Author: chuck-219 from United States
4 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We begin here with grubby looking video and bongo fueled music to start our show. It only gets better.

The story is a bit convoluted (and so am I), so bear with me. A woman plots to kill her cheating husband (who's cheating with her conspiring brother) and gets some help from a man cheating with her on his wife (who's cheating on him). Sound crazy? You betcha. The husband (cheating with the brother) is meat "cleavered" while in bed with him (by the man cheating on his wife, who's cheating on him). Now, the fun begins. The (then) widow has sex with both the man and brother while she's still freshly blood splattered on her face (from her "cleavered" husband) and on top of his death bed and coffin to boot. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" music (Dukas) plays in the background. With me still? Good. Some guests come by and we proceed to an orgy (after putting the coffin outside that they were curious about). The guests split, but the cheating wife (of the conspirator guy who's cheating on her) comes by to say hello. He decides to get it on with her while his mistress (the recent widow) gets rid of the husband filled coffin. I've given enough away, so I'll let you see the rest (which does amount to a bit more, I promise you).

This was really a heck of a fun, early porno. It has quite a bit of gore in a couple of spots and has a plot that mimics film noir from the 40s (and my apologies to Dashiell Hammett here). It was done on the cheap (like every early porno), but was really a fun time all the same. Highly recommended stuff for any early porno/exploit fan.


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Truly sick and unforgettable porno horror.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
16 March 2006

Nick and Eva agree to kill each other's spouses,take the insurance money and run away to Rio.Nick kills Eva's husband Jerry with a meat cleaver to the neck after he has gay sex with Eva's brother Marshall.Nick and Eva then have sex on top of her dead husband.They then place Jerry's bloody body in a coffin and Marshall,Nick and Eva have three-way sex on top of the casket.After more sex scenes it is Eva's turn to kill Nick's wife.Under the ruse that they are having dinner at Eva's house,Nick's wife arrives and the plan goes into action.Eva makes the excuse that she must go tend to her sick mother and will be back in 30 minutes.Nick persuades his wife to make love in Eva's bed.While she is giving Nick a blow job,Eva enters the bedroom with a meat cleaver.Nick's wife spots Eva,screams,bites off Nick's penis and chokes to death on Nick's dismembered member while Nick bleeds to death on the bed."Sex Psycho" is a depraved porno horror loaded with hard core sex(both straight and gay)and bloody murders.I was pretty shocked and disturbed after watching it.Still if you are a fan of early 70's porno roughies you can't go wrong with it.7 out of 10.

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"What was that noise"?

Author: filmchap from England
29 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When it was released, Sex Psycho wouldn't have been for everyone tastes even in the Grindhouse circuit. It could still be considered not to everyone's taste of the usual sexploitation / exploitation / Grindhouse / drive in / porn / themes. What Sex Psycho is, is simply uncategorisable within any one of these genres. Director Walt Davis goes about making sure his film sits firmly on the outside of the fence, thus explaining why his first movie was never screened officially in cinemas or on video. Which is such a shame because in contains all those elements from the above genres and brings some new ones to the proceedings as well. Homosexuality, necrophilia, incest, murder, adultery are some of the running themes looked at here. With the inclusion of the scenes of homosexuality, this would have simply caused the film to fail to get distribution among its much-deserved audience. As a porn film it doesn't fit into, traditionally, that category for mainstream pornography. Homosexuality and straight sex rarely feature together in any porn movie... both aim to reach two separate audiences. There are some exceptions to this underwritten rule, see for example the excellent porn classic 'The Opening of Misty Beethoven' directed by the master Radley Metzger (aka Henry Paris) or even his wonderfully, sexually liberating classic 'Score'. But I'm getting way ahead of myself... Sex Psycho was made several years before these movies and before hardcore pornography had become mainstream in cinemas. For that reason alone I respect Walt Davis and his unflinching stance at directing this mini classic and attempting to break down the barriers of porn before they even existed! That's right, Walt Davis was simply a porn pioneer attempting to pave the way forward for the genre. But of course, at the time, his values would have been the films downfall. As for many of the other themes mentioned above, they are wonderfully apt for this type of movie. Bad taste is prominent throughout it's running time, the 16mm film stock looks like it was stored in an open can, next to the spare wheel in the boot of Walt's car for a year before production. And the dialogue is just simply wonderful to the ears... In one of my two favourite scenes, Walt can be heard directing our two actors sex scene off camera! When they fluff their lines by talking over each other, Walt ask's them to say their lines again... then looking directly into the camera, exclaims for the second time "What was that noise"? I loved it!!! The other is simply the inclusion of the sorcerers apprentice musical score... played, hysterically during the scene when the couple are shagging on the same bed as the recently 'throat hacked' and departed husband. And then, if standards weren't low enough, I shall forever have a flashback, when watching Fantasia, of the woman, while having sex, leans over and gives her murdered husband a blow job exclaiming, to the distaste of her partner... "Well he couldn't keep it hard when he was alive!!!? Pure brilliance. I'm so thankful that this movie didn't get an official release because, one thing is for sure, that wonderful score would have not been included! Did Disney just say "TREASON!" This was the first Walt Davis film I have watched and I am looking forward to seeing other films offered by a director that, here, shows great promise and just what he is capable of creating. What follows, I'm sure, will be a more competent attempt allowing his mini masterpieces of bad taste a chance to find their rightful audience.

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Fun For What It Is

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
1 March 2017

Widow Blue! (1970)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Ultra bizarre film has lovers Eve (Susan Wescott) and Nick (Alex Elliot) agreeing to kill each other's spouses so that they can run off together. Even forces her brother to seduce Nick's bi-sexual husband and soon enough blood is flowing.

Walt Davis' WIDOW BLUE! is without question one of the stranger hardcore films as it mixes in a bunch of sex with some rather gory violence. The film really does come across as your typical sex film but then out of nowhere it likes to throw is some Herschell Gordon Lewis style gore. If you're looking for something a tad bit different then this will be right up your alley but then again, all of Davis' films are rather strange.

This one here really benefits from some bizarre scenes of violence. To be fair, there are only two scenes of violence but both of them are very well-done and features some extremely bright red blood that just leaps off the screen at you. There's no question that these scenes appeared to be influenced by the gore films of Lewis but of course you've also got hardcore sex scenes here.

I thought Wescott was actually pretty good in her role as she was quite attractive and seductive. The film was obviously shot on a very low budget but if you're a fan of these types of films then it's worth watching.

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