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Film debut of actor Jason Segel.
This was Charlie Korsmo's first (and last) on-screen appearance since Hook (1991). He was attending MIT when he was offered the role.
Filming the final scenes of the party meant a chaotic destruction of the house. Directors Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont gave the go-ahead to completely trash the place. This involved the cast and crew pulling out drawers, dropping food all over the floor, messing up the carpets, and someone spray painting "This Party Sucked" on the front door. This all happened in one hour.
The film takes place on Wednesday, 17 June 1998: Barry Manilow's 55th birthday.
The Klepto Kid, played by Chris Owen, appears in multiple scenes stealing something: - Some random items from the convenience store when Kenny Fisher makes his introduction. - A small statue that belongs to Molly (the girl hosting the party). - A Loveburger T-shirt when the band is fighting amongst themselves. - A police car when the party is being broken up. - And finally, a gumball machine at the restaurant the morning after the party.
Ethan Embry's character, Preston Meyers, confesses to be a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. at the end of the movie. His yearbook quote, "Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes" by Thoreau, is also featured in Vonnegut's book "Welcome to the Monkey House."
The fraternity on Trip McNealy's polo shirt is Delta Iota Kappa ("DIK").
There were characters in the movie called the Crying Drunk Girl (Jennifer Elise Cox) - who has subtitles for everything she says because she is so drunk that none of her speech is understandable - and the Stoned Girl ('Amber Benson') - who is so spaced out on dope that she wanders in and out of a number of scenes - but both were cut in order to secure a PG-13 rating.
Four cast members appear in Six Feet Under. They include Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Freddy Rodriguez, and Eric Balfour.
In one of the last scenes, a young man who is stoned says, "She was a hip, hip lady." The same line is spoken by Rory Cochrane in Dazed and Confused (1993).
The yearbook that Melissa Joan Hart uses in the movie is from a Philadelphia-area high school named Plymouth-Whitemarsh. The students' pages shown in the movie are really the teachers' pages in the actual yearbook.
Melissa Joan Hart's name doesn't appear in the end credits.
Many of the lines spoken during the opening credits ("There's a huge party tonight" "Cool, we crash it" etc.) are delivered by directors/screenwriters Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan.
The movie is based loosely on Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, and the high school community within it, where one of the directors grew up.
Two characters that had their parts cut can be seen in at least two scenes that survived the cutting room floor. Crying Drunk Girl (Jennifer Elise Cox can be seen falling over in the crowd with the foreign exchange student and crowd surfing during the "Paradise City" scene, and Stoned Girl ('Amber Benson') can be seen staring at a banana in the kitchen early on in the movie.
The title is a reference to the song "Can't hardly wait" by 80/90's garage rock band The Replacements.
Adam Hann-Byrd was originally cast as William, but after a couple of days of filming was let go and replaced with Charlie Korsmo. One shot of him is left in the film, but he is carrying a ladder and his face is not visible.
The drummer of the band at the party says to the lead singer: "You look like Lestat!" (because of his clothes). This is a reference to Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994).
William Lichter was suppose to take a shot of tequila, but to maintain the PG-13 rating they had to digitally replace the tequila glass with a lemon in post-production.
At one point, Denise says "Don't look back. You should never look back." This is a quote from the Don Henley song "Boys of Summer", which was released in 1984.
Seth Green has worked with co-Stars Paige Moss and Amber Benson before. In Buffy - the Vampire Slayer
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The scrolling credentials listed in William Lichter's profile include: Valedictorian, National Merit Scholar, Captain - State Physics Bowl Team, Captain - State Math Olympics Team, State Math Champion, State Spelling Bee Champion, National Human Spirit Award, State Science Fair First Prize, Honor Roll Recipient, Perpetual Motion Award (Space Camp), Soap Box Derby Champion, Eagle Scout, Rotary Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Mandarin Chinese Club, German Club, Dead Romance Languages Club, Large Wooden Club, Math Club, Spelling Bee Club, Debate Team, Computer Club, Brighter Minds Society, Inventors Club, Anti-Athletic Club, Klingon Language Club, Kite Club, WWW.COM Club, Bill Gates Society, Classical Music Club, Stone Cutters, Dungeons and Dragons Club (Founder), Magic The Gathering Club (Founder), Secret Society, Junior Harvard Club (Founder), Megabyte Club, Physics Club, Latin Club, Math Olympics, Academic Decathlon, and Chess Club. The list repeats several times.
A character makes reference to Velma from Scooby Doo being under-appreciated and hot. The other character who agrees is played by 'Jason Segal'. Jason Segal was dating Linda Cardellini at the time who would go on to play Velma in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004).
One couple is seen several times throughout the movie, and every time we see them they are making out.
The second film that Ethan Embry and Marisol Nichols appeared in together. Previously they played brother and sister in Vegas Vacation released the prior year.
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The two UFO nerds wear shirts that say: "Trust no one" and "The truth is out there." These are catchphrases from the TV show The X-Files (1993).
Ethan Embry's character is in a scene during the song "Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits. Ethan Embry's character in Empire Records (1995) is also in a scene with "Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits.
Amanda Beckett's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) three friends compare her to Gwenyth Paltrow. Jennifer Love Hewitt cites Paltrow as her idol.
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Jenna Elfman makes an uncredited cameo as an "angel stripper" who actually cites herself as a dancer. In real life, Elfman is a classically-trained ballet dancer.
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Seven of the film's cast members would all go on to do television shows. Jennifer Love-Hewitt would go on to do The Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds, Lauren Ambrose in Six Feet Under, Peter Facinelli in Damages, Seth Green in Family Guy, Donald Faison in Scrubs, Jaime Pressly in My Name Is Earl and Jason Segel in How I Met Your Mother. Ethan Embry in Brotherhood and made a guest appearance at the beginning of the six season of The Walking Dead.
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Of all the jock friends and their girlfriends, the only ones who are ever given names are Jaime Pressly's character, Beth. And 'Jennifer Lyons', Rachel. And Doodie, in the yellow tank.
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Seth Green (Kenny,) Donald Faison (Loveburger's drummer,) Alexander Martin (the foreign exchange student,) and Breckin Meyer (Loveburger's lead singer) would later appear in 'Josie and the Pussycats' (2001) as members of the band "Du Jour," who also, coincidentally, fought amongst themselves.
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