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Season 1

14 Sep. 1987
The Disappearance of Thirty/Thirty
Thirty/Thirty and BraveStarr have a fallout over Thirty's trigger-happiness. Thirty goes back to the temple where he met BraveStarr and finds a strange horse spirit, who offers him to travel back to time before he met BraveStarr.
15 Sep. 1987
Fallen Idol
BraveStarr's mentor turns to crime and BraveStarr must apprehend him.
16 Sep. 1987
The Taking of Thistledown 123
Ghostly outlaw and BraveStarr's nemesis Tex Hex captures a shipment of precious ore and holds everyone there hostage. BraveStarr must stop him.
17 Sep. 1987
Skuzz and Fuzz
Funny BraveStarr's sidekick Fuzz, an alien mole-man finds out that his evil cousin Skuzz wants to betray the town to the bandits.
18 Sep. 1987
A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge
Dogmatic judge Twangli, who sticks to the law to the letter, is sent to check up on the New Texas judge, J.B. McBride. Twangli's zealousness creates problems for the good guys as well.
21 Sep. 1987
BraveStarr gets lost in a strange devastating sandstorm and Thirty-Thirty must find him.
22 Sep. 1987
To Walk a Mile
Former Rigel 7 Marshal Lucas Conway has hung up his guns after causing an accident and is now a peaceful prospector. But when his old enemy Two-Face kidnaps his son Mark, Conway contacts BraveStarr and goes back into action.
23 Sep. 1987
Big Thirty and Little Wimble
Young Prairy Person Wimble chooses Thirty/Thirty to be his temporary (foster) father. When BraveStarr doubts Thirty/Thirty's abilities to take care of the kid, Thirty/Thirty enrolls Wimble in Miss Jenny's class at Fort Kerium. But Dingo outlaw Howler sets a trap for BraveStarr derailing Wimble and his classmates when they go on a field trip.
24 Sep. 1987
BraveStarr and the Law
Tex Hex uses the law to take over BraveStarr's town in a legal manner. BraveStarr doesn't take the news well.
25 Sep. 1987
Kerium Fever
Some of the human prospectors become jealous of the Prairie People who have much better luck finding Kerium. Tex Hex takes advantage of the situation, trying to instigate a war between the settlers and the Prairie folk.
28 Sep. 1987
Angus McBride informs BraveStarr that a gang of Krang outlaws have landed on New Texas, but gets captured himself. BraveStarr and a concerned J.B. hurry to rescue her father. They receive help from Commander Karen Kane of the Imperial Star Marines, who turns out to share a history with Angus.
29 Sep. 1987
Tex Hex finds two new candidates for his gang of alien outlaws - two school-kids who idolize him as an outlaw. This proves to be more trouble than it's worth.
30 Sep. 1987
The Vigilantes
A vigilante convinces the town to lynch Tex Hex, but BraveStarr won't allow mob rule.
1 Oct. 1987
Wild Child
While venturing deep into the Bad Lands in search of The Lost City, BraveStarr, 30/30 and J.D. encounter a young Wild Child who was raised by Dingoes.
2 Oct. 1987
Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here
Handlebar is a huge green bartender and former space pirate. When his old crew shows up in town to stir up trouble, he must help BraveStarr stop them.
5 Oct. 1987
Eye of the Beholder
Ally Kingston plans to use purified Kerium to make blind children see again. Tex Hex tricks the blind woman into trusting him so he can get his hands on the Kerium shipment. However, Ally is able to sense a long repressed tender side to Tex and he in turn is reminded of his lost love by her.
6 Oct. 1987
The Wrong Hands
Warrior alien race known as Krang creates a doomsday laser weapon.
7 Oct. 1987
An Older Hand
Fort Kerium's Ex-Kerium supply is running dangerously low. Outlaw Scuzz has taken over uncle Mern's Colony and refuses to supply the Fort. BraveStarr travels to Yucky Gulch to find out why Mern has lost his confidence.
8 Oct. 1987
Showdown at Sawtooth
Tex Hex is stirring up trouble and scaring off miners at Sawtooth. The miners are too afraid to stand up to Hex, but BraveStarr challenges him to a duel at Sundown.
12 Oct. 1987
Unsung Hero
A boy wants to be BraveStarr's sidekick, but his father begs BraveStarr to convince the kid to come to his senses and come back home.
13 Oct. 1987
Lost Mountain
During a reconnaissance mission, BraveStarr's shuttle crashes near a mountain and Tex Hex tries to capture him.
15 Oct. 1987
Trouble Wears a Badge
BraveStarr accepts to train young hotheaded Carson. In his arrogance, the kid causes an incident that almost leads to a war.
16 Oct. 1987
Who Am I?
Evil alien serpent-woman Vipra hypnotizes Tex Hex and leads his gang against BraveStarr.
20 Oct. 1987
BraveStarr and the Treaty
Tex Hex tries to steal a battleship from the space port in order to take over the planet.
21 Oct. 1987
Thoren the Slavemaster
A space slave-master asks Tex Hex to find him more slaves, but he has ulterior motives.
22 Oct. 1987
The Price
Dealer, a Dingo drug pusher, offers Jay a taste of 'Spin' and soon the boy is addicted. His best friend Brad wants to get help, but also promised Jay not to squeal.
23 Oct. 1987
Revolt of the Prairie People
Prairie People start a rebellion against the Galactic Council, after it announces a controversial decision that Fuzz and his people see as a potential threat.
26 Oct. 1987
Tex Hex imprisons Shaman, BraveStarr's mentor and greatest ally. BraveStarr's friend Judge J.B. has a rescue plan.
27 Oct. 1987
Tunnel of Terror
BraveStarr and J.B. are expecting mining camps. Digger Knox has uncovered a load of Kerium but his desperate competitor Togg Salter inadvertently causes a cave in, trapping all four of them.
28 Oct. 1987
The Good, the Bad and the Clumsy
When robotic outlaw Billy the Droid and his gang robs the Fort Kerium bank, Deputy Fuzz looses confidence in himself when Billy the Droid takes him hostage and escapes. Deputy Fuzz sets out to regain his confidence by capturing Billy the Droid himself, who has joined forces with Tex Hex and the Carrion Bunch. Can BraveStarr help Deputy Fuzz?
29 Oct. 1987
Balance of Power
Demonic cattle-spirit Stampede, who's Tex Hex's boss, gets a hold of Shaman's magic staff. BraveStarr and all his friends attempt to stop it from unleashing unimaginable power.
30 Oct. 1987
Call to Arms
Warrior Kreng race captures Shaman and asks for huge ransom.
2 Nov. 1987
BraveStarr and the Three Suns
Stampede creates magical arrows that remove two of the three New Texas suns.
3 Nov. 1987
The Witnesses
BraveStarr must protect two small aliens from a space bandit.
4 Nov. 1987
Handlebar and Rampage
The Krang begin their invasion of New Texas.
5 Nov. 1987
Runaway Planet
A planet is about to hit New Texas. BraveStarr and a professor must drop a megaton bomb on it and destroy it.
6 Nov. 1987
The Bounty Hunter
A bounty hunter is after the town's doctor.
9 Nov. 1987
The scroungy son of BraveStarr's friend goes after the outlaws himself to prove to his dad and BraveStarr what he's capable of.
10 Nov. 1987
The Day the Town Was Taken
Tex Hex turns the tables on BraveStarr by closing up Fort Kerium when the marshal is out rescuing J.B. and Handlebar from a pack of Dingoes.
11 Nov. 1987
BraveStarr and the Medallion
Tex Hex gets some help and attempts to destroy the source of Shaman's power.
12 Nov. 1987
Legend of a Pretty Lady
Due to a freak accident Judge J.B. ends up one billion years into the past. She meets dangerous giants, but also Fuzz's friendly ancestors. Also, BraveStarr goes after her, but so do the bandits.
13 Nov. 1987
Sunrise, Sunset
An outlaw must come out of hiding to see his family and BraveStarr finds out about this.
16 Nov. 1987
Call of the Wild
Wild Child is finding it difficult to adjust to life in school where he is being teased for his Dingo upbringing. But when everyone in Fort Kerium save Wild Child and BraveStarr become ill because of the Fever Flower, the two of them team up to ask the Dingo Llama for medicine.
17 Nov. 1987
Tex But No Hex
Stampede punishes Tex Hex for his failures to stop BraveStarr and takes away his powers. He is then easily arrested and sent to town to face trial.
18 Nov. 1987
Space Zoo
Fuzz becomes the victim of a space collector, who collects rare alien species.
14 Dec. 1987
Tex's Terrible Night
Stampede is planning an attack on the town, but since its Christmas, Shaman warns Tex Hex that Tex's old flame is coming to town on that very same day.
29 Jan. 1988
Running Wild
A mob is formed after someone destroys the town's water source. BraveStarr must find the real culprit first.
1 Feb. 1988
Thirty/Thirty Goes Camping
Thirty and a group of kids go camping. Unfortunately, the camp is on the same place where a bandits' buried treasure is supposedly located and the bandits want it back.
2 Feb. 1988
The Haunted Shield
Stampede uses a magical shield to defeat Shaman in his own game and leave the town unprotected.
3 Feb. 1988
Ship of No Return
Judge J.B. must rescue her brother after the computer that runs the ship he was on goes insane.
4 Feb. 1988
The Little Lie That Grew
Dingo Dan, an outlaw and member of Coyote-like Dingo race, blackmails the daughter of the jailer to free his gang.
5 Feb. 1988
Brothers in Crime
Orville, a shy boy with a stutter, learns that outlaws Craver and Grumble are the ones who've been robbing miners over at South Bend. The boy gets captured, but befriends Grumble, who, like Orville, is just also looking for a friend.
8 Feb. 1988
Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century, Part 1
When Sherlock Holmes plummets down Reichenbach Falls, a natural time warp transports him into the year 2249. There he is patched up by Rigillian Dr. Wt'sn of Harley Str. Hospital. They soon team up with Holmes' great great grandniece, Yard Agent Mycroft Holmes. His first case is presented by Marshal BraveStarr, who is searching for a missing alien boy called Fleeder.
9 Feb. 1988
Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century, Part 2
Holmes, Dr. Wt'sn and their companions have been captured by Professor Moriarty, who has survived thanks to a spell of suspended animation and now aims to take over the entire Earth (and possibly beyond) using Fleeder's hypnotic singing talent.
10 Feb. 1988
New Texas Blues
Galactic Battle of the Bands festival is being held on New Texas. Stampede gives Tex Hex the Black Widow guitar that sows discord.
11 Feb. 1988
Jeremiah and the Prairie People
Sand Storm attacks prospector Jeremiah to get his treasure map crystal. BraveStarr and Fuzz take him to the Prairie People Kingdom to recuperate, where Jeremiah learns the value of friendship thanks to blind prairie person Munchie.
12 Feb. 1988
The Ballad of Sara Jane
Thirty loses his one-of-a-kind cherished gun "Sara Jane". A young alien boy finds it and, not knowing what it is, uses it as a toy.
15 Feb. 1988
Brother's Keeper
One of the crooks BraveStarr arrested once claims he wants to become good and asks BraveStarr to help him stop the other guy.
16 Feb. 1988
BraveStarr and the Empress
A ship with an empress is arriving to New Texas for refueling. BraveStarr and Fuzz are sent to protect her while there. Unfortunately, it's not those on the outside that she should be wary of.
17 Feb. 1988
Night of the Bronco-Tank
Stampede creates a gigantic mechanical Brontosaur named "Broncotank" to destroy the town once and for all.
18 Feb. 1988
Nomad Is an Island
Evil alien queen captures Thirty and some of Fuzz's people. BraveStarr goes to rescue them.
19 Feb. 1988
The Blockade
Stampede uses his powers to surround the planet with an impregnable field of asteroids. BraveStarr must break through this blockade. Meanwhile, Thirty-Thirty must deal with a Krang wizard.
22 Feb. 1988
No Drums, No Trumpets
Paco, a retired marshal who vowed never to pick up his Neutra-Laser again wants to start a new life as a farmer near Fort Kerium. But Sand Storm claims the valley is his and tries to force Paco and his daughter Michelle out.
23 Feb. 1988
Shake Hands with Long Arm John
Newcomer Long Arm John helps to save Mayor Derringer when Ryder and the Dune Buggy gang attack the Stratocoach. The Mayor tells BraveStarr to appoint Long Arm as his new deputy, making Fuzz worry about his job.
24 Feb. 1988
Strength of the Bear
BraveStarr is surprised to have lost his Spirit Animal powers. Shaman tells him he must face a trial in the wilderness of New Texas to renew his bond with the animal spirits. Stampede and Sand Storm take this opportunity to set a trap for the marshal in the Badlands.

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