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9 Jan. 1998
Going Ape
The turtles must stop a killer gorilla, but their old nemesis, big game hunter Bonesteel is on their trail again.
16 Jan. 1998
Enemy of My Enemy
When the Turtles stumble upon a homeless man being attacked by dragons in Central Park, they are shocked. The crazed, pathetic shell of a man they save from the dragons is none other than their old nemesis, Oroku Sakai! What could the dragons want with him? And was Splinter's revenge worth the torture this once-great warrior has gone through?
23 Jan. 1998
King Wick
When an alchemy accident gives the evil Wick telekinetic powers, he not only uses it over the Dragon Lord, but he puts the Ninja Turtles to the test too!
30 Jan. 1998
The Good Dragon
When Venus' life is saved by one of the Dragon Lord's Rank warriors, the Turtles are forced to re-examine their views on dragons. Now the "good" dragon is trying to escape the Dragonian Spirit Seeker that is stalking him. Venus wants to help him, but Raphael still thinks that the only good dragon is a dead dragon.
6 Feb. 1998
The Guest
When his apartment burns down, Splinter's chess opponent moves in with the Turtles for a few days. It's bad enough that the reptilian roommates have to conceal their identities from the old blind man, but it's even harder putting up with the old fellow's idiosyncrasies!
13 Feb. 1998
Like Brothers
The continuing conflict between Raphael and Leonardo comes to a head - again. This time, however, Mike and Donny get dragged into it. As the argument rages on, the Turtles reflect on their past conflicts, and Raphael decides to move out for good.
20 Feb. 1998
Unchain My Heart: Part 1
While the Turtles are busy evading Bonesteel, an old enemy of Chung I's arrives in New York to destroy Chung I's former student, the Shinobi Shaman Mei Peih Chi, also known as Venus.
27 Feb. 1998
Unchain My Heart: Part 2
Reasoning that since vampires drink human blood, they're a human problem, Raphael and the Turtles decide to go against the wishes of Venus and Splinter and return Vam Mi's heart. It's a great plan except for one thing - the vampires are bound and determined to destroy Venus.
6 Mar. 1998
Unchain My Heart: Part 3
Bonesteel is sick and tired of the immortal blood-suckers getting in the way of his efforts to capture the Turtles. He and Vam Mi strike a deadly bargain - deadly for the Turtles that is!
13 Mar. 1998
Unchain My Heart: Part 4
With the Turtles being held hostage by Bonesteel, it's up to Splinter and Venus to defeat the vampires once and for all. They'd better hurry though, because in an act of desperation, Vam Mi summons the ancient Prince of the First Blood, the Elemental Vampire!
20 Mar. 1998
Who Needs Her
When Venus accidentally traps someone in a forcefield, they begin to question her value to the team, recounting her numerous mistakes in the past. Just when they decide that they'd be better off without her, they discover that she's been captured by the Rank!

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