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12 Sep. 1997
East Meets West: Part 1
Master Chung, a wise old friend of the Turtles, vows to stop Dragon Lord, Shredder's evil successor, and his evil reptilian army from devouring the Turtles for their powers in order to rule the world. Meanwhile, Master Chung falls deathly ill and tells his daughter that she must reunite with the other Ninja Turtles to save humankind.
19 Sep. 1997
East Meets West: Part 2
Venus De Milo, the fifth Turtle, arrives in New York and introduces herself to her fellow Turtles. Then she reveals that she too was dropped into the toxic sludge at birth, but fell through another grate and ended up in Shanghai. She offers to teach the Turtles to maneuver into the Realm of Dreams to save Splinter.
26 Sep. 1997
East Meets West: Part 3
Venus leads the Turtles in meditation to help Splinter escape from his dream state, after which they practice martial arts to enter the Dream Realm. There they find Splinter, but when they escape through the Dream Vortex, Dragon Lord and his army, who have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity, follow.
3 Oct. 1997
East Meets West: Part 4
The Turtles barely escaped with their shells intact the last time they were confronted by Dragon Lord and his Rank warriors. Can our heroes defeat them once the dragons heist the coveted Serum of Invincibility?
10 Oct. 1997
East Meets West: Part 5
Donatello and Venus have very different ideas regarding how to neutralize the Serum of Invincibility. But if they don't solve the mystery of the magical mixture soon, they'll never be able to stop Dragon Lord and his invincible army from taking over the world!
17 Oct. 1997
The Staff of Bu-Ki
Dragon Lord reaches through the time warp to steal the legendary Staff of Bu-Ki, an ancient relic with the power to destroy any and all shinobi spell-casters. His dastardly plan involves destroying Venus, unless the Turtles can stop him in time.
24 Oct. 1997
Silver and Gold
When a series of high-profile bank robberies ravage New York City, the Turtles don't get involved right away. However, when the thieves' escape route leads them dangerously close to the Turtles' home, they take action! Can they catch the band of kung-fu criminals and elude the police as well?
31 Oct. 1997
Meet Dr. Quease
One of Donatello's biggest idols in the world of science, Dr. Quease, is kidnapped by the dragons. When the others voice their concerns over battling fire-breathing dragons to bail out one wacky human scientist, Donny decides to go for it by himself, with or without the others.
7 Nov. 1997
All in the Family
While on an early-morning sewer jog, the Turtles discover a rare baby Turtle in the underground storage house of crazy poacher Simon Bonesteel. Bonesteel loves hunting rare animals for sport, and he intends to make giant, walking, talking Turtles an endangered species!
14 Nov. 1997
Trusting Dr. Quease
When Dragon Lord and Dr. Quease have an argument, Quease propositions Donatello because, in his mind, they are two of the most brilliant creators on the planet, and he thinks they should work together. Donny is understandably suspicious, but can't resist the chance to collaborate with the great, though somewhat deranged, scientist.
21 Nov. 1997
When Michaelangelo finds a winning lottery ticket, he figures his sewer days are over. But before he can even collect his winnings, the other Turtles have dreamt of a million ways to spend it! What they don't know is that the ticket's original owner is that slimy Silver character - and he wants his ticket back!
28 Nov. 1997
Turtles' Night Out
After a late-night encounter with Bonesteel, Mikey comes up with a novel idea - an all-night rave for animal rights where everybody has to come dressed as their favorite beast. But the Turtles, who are lounging about in the human world, are nowhere to be found when a gang of no-good villains crash the party.
5 Dec. 1997
Mutant Reflections
The Turtles have a hard time sorting out who's who when their evil counterparts start popping up everywhere - and they all look like our lean, green, crime-fighting machines
12 Dec. 1997
Truce or Consequences
Mikey's ego is further inflated when Wick and the Rank start their own radio fan club. Furthermore, the dragons are tired of Dragon Lord's oppressive regime, and want to help the Turtles send him back into the mirror. Are they serious? Or is this just another one of the dragons' terrible tricks?
19 Dec. 1997
Sewer Crash
As Donatello is scanning the World Wide Web for information, someone breaks into his computer and sends him a coded message - one that reprograms Donny's brain! Now the Turtles' techno-savvy teammate has been turned into a cyberpunk super-thief.

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