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Lassie's Great Adventure, a good movie!
James Sandbrook5 April 2006
A good movie especially for children. A fair bit of action about a boy lost with his dog, Lassie. Although some of the movie is obvious and some scenes could have been made better, this is an action movie for children.

My family enjoyed the movie and after seeing this movie would like to see more Lassie movies. This is the sort of movie that many parents will feel is harmless viewing for their children. Recommended for that rainy afternoon.

We liked the movie due to it being good harmless family entertainment. There is no bad language or anything like that. We also enjoyed the action and wonderful nature scenes.
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It still works
billohno2 April 2005
We were with friends and family viewing this Lassie movie at a restored theater in Vermont. With two intermissions, the movie was a wonderful family experience that can't be replicated with entertainment aimed at children today.

Corny? Yes. Did some of the adults laugh when a wonderful "raft" appears, replete with nicely cut edges? Absolutely. Just as many who teared-up when Lassie collapsed after being gored by the wild boar. And "Lurch" played a great deaf-mute-good guy.

I can only hope that there will be a new generation of Lassie films; one can only hope that they will take the ultimate risk and go "retro" with the respect and dedication to message as the original. Kids need this today, now more than ever.
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Good for little kids...
Douglas_Holmes6 April 2002
Mostly harmless, this film is just more Wonderdog rubbish starring a trained animal act and a small, blond guy who deserved better than this. I always thought Jon Provost was a capable child actor even if he wasn't a great one.

A bore for anyone over ten years of age, although it was nice to see Richard Kiel boosting his career after being in the ghastly excuse for a home movie, "Eegah."
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