Election (1999) Poster


Plot Keywords

student election
teacher school
lesbian sister lesbian
high school jock
female protagonist envy
cliche brother and sister in love same female
love triangle dumped by girlfriend
political campaign student council president
student government pin
banner morality
religion self destructiveness
high school vice principal school administrator
cruelty athlete
high school athlete girls' school
ridicule betrayal
civics teacher history teacher
mathematics teacher fired from the job
self absorption self involvement
voice over narration ethics
unfaithfulness extramarital affair
lesbian daughter marriage
husband wife relationship father daughter relationship
mother daughter relationship father son relationship
mother son relationship teacher student sex
manhattan new york city urination
cynicism teenager
teenage sex teenage sexuality
teenage love teenage issues
teenage girl teenage boy
teen romance teen love
lesbian teen teenage crush
teen comedy teen angst
girl girl relationship gay
gay teenager female female kiss
coming of age wipe
wide angle lens washington mall washington d.c.
sprinkler system skiing accident
power plant parochial school
marital infidelity lincoln memorial washington d.c.
jogging janitor
graduation freeze frame
flashback fellatio
faculty lounge class differences
chemistry class braces
apple tree apple polisher
16mm one word title
spit satire
lesbianism poster
teenage daughter photocopier
nebraska hot tub
power station power line
lesbian kiss bicycle
swing suspended detention
shower prayer
party motel room
limousine lawn mowing
joint divorce
crying broken leg
pepsi high school election
teacher student relationship sex
sex with a minor brother sister relationship
bee politics
new york city corruption
museum of natural history new york city black comedy
omaha nebraska multiple narrators
adultery bee sting
destiny confession
teaching statue of liberty new york city
overachiever jealousy
catholic school infidelity
asparagus museum guide
washington d.c. vote tampering
apple gay interest
based on novel title spoken by character

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