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Washington Post
The satire of the season, a hilarious, razor-sharp indictment of the American Dream.
Boston Globe
An invigoratingly mordant comedy that proves that Alexander Payne's rambunctious debut, "Citizen Ruth," was no fluke.
American satire rarely comes more winning than Election, an exuberantly caustic comedy that shows the symbiotic relationship between political go-get-'em-ism and moral backsliding.
USA Today
When it comes to eloquently telling it like it is, Election puts the nation's political pundits to shame.
Election has the sharpest satire of any teen movie made in years. Like the best lampoons, it attacks by exaggerating reality ever-so-slightly and targeting a broad range of subjects.
New York Post
A terrific work of political and social satire set in a Nebraska high school that has the intelligence of (the less coherent) "Rushmore," while painting a much darker picture of politics and human relationships.
Election is a deft dark comedy with a resemblance to "Rushmore." It's smart no matter what.
Austin Chronicle
A fine, near-seamless film that finally suffers slightly from an inability to wrap up its tale.
The screenplay by Payne and Jim Taylor, based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, sees the lives of these suburban students and teachers through a prism of absurdity that refracts more truth than any straightforward telling.
Dallas Observer
Happily, this irreverent, sharply observant comedy sweeps us into the maelstrom too. Amid the glut of teen movies rolling out of the studios every week, Election deserves special attention.

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