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Waters brilliantly skewers the pretensions of the New York art world and culture, and uses real people from that world in the process.
Sure, it's lighthearted fare, but that doesn't make it any less of a good film.
Christian Science Monitor
Waters fills the movie with his usual touches of outrageously bad taste, but beneath the sophomoric shocks his story has a serious message about self-absorbed artists who care more about their own careers than the privacy of the people around them.
His unique vision as a committed artist and unrepentantly crude joker makes this sweet, disarming, intelligent fun.
Chicago Sun-Times
Waters follows these characters through their 15 minutes of fame without ever churning up very much interest in them.
The film is never truly funny, but it's an amusing novelty, gaining strength from smart characterizations and sly cogency about the way people are exploited under the limelight of celebrity.
It starts out well and winds up no worse than most of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood.
The content is actually pretty bland -- it's not incisive, it's not daring, it's not uproarious, and it's not very good.
We've come a long way from the filthiest people in the world: Who knew Waters could be so bland?
Entertainment Weekly
Watching Pecker, his rickety new comedy about a teenage Baltimore shutterbug, it becomes clear that Waters has grown color-blind to his own sleazo-shock aesthetic.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's a turning-the-tables story a five-year-old could appreciate -- except for the confusing crowd scenes and haphazard camera work. Technically speaking, Waters' skills haven't improved much over the years.

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