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Poor excuse for a historical biopic

Author: elwinter
20 October 2002

Historical movies always take liberties -- conversations are concocted where no one could actually know what was said, customs are adjusted to be comprehensible to modern audiences, etc. However, historical films about actual historical personages should make at least a minimal nod to history. This film does not. The only scene I actually remember is when our hero surprises an assassin who creeps into his chamber at night. He confronts the dangerous intruder with, "I don't remember sending for room service". The main entertainment value is in its badness; I recommended my local video story put it on the "Turkeys" shelf.

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Has nothing to do with the real Marco Polo

Author: diggler_inc from United States
9 March 2006

This film has its moments and Don Diamont makes a good swashbuckler. However, it is extremely low budget and very slow at times. I watched this film because I am interested in history and Marco Polo's adventures in China, however, he doesn't get anywhere near china in the film.

The only recognisable actor in the film is Jack Palance. Obvisiously he owed someone a favor.

This is a film with plenty of flaws that manages to entertaining in brief moments. Still i can't recommend it. It is a turkey.

This would be best viewed on Mystery Sciece Theater 3000.

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Complete fiction based on one historical figure

Author: Livewire242 from Canada
22 August 2006

As long as you go into this movie with the understanding that it's not going to contain any historical fact whatsoever, it's not bad.

It's on par with Sam Raimi's "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", as far as plot, acting, humour, and production values are concerned. You'll see the similarities at several points. Most of the fight scenes are not as good however and the film suffers from that.

Jack Palance commands the screen as well as ever, and at no time do you have the impression he's giving anything less than his level best. Same for Oliver Reed. The problem is that their strong performances make square-jawed Don Diamont's less-than-stellar acting skills seem even more awkward. Perennial bit player Cas Anvar was very good as well, playing a character much like Salmonius in the aforementioned Hercules.

If you enjoyed the low budget swords-and-sorcery movies of the early 80s, you're probably going to enjoy this show as well. It's actually a shame they attached the Marco Polo name to it. It really has nothing to do with Marco's life, contrary to the expectations of most of the people who will want to watch this movie.

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Okay, but not great.

Author: cbenavidez from Arizona
27 February 2001

This obviously was a "Made for T.V." movie. We rented this movie because there was not much we hadn't already seen. My wife thought that this movie looked good, judging only by the outside cover. Once again, the old cliche comes into play, never judge a DVD by it's cover.

I'm not going to be too harsh on this movie because it IS a "Made for T.V. movie." They could have spent a little more money making the older Marco Polo really look old. What they did, instead, is make the young Marco Polo look like a young Marco Polo with a fake beard on.

The action was really kind of dull witted. I know that scenes need to be choreographed to look real, but the movements were almost robotic. There was no realism in the fight scenes.

There was also no real story.

Well so much for not being too harsh, but in reality I could really tear this movie apart. So, I guess I was being pretty nice overall.

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A good fantasy movie

Author: Katatonia from Missouri
30 January 2003

As far as TV movies go i thought this was really good. I've seen it twice and wouldn't mind a third viewing. Although it is historically flawed did not matter to me. I view this as more of a fantasy movie than being a historical account. I don't believe it was meant to be taken seriously as a true account of Polo's stories (which many are doubtful or stretched themselves).

The acting throughout the picture, for the most part, is surprisingly good and well executed. The set designs and backdrops are excellent and quite colorful. I won't get into the fact that the costumes are also historically inaccurate, i could care less truthfully.

Check it out, you may just like it...just don't expect Polo's real life adventures (fantasies?) on the screen.

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Not sure what this movie is about.

Author: rick-281 from Grand Junction, CO
8 July 2000

This movie began as a historical account and then degenerated into a very poor adventure tale with ridiculously choreographed fights and no plot whatsoever. It's historical accuracy is non-existent. However, if you like Jack Palance or Oliver Reed their performances attract the only attention this movie deserves, even if they had utterly stupid lines. I couldn't finish this movie and returned it without even rewinding it.

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Who played the Princess?

Author: (LibertadBGreen) from Los Angeles, California, United States
20 October 2006

Who plays the princess, Princess Marita, in this fantasy, which is loosely based on history, with lots of literary license? Her name is Lara Bobroff, and she's hot! She could bob on my roff any day! She looks like my favorite actress, Calista Flockhart. In fact, since they're both Shakespearean actresses, I wouldn't be surprised if Lara didn't play Calista in a biographical film about Calista Flockhart. The only other movie I find in her filmography is "The Double," in which she plays a "body double." With a body like hers, she must have made an incredible body double; I've got to find that movie! I liked the belly dancer, too! I also liked the plot. The good guy (Marco Polo) has to outwit a couple bad guys (one played by Jack Palance ) in order to get the girl (Princess Marita)!

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