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If you are reading this, there must be something wrong!
kkrogstad20 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Short review: The opening sequence is showing the two main characters Maria (Løkkeberg) and Karl (Nissen),playing a sex game. Nudity was a must in the Norwegian films during the 1970, and this is an introduction for all the later nudity scenes in the film. Maria has an affair with Lou, and leaves her Karl. Together with a friend of Lou, Jens, they steal weapons from the military, and robs a post office. Jens does not want to share the money in three parts, and tries to shoot Maria, but it ends with Maria shooting him. They hide in a house by the sea, Maria finds out she is pregnant, they have an argument, Jens shows up, Lou runs away, Maria and Jens get arrested by the police, And finally Maria goes home with her housebound Karl.

This is one boring film, hardly liked by anyone (I doubt even the director would like too see it today). It`s a modernistic film, with all kinds of flash-forward, flash backs . . . . hard cuts . . etc. Which is probably the only reason why it is mentioned today, but in my opinion it doesn`t work for today viewers, it just makes the film even more terrible. The plot; a women`s struggle for independent is pointless today. The only reason to watch this film, is to see the lead actress nude, which isn`t much too watch anyway.
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