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Great if considered as parody. Quite horrid if taken at face value.

Author: ( from Blacksburg, VA
30 March 2003

Like a few of the other commentators said, this show was low-quality knockoff of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I always thought the whole show was meant as satire back when I was watching it, because the writers seemed to be consciously making it so much more stupid than the Power Rangers, which was stupid enough on its own. My favorite episode was when our four teenage heroes were turned into retards by the main evil dude or somebody. Nimbar tried to gather them all up in one place by telling them things like "I have candy" or "Barney will be there". If it wasn't meant as parody, then pretend it was, because otherwise it would be too sad to think about.

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Had to be seen to be believed

Author: Orgazmo ( from Los Angeles, CA
20 March 2002

In the long history of television oddities, this one has to rank darn near the top. It was a cheap attempt to cash in on the Power Rangers craze of the time, and featured special effects that would make Edward D. Wood Jr cringe. Basicly the storyline was that four teenagers were chosen to protect earth from this bad guy who looked like Darth Vader sitting in a dentist chair. They were called to action by their glowing tatoos, which summoned portals that somehow replaced them with bodybuilders in spandex who looked pretty much nothing like the original actors. This looked friggin hillarious, because you'd see these stand-ins fighting a guy in the rubber suit that always looked like he was about to tip over, while stomping on a cardboard city. Eventually, the heroes would all lock wrists and turn into and incredibly cheesy looking giant knight. I make none of this up, I swear to God.. this show actually existed! There had to be only 5-10 episodes, because I remember after telling everyone in school about it, I turned on the TV like a week later to see that it was no longer on. Trust me, I was devestated. I'm suprised that to this day I've been unable to find a video of this show on ebay or anywhere else on the net, and I'm also very suprised this classic has yet to pick up the cult following that it deserves.

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I'm NOT Crazy after all!!!!

Author: SupaSmashBrotha from Tennessee
27 November 2004

Wow. I can't believe how relieved I am that this show actually exists.

You see, I clearly remember it from way back when I was a little kid. Four teenagers with strange magical tattoos would tel-port into this black room with a pedestal. On the pedestal was a blob of slime called Nimbar that gave the teens missions. They would then transform into laughably bad costumes and fight villains. The whole thing was like an incredibly low budget power rangers. I honestly don't remember much of what went on, but for years I've remembered this show but have never seen anything else about it until now. It just vanished like the vapor it was.

I only remember one episode, in which a monster sprayed the teens with a gas, then all sorts of bad things happened, including the death of Nimbar. Finally the token African girl said that everything bad had happened since they got sprayed. Then they will themselves to wake up. They had been sharing a dream, or something for 18 minutes since they'd been sprayed, and THE MONSTER FREAKIN' DID NOTHING the whole time they were asleep. Even at seven I wondered what the Kessel was with that.

That is how dumb this show's plots were.

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Not as bad as you think

Author: beverlyvista from Los Angeles
16 June 2004

But, yes bad. The writer-producers were initially promised they'd have either A: Japanese monster footage from Tsuburaya,or B: A reasonable American alternative. They got C: crap. When you get crap, you make the best of it, which they did. Was it a parody? Mr. Fisher and Mr. Staahl came from Chicago's Second City, so you make the judgment. Made the judgment yet? It was a joke. It would have been a more successful joke if the shows had more than a ten cent budget, but everyone did the best they could. And if it hadn't been at least a slightly memorable joke, you wouldn't be reading this now, would you? Personally, I think David Lander's portrayal of Lechner totally rocks. Well, rocks a bit.

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Utter garbage...a must see!

Author: adamoconnell from Ireland
30 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Berverly Hills is one of those shows that is so horrible you can't take your eyes of it.

Being a Sentai fan, I enjoyed Power Rangers, but Saban was also trying to adapt stuff like the much-loved kamen Rdier, and the result was complete crap. Meanwhile, during the Power Ranegrs craze, Dic created the awesome and underrated super-Human Samurai Syber squad, which was based upon an Ultraman incarnation. I never really cared for Ultraman, but Samurai Syber Squad was entertaining, more so than anything Saban chucked out in 1994 other than Power Rangers. Dic soon created this abysmal masterpiece, which I am going to call a parody. It was all-American, meaning no Japanese stock footage is here to destroy the world, no, we have entirely American footage instead.

let's start with plot. its actually pretty standard, compared to syber Squad. An intergalactic villain known as Gorganus, who is basically Dentist Vader, sits on his throne in search of the Power Portals, bad special effects that will help him to take over the universe. loyally perched by the villains' side is a bad puppet bird who gives me nightmares. anyway, Earth is a focal point for the bad special effects, so Monthy Python's Black Knight decides to conquer it. Nimbar, a cross between the almighty Zordon and the Blob, is the protector of bad special effects everywhere, calls upon four carbon copies of each power rangers, Laurie the cheerleader, resembles Kimberly the gymnast, then we have a tomboy who reminds me of Trini, a black guy who is a cross between Billy and Zack I suppose. the final guy is non-existent in power rangers. Nimbar gives the outfits of gay pornstars and sends to battle a giant samurai named Ninjabot (WTF)However, they combine their Powers to form their *cough* megazord *cough* Nitron, a really bad looking cheap Halloween costume who destroys Ninjabot by shooting him in the crotch. I haven't seen much other episodes, but who needs to?

Nimbar gives them glowing tattoo's which act as the communicators and teleporters. they stand on Transo Discs, which serve as morphers, and the use different star signs which act as dinosaurs.

The acting is cardboard, The blonde girl is the most wooden actor I've ever seen. But i do have to say, Leslie Danton is quite hot in this roll, pity she can't act her way out of a paper bag.

Bottom line, this show is horrendous, but it is a hidden gem amongst numerous toku shows and deserves more of a cult following. go watch some eps on you tube, they are there.

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More entertaining than most Americanized Sentai

Author: Kimiakane from United States
7 June 2006

I loved this show which contained the campy youthful humor of shows like Saved By The Bell and California Dreams and mixed it up with action to capitalize on the Power Rangers / Superhuman Samurai / VR Troopers / Beetleborgs craze of the 90s! Four teens were given the power to turn into giants to fight equally gigantic monsters, and strangely enough, always in the same city set! The monster suits were cheesy even by campy Godzilla standards and when necessary, the teens joined together to form...not a giant robot, but a cheesy knight in shining armor! By not taking itself seriously, it was actually more entertaining to me than the higher budgeted shows aforementioned. I'd love to see them collected on DVD but am equally sure they never will be. From the USA Network!

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This is classic garbage! Must see!

Author: thefatheroftime from United States
7 October 2005

I came across this gem of a program during an episode where somehow, for some unknown reason, the 2 male characters and 2 female characters switch bodies. Basically the female voices were coming out of the men's bodies, and vice versa. Before my friends and I had a chance to catch the real name of the show, we lovingly referred to it as "The Gender Morphers".

But my glee turned to horror the day of my birthday. On that day, we were all gathered round the tube, watching this horrible show, when the character named Lechner announced it was HIS birthday. I HAVE NEVER LIVED THIS DOWN!! I am reminded every year that, yes, I share a birthday with a badly stitched puppet named Lechner from an ultimately campy show named "Tatooed Teenage Alien Fighters".

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An extremely crappy knock off of a crappy show

Author: Al Harris (Bad Ash)
5 October 1999

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills is the super ghetto knock off of Mighty Morhpin Power Rangers. This series was actually funnier though because of its cheap qualities. They all had a tattoo of a zodiac sign I think, and then they would turn into zodiac warriors and fight these foam rubber monsters. Their mentor was also a house plant, probably of the ficus family. This show is great pop culture, because it is so terribly lame and short lived. If this ever re-airs it means the end of the world but go ahead and watch it because you will laugh your hinder off.

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An exquisite series that deserves better treatment

Author: Ragnarok-5 from New York, New York
7 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The special effects for this series is from the 1970's. Its horribly bad. I have never seen mid 90's series with such horrible, horrible effects. The good thing is the creators of this series didn't spend much time on the superhero part of the show. The storyline is fun and interesting. You care about most of the characters, and you look forward to each episode to find out what happens to everybody. Leslie Danon is the star of the show, and she adds so much to it. She is extraordinarily beautiful, nice acting abilities, and has a great voice. In the episode where she is turning primeval she literally scares everybody with her primal scream. I don't where she got that from, but it was truly intense. Its a shame her career never took off. I think she could give all the current A-listers a run for their money.

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This could only have happened in 1994

Author: n-stackhouse from Canada
19 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Back in 1994 the Power Rangers had become a huge franchise and t.v. executives at the USA Network were hoping to get in on the action and came up with the Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills, in which the evil Emporer Gorganus, who looks like he's wearing a home made Darth Vader costume, and his talking bird, that looks like a rubber dog chew toy, come to earth to invade it using giant monsters that look like rejects from a 1970's Godzilla film. Fortunately Nimbar an alien that looks like a giant piece of clear jello recruits four teenagers to defend the earth, Nimbar gives them each a tattoo of a different star constellation that allows them to transform into buffed up superheros who look like dancers from an eighties tech no music video, they could also combined into a giant knight. Forty episodes were made. The USA Network clearly did not have the money to try to adapt a show from Japan like Power Rangers did, and made up this show on their own using the budget of a 1950's scifi film. The fights scenes are generic, the special effects are poor, and some of the sets look like they could fall down. The actors pretty much realized how ridiculous the show was and pretty much ham it up and overact. I can only imagine their shock when the show was cancel led.

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