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Enjoyable if you're up for soft-core
vranger11 April 2009
Of all the Cinemax and Showtime late night series, this is one of the better done.

There are virtually no disappointing episodes.

All the actresses are very attractive, a few episodes actually have plots that involve you in the story, and quite a few of the sex scenes are complete turn ons ... which of course is the whole point of these shows. The acting quality is very much above average for one of these series.

This series is currently (check the date) being presented by Showtime on their Video on Demand channel.
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Some Gems, Others not so much
WhiteWitch7725 August 2006
There are several of these that I like. Any with John McCafferty in them for starters. J.T. Pontino is nice too. As for the women, Kira Reed is one of my favourites. The guys have great bodies and are nice for a good night's romance. The guys could be shown a little more (girls watch too) but most of the story lines are excellent. I highly recommend "Role Play" and "The Witness" to anyone who likes a good storyline. I found this show a couple of years ago and it's one of the reasons I subscribe to Showtime. Showtime could show this more often (reruns are OK--hint, hint)and having a better official site would be nice (although I will always rely on IMDb for the cast/guest lists. (Smile.)
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Beverly Hills Bordello
philweis-19 January 2006
My wife and I have enjoyed these episodes on "Showtime", but have not seen any on your format in over a week. Would appreciate seeing them more often. We find that they are done in a classy fashion and no other station on cable is offering an erotic presentation such as this, except possibly HBO with it's "Cat House". This of course being a more crude,yet actual presentation of a Bordello. In their case it is presented more like a documentary with no real story line. We find that on"Bordello", most of the stories are interesting and entertaining, and the quality of acting top notch. Please continue these presentations, even if they are repeats. Thanks
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An O.K. softcore cable series.
BlackJack_B27 February 2002
Beverly Hills Bordello (shown on a Quebec T.V. station as La Maison De Plaisir) is a series that featured some of the best actors in softcore from the mid to late 90's.

Taking place in Beverly Hills (I'm guessing Los Angeles has plenty of these upscale places), it features the old storyline of good-looking people who aren't happy with their sex lives and need to pay someone to fix it up. That's where the Beverly Hills Bordello comes in, run by Madame Veronica Winston (played by various women over the years). As you can guess, steamy softcore sex scenes with all your favorite MFV hunks and man-made babes are offered to bolster the slim storylines. I can't critique the acting because this is dubbed into French, but it might actually make the show better. A decent watch, but nothing mind-blowing, although I haven't seen enough episodes yet, so there might be a memorable one still to come down the pipe.
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Best show ever made!!
Ozzy197721 August 2000
This was the reason I subscribed to Showtime. The quality entertainment, the incredible acting, the magnificent plot lines - none of that was part of this show. However it did have a lot of naked breasts to make up for it and boy did they ever!
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I musta gotten an edited version!
Watash17 January 1999
I go to the local Blockbuster and see several of these with different titles under the Beverly Hills Bordello title. Anyway...typical with all the women looking just gorgeous. The women are either someone's wife, a student doing a paper or employees at the House. There are maybe 4 stories to a tape...Just as the action starts getting really steamy, a lot of touching, the music is rising...and it cuts abruptly to the "cuddle together with her all covered up scene" after the fact, you know a little pillow talk and "why can't it be always like this" talk. They cut all the really steamy stuff, if there is any, out! Be aware when going to copy was rated "R". It would be worth while if it was left uncut but the ham handed edits make it a really bad choice. There were several stories that had potential, but nothing more than really ordinary guy and girl stuff. The women again looked incredible!
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