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One of a kind -hippie porn from De Renzy

Author: lor_ from New York, New York
12 April 2011

Alex De Renzy's position in the porn pantheon is secure, both as a pioneer and just for delivering the goods. LITTLE SISTERS is a prime example of the inventiveness of the man, combining irreverence and an anything goes approach with some real feeling for the film medium.

Intentionally sloppy, the movie for all its XXX explicitness in content actually resembles an underground film -closer to Robert Downey Sr. than to porn. Why it has been all but forgotten is likely due to availability -only showing up currently in a truncated version on an Alpha Blue Archives two-fer, rather than getting the deluxe reissue treatment so many mediocre films receive from ABA's relatively pretentious video competitors.

With the cast bursting into song at will and generally looking like hippies, druggies or even bikers that De Renzy recruited for walking-around money, film is even more loosey-goosey than its later East Coast counterparts, as in the work of Shaun Costello. Like Fellini, at times De Renzy doesn't seem to be directing at all, but rather throwing a party or orgy where his players are left to their own devices.

Excuse for a story is built around a protective mom and her two young daughters living on a farm. Nearly the entire film is shot out of doors, which gives it a fresh look. She goes to visit the local miller, and a gang of long-haired creeps kidnap her girls in her absence, for gang-raping purposes, including plenty of mixed-combo action. Beautiful Clair Dia is the redheaded youngster, tagged as only 12 years old (no kiddie porn fears here) and her older sister is a beautiful brunette whose nipples briefly take center stage.

The gang leaves a nasty note for mom to find, signed "The Dykes" in order to divert her attention and assign the crime to a rival gang of a dozen lesbians, who loll around a pool making love all day. Mom has the predicted altercation with the lezzies, but oddly enough they are moved by her maternal story and head out en masse to rescue the young damsels in distress, while mom searches alone.

The lesbians make short work of the bad guys, who are led by familiar GREEN DOOR graduate Tyler Reynolds, beating them all to a pulp. However, they follow suit and subject the two girls to violent lesbian rape! However tasteless the material becomes, De Renzy maintains a light-hearted "all in fun" mood, with several overt comedy sequences. For example, mom heads to a local friar (always humorous Dale Meador) to seek help, only to find he's presiding over a satanic-styled homosexual cult with a nude guy on an altar being readied for presumed sacrifice.

Mom escapes the clergy's clutches and a fantasy figure Derek the Dwarf appears magically. Since maintenance of the morals of the Woods is under his care, he takes charge to save the day. With comically speeded up footage Derek beats up all the lesbians, saving the girls who are reunited with mom. Derek reads the riot act about the sanctity of the Woods to everybody and the gang of rapists hand out flowers to one and all, singing "America the Beautiful" at fadeout. It's heartwarming family (Manson family?) entertainment, De Renzy style.

Though not really providing the sex-as-aid-to-masturbation contents the audience would expect, LITTLE SISTERS is a time capsule of a period when hardcore porn was still in a damn-the-torpedoes mode. Moreso than the year's breakthrough hit DEEP THROAT, it provides a continuity to what was going on in the rest of post-EASY RIDER cinema, not so much the mainstream Hollywood attempts to ape Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper's fluke success but rather the introduction of new and unrestrained voices which have morphed in the intervening four decades into what is commonly lumped as the independent film movement. But I'd like to see a new indie movie as rambunctious as this one!

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Extremely Bizarre Porno

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
30 December 2016

Little Sisters (1972)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Emily (Clair Dia) and Kandi (Kandi Johnson) are young sisters living deep in the woods with their protective mother. The mother always warns them not to go too far from their home because of certain types out there. One day the girls go too far and run into a pack of wild guys who call themselves The Dykes. Soon the girls are raped and kidnapped, which has the mom going out for them only to run into lesbians, homosexual cults and various other types.

Alex De Renzy's LITTLE SISTERS is without a question one of the strangest porn films that you've ever going to see. Okay, it's not as crazy as something like BAT PUSSY or the director's own LONG JEANNE SILVER but there's no question that the director pretty much throws everything into this film and packs quite a bit of weirdness in its 65-minute film.

I think the weakest aspect of the film are the final fifteen-minutes when it seems as if they ran out of any sort of story and just turned to a bunch of hardcore scenes. However, everything leading up to that was pretty fun, wild and certainly over-the-top. The "rape" sequence between the sisters and The Dykes is beyond belief as it basically turns into a large gang bang. There's nothing too offensive and everything is done in fun (yeah, it was the 70s when rape could be showed in a light way).

There are some really bizarre sequences throughout the film including the homosexual orgy that pretty much comes out of nowhere. By this point you know that the director was willing to do just about anything to keep the viewer off their rocker.

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Off the wall early 70's porn lunacy

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
14 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A mother lives in a trailer in the woods with her daughters Emily (ravishing redhead Clair Dia) and Kandi (comely brunette Kandi Johnson). After Emily and Kandi are abducted by a nefarious gang of pirates who reside in an empty swimming pool, the mother must embark on a perilous journey into the dangerous forest in order to save them. The mother has bizarre encounters with singing transvestites, a lesbian gang, a sect of homosexual monks, and a helpful dwarf named Derek while trying to find her daughters.

Director Alex de Renzy brings a gloriously loopy "anything goes" irreverent and experimental sensibility to the merrily madcap proceedings, which despite all the varied explicit sex -- gay and straight couplings alike -- and abundant nudity always registers as amusing and inoffensive thanks to the infectiously breezy'n'easy tone. The eclectic soundtrack encompasses everything from thudding prog-rock to "Also Sprach Zarathustra." The sunny cinematography and lovely sylvan locations give this picture a pleasingly bright and natural look. Tyler Reynolds delivers a deliciously hammy portrayal of the pirate leader while Dale Meader has a raunchy ball as a dirty old priest. Sure, this one's extremely silly and ridiculous, but it nonetheless still possesses a genuinely quirky and becoming "only in the early 70's" flipped-out hippie period charm that's impossible to either resist or dislike.

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