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Really funny
flash_cpc19 January 2004
This short movie is a classic teenage comedy. It's a story about a girl (Isla Fisher)who falls for Bums and gets burnt,Joseph Kennedy plays the bum of choice. Joseph tries to recall where his cap is and has to recall all the women he has slept with to find it. Well directed and well cast.
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Really funny
renee-kiss15 March 2006
I loved this film, I prefer Isla during this period compared to her current roles, she has got to stop playing pretty girls. Joseph is well hot, my god those Blue eyes melt me (what ever happened to him?) and Todd's role is perfect typecast and he is cute. I would have liked the film to be longer but it did remind me of of my teenage years and the hot skater boys I dated.The scene at the end when Isla puts his memorabilia away just had me in stitches as thats exactly what I used to do since I was 11 and a little sad at the same time. I would have liked a bit more on each of the characters lives as I love to see quirky Australians. Well worth a look.

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