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Season 1

15 Sep. 1997
Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra
In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal. Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and begins his search for Rapses' reincarnation.
16 Sep. 1997
Sleepwalk Like an Egyptian
Scarab uses dream magic to lure sleep-walking Presley. As Presley walks into Scarab's clutches, his dream takes him back into ancient Egypt, into the plot that took his and the Mummies' lives.
17 Sep. 1997
Pack to the Future
Scarab sends a pack of animal spirits after Presley, who is out camping with his mom. Scarab discovers that an approaching eclipse is the key to using the boy to gain immortality. Set and Anubis first seen. All four struggle with first 'modern life' encounters.
18 Sep. 1997
The Gift of Geb
Scarab invokes the earth spirit Geb to help defeat the mummies and grab the boy in time for the eclipse. They get Ja-Kal and demand Presley give himself up or Ja-Kal will die. Presley goes, and the eclipse nears, but he and the other mummies foil Scarab.
22 Sep. 1997
Desert Chic
Nefertina frustrated by lack of respect, falls in love with a charming biker who in truth is the snake demon APEP, and is looking to take revenge on the family of the boy prince. Apep becomes a dashing rebel biker, and falls in love with Nefertina.
20 Dec. 1997
High Nuhn
While Scarab yearns to be younger, Presley yearns to be older, to win an eighth-grade girl's heart. Scarab invokes the water spirit, Nuhn, to find the fountain of youth and all four Mummies must rescue Presley.
24 Sep. 1997
Dead Man Walking
An amnesiac Rath must swallow his haughty pride and depend on the kindness of homeless strangers to survive until the mummies can find him. Meanwhile, Scarab is draining the years out of the homeless in order to add them onto his own life.
25 Sep. 1997
Good Bye Mr. Cheops
Rath is stalked by former love Chantra, a vain, greedy sorceress. She appears as Presley's substitute teacher as Mr. Huxley is sent to the demon-filled world beyond the Western Gate.
29 Sep. 1997
Body Slam
A weakening Armon seeks to prove himself by entering a toughest man competition. He must face Talos, the bronze giant, in the finale.
30 Sep. 1997
When imperious, cat goddess Bastet appears, Nefertina and all city cats are driven crazy. Bastet is furious that cats are no longer worshipped. Nefertina abandons the others to be with cat goddess Bastet.
1 Oct. 1997
The Curse of Sekhmet
The Mummies are forced to team with Scarab to defeat raging goddess Sekhmet. She has unleashed various plagues on San Francisco because modern society's failure to respect her. It falls to Rath to trust in his own 'mortal' abilities to outwit Sekhmet and save them all.
19 Oct. 1997
Dog Bites Mummy
A girl in Presley's journalism class is sure something mysterious is going on with him. Like a crack investigative reporter, she tracks his every move. While the Mummies are forced to deal with a deadly Scarab plot, Presley must keep his inquisitive classmate from finding out about him, and he must protect her life at the same time.
6 Oct. 1997
The apparent return of Pharaoh Amenhotep I surprises and thrills Presley and the Mummies -- except for Ja-Kal, who has his suspicions. Vulnerable Presley is delighted at the chance to learn more about Rapses' real father while Ja-Kal feels threatened. Ultimately they uncover the truth it's a plot by Scarab.
The Prince and the Presley
When Scarab focuses all the powers of his magic at Rapses, in the hopes of obtaining the Spirit of Pharaoh, an explosive separation occurs instead. When the smoke clears, Presley finds himself in 1525BC Egypt, being attended to by princely servants, while the personality of Rapses, with all of its royal pretensions, finds himself in the body of a 20th century American seventh grader. The Mummies have to get things back to normal before the haughty prince gives them all away to Scarab. All four Mummies must reverse the separation of Presley/Rapses.
8 Oct. 1997
The Egyp-Tsu Kid
A bully bothering Presley forces Armon to take Presley under his wing and teach him self-defense. Meanwhile, Scarab uses a travelling carnival to lure Presley to him.
9 Oct. 1997
The Face in the Mirror
Scarab locates and raises the remains of a sunken ship containing Egyptian artifacts on its own artificial island. Presley falls into a trance-like state and heads off for the island. The Mummies follow, and Rath learns that if Presley looks at a magic mirror in the cargo then Scarab will obtain his Spirit of the Pharaoh. The Mummies must confront Set and Anubis, who were raised with the wreckage and now work for Scarab.
13 Oct. 1997
Presley is told emphatically NOT to mess with something because Rath knows he can't handle it. Presley goes ahead anyway - and unleashes Talos.
14 Oct. 1997
Sleight of Hand
Scarab has challenged the Mummies to a supposedly fair contest. However, Presley must find out how Scarab is cheating to defeat his challenge.
15 Oct. 1997
Missing Ja-Kal
Ja-Kal, fearful that he's become a danger to the others, leaves the team. The others fall to bickering and infighting. Presley helps hold them together until they can get him back.
16 Oct. 1997
Ghouls' Gold
The ghosts of gold-rush miners are accidentally invoked by Scarab. Armon loses his nerve when his golden arm is stolen by gold-rush ghosts.
20 Oct. 1997
Tempting Offer
Scarab gets Chantra to turn herself into an appealing girl to lure Presley to him. But Chantra, overhearing what Scarab plans to get from Presley (eternal youth), decides to keep it for herself. All four Mummies are ordered by Presley to protect his mum Amanda, but must also rescue Presley from Scarab and Chantra.
21 Oct. 1997
Loss of Face
Nefertina becomes a famous fashion model after she is 'dusted' with special 'diamond powder' Scarab had intended for himself. He has to grab Nefertina to get the diamond powder back. Nefertina ponders a life beyond the Mummies.
22 Oct. 1997
Kid Scarab
Scarab changes himself into an 8-year-old boy so he can look for Presley. Gooey battles ensue with Kid Scarab and a dough monster attack during a school field trip to a sour-dough bread plant.
23 Oct. 1997
Married to the Geb
Geb, the spirit of the earth, is having marital problems with his wife, Nut, spirit of the sky. The Mummies get caught in the middle.
27 Oct. 1997
Water, Water Everywhere...
Water spirit Nuhn returns and promises to hand Rapses (Presley) over to Scarab. The Mummies lure him out to Death Valley and he evaporates. All four Mummies involved.
28 Oct. 1997
A Dark and Shrieky Night
The un-bulked Mummies find themselves far from home. They have to struggle to make it back to their Sarcophagi in time to get recharged. Our recurring bickering cops, Joe and Bob, come close to nabbing them along the way. All four Mummies involved.
30 Oct. 1997
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley
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3 Nov. 1997
Monster Truck Mania
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4 Nov. 1997
Eye of the Beholder
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5 Nov. 1997
Tree O'Clock Rock
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6 Nov. 1997
Object of His Affections
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12 Nov. 1997
True Believer
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13 Nov. 1997
Who's Who?
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17 Nov. 1997
My Dad the Hero
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18 Nov. 1997
Brother's Keeper
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19 Nov. 1997
New Mummy in Town
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20 Nov. 1997
The Heart's Arrow
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24 Nov. 1997
We've Got One!
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25 Nov. 1997
Show Me the Mummy!
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